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  1. numbers dont match
  2. Do you have a part number as I have a NOS stock one here,
  3. DRL's are a completely different beam pattern to either headlights or fog lights, they are designed as the name implies to be seen in daylight. There is also "rules" as to the output of them, most of the LED replacement bulbs have to much output. Read this https://www.hella.co.nz/en/technology/hella-led-safety-daylights™/ I would ONLY buy either HELLA or NARVA, if you want reliable and legal lights. EDIT also have a read of this http://www.nzta.govt.nz/resources/get-your-lights-right/get-your-lights-right.html specifically states that using foglights on clear days is illegal ( I know every one does it but still)
  4. I have done a few things to the Hilux of late fitted LED headlight bulbs to compliment the 52" light bar So now all lights in the front are LED, next will be an upgrade for the indicators and park/indicators in the bull bar, Oh EDIT just ordered another light bar to go on the bullbar oops cant resist a cheap deal. Next, thanks to a mate I have had fitted a Chip to the truck, as it has done just over 300,000km it has only a low tune in it BUT still very impressed, way more response to throttle input
  5. I would go for LED just done this upgrade on my Hilux BUT make sure that the replacements have the correct light output, and remember these are only for lights, not designed to put out great amounts of light, nor very far.
  6. Nice sedan,sorry to inform you it is well overpriced though if it was a, 81 Brumby with that miles on it, it may be worth that
  7. I run the Hankook Ventus on the Hilux, Love them, very very good in the wet and the dry, Have not had an issue while pushing the heavy pig hard, I get bloody good milage out of them ( 60,000k) and drive them on every thing from heavy snow to loose Gravel. I rate them high
  8. The issue I can see you having is the programming of the key, with the right equipment it should be able to easily do it, buy a unprogrammed blank from ebay ( make sure it is a complete blank including all the electronics) then using what ever is needed to program the key to the car and done. The unit to program the key is the issue, I have just done this to our JDM 2008 Vellfire, the smart key was available from Toyota at a reasonable price ( $200 ) so I just bought that, I may of been able to get one from ebay but a/ I could get it the next day b/ 100% sure it would work c/ wanted to still have the abilities from the original remote ( twin electric side doors). I then plugged in my Gscan 2 went to the correct option followed the instructions on programming the new key.( took about 30 seconds) and was done. Seems simple enough except the Gscan2 is a $12,000 unit.It would program the key for your subaru, not sure if there is a cheaper unit that will do it.
  9. Well I done did it Narva has just released a h4 ( and Think a H7 ) LED upgrade kit Part Number 18004, Not as cheap as the Ebay ones BUT a/ it goes on to my BNT account b/ has a 3 years NZ warranty and c/ Can order today and it is here tomorrow. 12v/24v Dual Voltage 6500 k Colour 4000 lumens Passenger LED driver Halogen Both LED ALL THE LEDS
  10. Simple really fill it up and then top it up every few days. depending on the age of the vehicle BUT you may be able to use a bluetooth OBD dongle and an app and you should be able to see how much fuel is in the tank
  11. Going on what Boostin suggested, Anything Electronic in Nelson also does cluster repairs .
  12. 52" Led light bar mounted on the roof of my LUX
  13. Yup trying imgur as well, can you see it now ?
  14. Yeah I am having issues with trying to get google photos to show