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  2. Yeah long Before my time lol. Feel free to make a meet for any day/night/time/location you want too in future. I've been far too lazy and busy as if late.
  3. Go to lower hut Subaru parts, find the parts guy with the the glasses. I forget his name. Show him your clubsub membership card for a discount. I used to change mine once a month when I was daily driving the Rex, its so easy there really isn't an excuse not too
  4. I'm biased but Get it powder coated. I could do it, but am in Wellington and you would have to strip any existing paint and degrease it. I also only do batch items on a Saturday as well.
  5. When are you thinking of doing this? I might be able to help.
  6. Don't be cheap, pay good money where you can. I learnt the hard way. Seriously though. Talk to Chris at prestige. He can reflash in Welly, has done a few members now. Read this, I think it gets interesting around page 6. if you need help installing S***, when you get to that stage. Let me know if you want help.
  7. Check out Koya Wheels as well. A few members use them already, some are in your range Sent from my E5823 using Tapatalk
  8. Price range?
  9. Good meet with an interesting collection of cars to say the least haha. Feel free to make a meet for any day/night/time/location you want too in future. I've been far too lazy, was a good day out.
  10. Al at Macbilt. I can't recommend him enough, helped me plenty over the years and is always willing to help Sent from my E5823 using Tapatalk
  11. Apparently it's going to be raining all weekend!! Yay for Subaru weather! I'm all sorted this time.....
  12. Considering having a hot chocolate meet up tonight for anyone interested Here is a Cs Welly group on bookface, I've lost all my numbers so join if I havnt added y'all already
  13. It says it in the description it's manual Ah well, I asked a salesman what turbo a new one had a few years ago. He looked at me puzzled then after a minute managed to stammer out.....'Ummmm Ugh a Subaru one?' I chuckled and left
  14. Try looking on prismatic powders for something similar. I have some info on this somewhere. I vaguely remember it was an odd process of both spray painting and powder coating a clear over the top. Will attempt to find Sent from my E5823 using Tapatalk