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  1. 2 years on and I’m retracting my statement til further notice Got a letter from Subaru saying they need to check the replacement to make sure it’s a good replacement and not a bad one now I have to drag the RA-R out after having it stored away nicely. Not a huge deal I suppose but still annoying
  2. So since we’re going to be released back into the wild again I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions of local businesses, cafes, places to stay etc to support during these times In the lower north island (E.g - wgtn, New Plymouth, Taupo, Hawkes bay) and if anyone would be interested in going for a cruise at some point? to a cafe or maybe just a park somewhere and I’ll bring my camping cooking gear? even though this is in the wgtn section it’s open to all who are still active local day trips interregional day trips or over night trips? suggestions and thoughts appreciated Obviously all precautions will be taken might ***** out the RA-R if people turn up
  3. Joined the 3.0r gang a few months ago, scored a 05 BP to daily from a cop, has a bunch of STI stuff on it, brembos front and rear tensioner puller decided it didn’t want to live anymore the other day so ordered a new kit from Subaru, installed it then justified buying a new torque wrench for one single bolt, now it’s back on the road ready to get tailgated by all those level 2 people
  4. Just checked mine, it’s got 225/40/18 on the OEM 18s and I haven’t had any issues on anything
  5. Dayum that was a long time ago now, nice to see you still have them
  6. Might be the mythical stand alone 52mm Subaru branded one
  7. Macbilt makes a very nice baffled and enlarged sump with internal gates, proven on New Zealand tracks many times over I’ve got one on the gravel express atm, there may or may not be photos of it in my WRX build thread from a few years ago highly recommend, I’ve had it for at least 6 years now May as well ask them about their breather setup they make for racecars as well
  8. Wait til you see how people put front mounts in front of the Rad it’s gonna blow your mind
  9. Did you get the JDM fuel pump controller as well? not sure if it matters between JDM to UK though, had a similar problem on a conversion I had years ago edit: re Reading it, disregard, since it’s working without the cluster
  10. Should be there, won’t be doing the convoy though. Probably gonna leave about 5am
  11. Bump Who’s going? Anyone want to split accomodation?
  12. I reluctantly coated a set this morning, yeah. Inside lip had a crack on one of them
  13. It’s for when you’re in full Need for Speed Underground mode and in a police chase, arrow says they’re in front? Better slow down, behind? Speed up, left? Turn right. Just gotta hope you don’t get a 5 star wanted level, that’s when s*** get cereal
  14. I wouldn’t touch them if someone paid me, had a friend who wanted me to coat his set but even I didn’t want to bother with that
  15. Dealer: Subaru NZ/Subaru Armstrong lower hut/combo Month/Year: Sometime last year Category: Recall Vehicle: 2006 STI RA-R Raring: 7/10 Description: There was 2 recalls for the RA-R, one was for the airbag, the other for the Red STI under manifold inlet pipe touching the fuel rails and causing a fire risk. I emailed using their website and got a fairly prompt reply, only problem is they ignored the under manifold pipe and only gave me a customer number for the airbag. So I did what all good internet warriors do and took to Facebook, I messaged their Facebook page and explained how rare it was, that it was never sold out of Japan, etc etc. if they could do anything, or if I was doomed to one day burst into flames and die a fiery death. They promptly replied again, and said they’d have to contact Subaru Japan as to what the go is. A fair air time later I receive a message saying that STI Japan was coming to the party and my parts were on their way. Booked it in with Armstrong lower hut, drove it out there at about 2.45 and they said it’d be done by 5pm, but I lived far away and had to go so they gave me a Pugeot 207 to take home, most gutless 207 I’ve ever driven, but hey. At least it was a 207? 😉 Before leaving I asked to see the parts, and what was involved. They let me see the box of parts, it was just the attachments to the pipe, not a replacement pipe itself, I asked if I could keep the old parts but they refused. Much sad. In with the parts was a 3-4 page A4 sized step by step instructions, with photos, on how to replace the pipe. Oh man, that was so sweet. I love STI Japan, they didn’t let me keep that either. I basically begged them to make sure it came back with no dash rattles, as it had absolutely none and luckily it still doesn’t. And nagged their workshop manager to emphasise that I’d know if they took it for a thrash. I got a call early next morning saying it was done, ready for pick up, and washed. I didnt want want them to wash it, but oh well. So all in all there was a bit of F*** around on the beginning but it got sorted out and to a good standard that I was happy with. (Most people know how much of a C*** I am, so any form of praise is fairly rare, lol) The parts guy with the glasses there is also very good to deal with. I took the RA-R in one day just to get some filters and crush washers, he came out and had a look and spotted things about it no one else has ever noticed.
  16. Oh boy have I got a deal for you. Have you heard of the SuperCooler? If if you call now, we’ll throw in a free exhaust Venturi!! but wait there’s more! With lots of extensive testing on a virtually stock legacy being thrown around Puke, we definitely know this is worth it!!1one!1 Yours for only 10 easy payments of $99.99 as well as your liver and first born! Call now! (If you don’t understand your too young in CS time) In the past people have run the WTAC pump from the RS with a seperate header tank for the turbo and have dropped 10 degrees on the track, pretty sure it was Funky/Sl8r that did it years ago.
  17. I used to buy elf 5/30 in 20L drums, still have a soft spot for Elf. Used penrite for for a while, that was alright. Now i I just use Castrol Magnetec in the gravel express and Edge in the RA-R, funky used to go on about castrol, probably coz of Rick. Just did an oil change of the gravel yesterday, forgot it takes 6L now, man that was awkward. Back to to doing an oil change every 6 weeks or so now, so might change the flavour up a bit. Who’s gonna test out that Red Stamp for us? 😅😂
  18. If anything, start collecting tools, jacks, axle stands etc, start learning to maintain it yourself, you’ll save a lot, and learn a lot. Then when you get a turba it’ll be even easier
  19. Curbed a wheel from a perfect set I’ve had for like, 8 years. Feelsbad.jpg Pulled some speakers from the Gf8 to measure and see if my other ones will fit, just need some spacers, got my front right speaker going again, and found my 200gig folder worth of music. Never been one for ICE, but it looks like this thing is getting some Doof Doof
  20. OmG DoNt Go OvEr ThE SpEeD LiMiT EvEr, jUsT GeT aN N/a My dad has the STI and another of the beltronics and those have been very good over the years, I’m out of the loop now though are any of these new ones undetectable by the police radar detector detectors?
  21. 1. ALWAYS check that the company is registered, even if they have been around for a while, does not mean they are legitimate. (Been there, done that) You can do this here - 2. THERE ARE NO FRIENDS IN BUSINESS, you pay them, there is no such thing as 'mates rates' they not only want your money, but NEED it. Been there, done that. 3. NEVER give them an inch of leverage, an inch turns into a mile. If S*** seems to good to be true, IT IS. Check on it regularly, everyday, physically, if possible. Been there, done that. 4. Supply as many parts as you can yourself, never assume they know what you need. Been there, done that. 5. PAPER TRAILS, always save your digital conversations, and if things are bad. Record phone calls. ALWAYS get receipts for work done. Seriously just never be afriad to be a total C unt. That's your money, if they don't want to do what you say, they'll either say no. Or yes, and take that money of yours. It's always about the money.
  22. Might bring the Gravel express if i finish the brake change in time
  23. Yep, I'll be there again. Can't miss my own Birthday party afterall
  24. These days, they are becoming worth more and more. Without seeing it we can't actually gauge anything, if it's in good condition. It could be worth a mint.
  25. Need more info Link to listing, or something