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  1. Dairusire has (can't tag), before it gingered out and imploded. It'll be much the same really, few hundred RPM less, Avcs just feels smoother
  2. Nope, basically how it stared was I emailed them about both recalls, but they only acknowledged the air bag, so I contacted them through Facebook and was basically like, are sti gonna come to the party on one of their flag ship cars, or am I just gonna burn to death when the fuel lines catches fire.. They contacted STI japan, and after a few weeks got back in contact with me confirming they had come to the party. They had no idea what the inlet recall was for as they've never seen a car like this before, even comparing it to the 5 S204 we got NZ New, they still didn't fully understand. It even came with a 10 page instruction manual complete with photos for the inlet pipe, they didn't let me keep it But ah well, it's done now. Happy man is happy
  3. Forgot to update, RA-R dropped off early may at 3pm in the afternoon, both the airbag and in inlet pipe were done by 12 pm the next day, no rattles. I was pretty happy tbh, they still had no idea what the car was though
  4. Tickets go on sale in August
  5. Heres a pre meet I think a few of us are going too, I assume they want to go over the Rumitakas at the moment
  6. Gravel express will hopefully be caning everyone on the track, RA-R may or may not be there. Might have some free accommodation depending on if the other CS lads are staying at mine or not
  7. Thats B4Gordon
  8. Bump, still need a rep.
  9. Any keen to use get the Subuk out for a day and take over the Tui Brewery day? We're looking forward to seeing lots of Japanese cars at Tui Brewery on Sunday 24th June! FREE ENTRY Here's a run down of the day: 10am: Gates open 12pm: Registration closes 1pm: Prizegiving 1.30pm - 2pm: Photos with the Tui Tower $10 optional donation
  10. Have a chat to Gotasuby/jason/SAS if you haven't already, pretty sure he's done some F***ery like this with a link and a 3L
  11. wrx

    Have a chat to the guys at Specialised Auto Services in Chch for roll cages/if you need work done down south. Top notch lads
  12. Sonic yellow, nice colour. I want a Euro, but doing 1000K a week puts me off a bit. Don't know anything about them in reality though
  13. Is anyone heading to leadfoot Febuary next year? Waitangi weekend. Anyone keen to book a bach? Tickets should be on sale any day now, am tempted to take a caravan this time round. Anyone had any experience hiring caravans?
  14. From Politics to science battles, all we need now is vorigan? And ichiban to pop up and the Circle of CS life is complete
  15. On a side note, anyone know if theres any rules around making Ethanol? My Merican friends keep trying to convince me to get a still