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  1. 207kw, 405nm The vf42 has stupid high torque but even that didn't crack 500
  2. Really depends on how much you are willing to pay. Easiest to take it to a powder coater and say you want super chrome with a crystal clear. If you want it done right, don't expect it to be cheap.
  3. I get about 400k to a tank in the sti, gotta love that boosty boosty vf42 and smaller fuel tank lol. Had an na bp legacy for a while, it convinced me never to get a non turbo subaru unless it's a 3L
  4. Venturi in the exhaust.....but wait there's more! If you buy now, I'll throw in a supercooler.....for free!!!! *old joke, those that know. Know
  5. Leadfoot for me
  6. As area rep you choose the time, and place. You won't be able to please everyone so basically whenever you want too We used to have a dinner/ice cream/photos on the last Thursday of every month. Around 4 years ago we had an impromptu meet at mana Mc Donald's. There ended up being over 40 people crammed in there, none of which said they were coming. As the saying goes, if you build it they will come. You don't have to go it alone, anyone is welcome to plan a meet. Again, do not worry withat asking people when they are free. Post it up with enough notice and people will either make time to attend, or not.
  7. Well it's almost time for the 'new year, new me' stuff going on SO, who wants to volunteer to be wellingtons next best rep? As I am now no longer technically living 'local' and with Scooby-Doo being so busy with life. It makes it rather hard to organise events. As some of you may have noticed the lack of events. It doesn't take much, even the most antisocial person can do it (I'm proof of that) Anyone willing to put their hand up? Here is what is expected of you: #1 NO ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES #2 Repeat step #1 That's it. That's all there is too it. Do anything you want, as long as it isn't illegal. Here is some ideas to hopefully get the ball rolling. Wash world and photos Cruise to Lake ferry cafe Cruise to Castle point Cruise to palmy for Carl's Jr Southwards car museum Go bowling, get ice cream Fish and chips and park up Burger fuel Hard parks Vaping competitions (pls no) You dont need to be one of them young wipersnappers to be the rep. I will attend any weekend meets that will be organised in future, but I cannot guarantee I will organise any events over summer. IS ANYONE INTERESTED??? Anone at all.
  8. Ra's don't need side skirts Drill some holes, or buy some quality double sided tape
  9. Ra-r runs 18x8.5 +53 No evidence of any guard work, but I also don't know how it compares to a normal sedan.
  10. It's a giant dildo. Shortblock
  11. Contact Armstrong Subaru Wellington They have helped me many times with part # and bits from Japan for my Ra-r Was this one of the three silver S203 that were for sale the other month? Good score, you should get Gotasuby/SAS to do a reflash and get the most out of that 42. (if you are going to reflash that is)
  12. Probably boost solenoid. Scan the ecu
  13. Sure. Tell Dave to reply to my emails as well. Lol
  14. I'm still working 7 days so effort for meets is minimal. Will be doing the four pot install on the grav ex soon so I'll post that up and y'all can come help if you wish. Most people don't really like to just Park up, but in saying that the crowd has changed. So, if you would like to Organise a meet please feel absolutely free to. You'll only know how many will turn up if you organise something. With summer coming up you could also consider a cruise and invite people along from Palmy etc. Lake ferry. Castle point, anywhere that looks good on google maps, perhaps even look at past cruises for ideas. It's also almost race season, so there will be plenty of events to attend if you're that way inclined. There's an Auto X at Manfield Nov 4th
  15. Macbilt is great, have looked after me as well as many other members plenty of times. Trust worthy and knowledgeable