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  1. I am a toyota fan, always have been always will be, have an 05 hilux, 310000km never missed a beat, I have never done the injectors, the auto is good, run it in 4wd once in awhile, running it on 20's, handles bloody well, goes good. the Isuzu dmax's are good better then the colorado The nissan seems good would not touch ford/mazda would not touch chinese/indian built just yet maybe another 5 years
  2. OK we are looking for a new vehicle to replace the Estima, Most likely another Estima because of 8 seats BUT I stumbled on to these so here are my questions 1/ body/ drivetrain which platform are they on ( guessing Legacy/Levorg) Engine 2lt t but what version ? 2/ Does anyone here own one that has a owners manual/ or know where i can look at one, want to know if rear seats are car seat compatible ( believe it or not MOST 7/8 seat vehicles rear most seats are not car seat "legal" ) 3/ any known issues Thanks guys I am so not up to the play with anything newer than 1990
  3. What type of diagnostic computer was it and did you go through the walkthrough for that code ?
  4. Is that what the Diagnostic computer said it was ?
  5. Oh you are going to hate me then I found mine in a barn in Tauranga, non runner but pretty good body wise, had a fuel issue ( turned out being a blocked pickup in the tank now fixed) 200,000 km on clock for $600, runs mint, no oil use does not over heat
  6. Got the house but a nice Tesla x wid ludicrous mode would be great
  7. Meh i have my dream 1989 Brumby, stock standard, fun to drive only owes me $1000 so I guess it all depends on what is your dream car
  8. Holy Crap, the lux is $183,brumby $ 148 Interesting the brumby is 5 seats SUBARU MPV 1.8 4WD 5 SEATER 1800cc PETROL (1989) $98 for the Missus' Estima, To be honest the information is pretty sketchy at best
  9. Coolant is necessary, it has a life span, usually about 5 years and do we know when it was last changed ? Once again a few dollars to change the brake fluid ( also has a life span and is anhydrous so sucks water out of the air) is cheaper than caliper rebuilds Going on that getting rid of your waste engine oil is getting harder as well ( I will take as much as I can get as I heat my house with it )
  10. The quoted price seems reasonable, oil quality is the big thing, if you cheap out on the quality of oil why even change it. $95 an hour for a car tech is pretty much the going rate,You want to get big bills try heavy diesel tech ( I am one ) servicing takes time to do right, and you want it done right, which of course brings up another reason to get a dealer to do it WARRANTY, the work will come with a warranty.
  11. I have a complete BC/BF water to air setup spare if thats what you are going to intercool it with
  12. or a trick the old school guys do double up the sway bars
  13. Your insurance should pay for it
  14. other than fitting spring from a different subaru you will be buggered, ( you think suspension mods on an SVX are difficult you should try Brumby/Leone) The only downside to using springs from a legacy/impreza are these cars are no where near as heavy especially on the front end so the springs could easily end up having the wrong spring rate for the SVX and ruin its ride/handling, it may take a bit of investigation and trial and error.