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  1. I used to buy elf 5/30 in 20L drums, still have a soft spot for Elf. Used penrite for for a while, that was alright. Now i I just use Castrol Magnetec in the gravel express and Edge in the RA-R, funky used to go on about castrol, probably coz of Rick. Just did an oil change of the gravel yesterday, forgot it takes 6L now, man that was awkward. Back to to doing an oil change every 6 weeks or so now, so might change the flavour up a bit. Who’s gonna test out that Red Stamp for us? 😅😂
  2. If anything, start collecting tools, jacks, axle stands etc, start learning to maintain it yourself, you’ll save a lot, and learn a lot. Then when you get a turba it’ll be even easier
  3. Curbed a wheel from a perfect set I’ve had for like, 8 years. Feelsbad.jpg Pulled some speakers from the Gf8 to measure and see if my other ones will fit, just need some spacers, got my front right speaker going again, and found my 200gig folder worth of music. Never been one for ICE, but it looks like this thing is getting some Doof Doof
  4. OmG DoNt Go OvEr ThE SpEeD LiMiT EvEr, jUsT GeT aN N/a My dad has the STI and another of the beltronics and those have been very good over the years, I’m out of the loop now though are any of these new ones undetectable by the police radar detector detectors?
  5. 1. ALWAYS check that the company is registered, even if they have been around for a while, does not mean they are legitimate. (Been there, done that) You can do this here - 2. THERE ARE NO FRIENDS IN BUSINESS, you pay them, there is no such thing as 'mates rates' they not only want your money, but NEED it. Been there, done that. 3. NEVER give them an inch of leverage, an inch turns into a mile. If S*** seems to good to be true, IT IS. Check on it regularly, everyday, physically, if possible. Been there, done that. 4. Supply as many parts as you can yourself, never assume they know what you need. Been there, done that. 5. PAPER TRAILS, always save your digital conversations, and if things are bad. Record phone calls. ALWAYS get receipts for work done. Seriously just never be afriad to be a total C unt. That's your money, if they don't want to do what you say, they'll either say no. Or yes, and take that money of yours. It's always about the money.
  6. Might bring the Gravel express if i finish the brake change in time
  7. Yep, I'll be there again. Can't miss my own Birthday party afterall
  8. These days, they are becoming worth more and more. Without seeing it we can't actually gauge anything, if it's in good condition. It could be worth a mint.
  9. Need more info Link to listing, or something
  10. Made it to Whitianga, was a good drive, not much taffic. See you guys tomorrow
  11. chulozumo

    Wheel Cleaning

    Dragons breath, wax and grease remover, elbow grease, water blast and maybe some blinker fluid. I use dragons breath on the RA-R wheels, cuts it down from 30 mins a wheel to about 5 mins, they are very intricate, and white. Goddam you Subaru Japan
  12. Pulled the RA-R out of the garage for Flat Nats so I suppose I'll have to bring it to this haha
  13. Hmmmmm, now the question is. How early do i want to wake up on Saturday
  14. I prefer Macbilt personally, I went to Hartley the other year and it was extremely difficult to explain a few things to them As above though, they play with racecars mainly, but they look after my road cars