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    25 years as a diesel mechanic and subaru owner has taught me a few things :)
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  1. with a bit of work, any of the OHC engines would require chassis removal to fit ( except of course the ej22 single OHC ) Yeah I could not afford this I just got rid of one of mine so I have money for the other project
  2. I wonder how the Fark i first found that
  3. not sure what plans are for weekend yet ( most likely working) BUT if I am not needed may turn up on Saturday, can we pay on day and as i will be alone do i need a co driver ? will be in brumbeast if I do come ( and no I dont think brumbeast will be any good on the track only maybe as mobile chicane )
  4. Anything happening next week ? will be in the area !
  5. Checked by parts haul, could only find my rear crossmember dont even know where the front one is, so no front rotors sorry, if I find it I will let you know
  6. What could work is finding out which brand of phone is better in marginal areas, some have better aerial setups than others ( I know sony does) if you get that aerial setup, try and find a phone that has an external aerial jack ( The Spark ruggedised one use to not sure if it still does, the CAT phones do as well)
  7. I will give you 3 guesses as to mine ( I dont think I have actually posted a photo )
  8. I do not think that the ECU in the SVX is tuneable. Any sort of tuning will help regardless of the induction. the gains may not be noticeble in a NA is all, but they will be there
  9. http://www.trademe.co.nz/a.aspx?id=1250274882
  10. Yeah same as mine, NZ new The EJ repower although sounding good would cut the resell to almost nothing
  11. I have nothing suitable, and i am in the NI, Only engine I have that I would be willing to part with has been sitting outside under a cover for 5 years so dont know how good it is. 5-6k seems high,could be a burnt valve causing low compression I would be investigating further
  12. Hahaha I cheated I brought my partner a V6 Estima when we had our first baby ( I already have 2 older kids so we already out grew anything "normal") which is lucky as we now have 2 and a 1/2 so that brings kids upto 5 this leaves me with my hilux, my RX11 coupe and the Brumby with no carseats Ya me
  13. The Brumbeast got some loving New front rotors, and Pads and calipers cleaned and painted, New LHF outer CV, new LHF inner CV boot and a clean and repack ( also flipped the inner ball holder thing to give the balls a new surface as I found that inner CV's for these are very hard to find) New Spark Plugs,Rotor and dizzy cap ( one of the 2 new ones I have in stock) Reset the tappets to try and quiet them down and lastly fix a couple if exhaust leaks RHF front rotor, this is what happens when some one previous puts the carrier bolts back in without the spring washers and the end of the bolt is ground away by the rotor MMMM new shiney rotors All fitted back up, painted the backing plates and hubs as well MMmm yellow, the overspray was from a wee touch up they had 2 coats done on them
  14. could well be the case
  15. I have the VIRM for light and heavy and PSV on Tabs