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  1. Put some fossil fuel in it because I'ma bad man who hates the environments. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1438965456209210&id=1116020928503666
  2. Grav ex has a v7 207 in it, but i only have a cheap $80 Bluetoothdongle which does SFA RA-R wont be going to that rowing club though, wont make it back out the carpark with those pot holes!
  3. Shouldn't miss it, i think its the inly beachside coffee cart, somewhere in the middle of the esplanade, location is on the SS event Tactrix? You're making it very hard to decide between the Gravel Express and the RA-R....
  4. Theres also the underground carpark out in newtown, under the burger fuel. Usually no one there ever. Bit further away but fully covered. Probs markets in the frankits carpark? Luckily we're not made of sugar
  5. https://www.facebook.com/events/1810959792274511/?ti=as Shameless promotion of SS
  6. Isn't it a VF30? It has all the supporting mods. It should be htting 200+ easy. Even the Gravel Express has 207kw. Pulling to redline in a daily driver? A whole 2 and a half gears of redline? Coz theres a speed limit
  7. What you want is more torque, for a daily driver that porbably only does pulls from the lights. You're not after mad killerwasps yo. Just sort whatevers wrong with it to get it to 220kw, or find a dyno that tells you its 220 as is. Or just go E85 with replacing the whole fueling setup then hit 260 on that standard turbo and just buy drums of E85. Easy. Like for the cost of buying a slightly larger turbo to get 250, you may as well just buy boons holset and chuck that in to save you time, money and heartache.
  8. I usually finish work at about 8/9am so I'll be around! Probs in the grav ex
  9. Bump for nek week
  10. April 14, sounds good. Guess I'll have to decide which one to take now
  11. Hmmmm i suppose i really should come, I'm only like 40 mins away now so i don't have much of an excuse hahaha
  12. No parade lap this year, might have to nag subaru for next year. As for the parking spot...I arrived early before the subaru guys and just left it there hahahah. Seemed to get a lot of attention though
  13. I saw you driving through Whitianga, I was not expecting to see an S203! Didn't realise you were on here either. Woulda made a good photo shoot! RA-R and 203
  14. You have map lights, yes? Assuming you do those will have to be removed. Then there is a bracket the lights bolt too which is spot welded to the roof vent bracket underneath (GC/GF all have thato bracket stock), assuming the 7 wagon does as well. That will need to be carefully drilled off the roof to break the spot welds, you will then be able to bolt everything in easily, assuming you have all the parts. You will have to drop the roof lining down in order to see if the bracket is actually under the map lights and obviously cutting and drilling holes in the roof for mounting etc
  15. 207kw, 405nm The vf42 has stupid high torque but even that didn't crack 500