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    If anyone is yet to try one, highly recommend going on a Gumboot Rally. I've been on at least 5 and enjoyed every single one. Two days of a selection of NZ's best driving roads, with optional gravel sections, and some of the best people you'll ever meet. If you're interested: www.gumbootrally.com
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    Booked my BP5 Legacy in at the doctors tomorrow to get the passenger window door lock actuator replaced. The dealer I bought my car is footing the bill and supplied me with a small electric motor. I'll laugh if he has supplied me the wrong part. I pity the fool who gets on the wrong side of my local SubLab, they're pretty hard case people. The benefit of living on the West Coast (South Island) is that a lot of insurance companies and dealers don't have service networks set up here so I always get to choose my repairer and always point them to my local SubLab.
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    Soz the pics aren't that great... this was 10 years ago now.... Was on the above Konig wheels for a few months... then some c*** decided they wanted them more than me..... (I guess someone was doing me a favour.... I didn't really like the Konigs anyway) So insurance let me pick the Advantis below There's even a vid of it on youtube lol
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    check that your gf / wife / partner isn't lying down in the back seat, often the source of most whining
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    Update. Have decided to make a ported Subwoofer box . ( @boon's recommendation) I got some 18mm MDF and cut bits of wood using a design (below). Have finished cutting, gluing and screwing all the bits together. Im not that good at woodworking so there are some rough areas. I have felt carpet for the exterior and also polyester to line some of the inside. Design: http://ddaudio.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/12_compact_size.pdf My Photos: Looks pretty rough but for a first time its not tooo bad. I actually have some nicer MDF I just got (after I cut out these peices) so im tempted to make another box, maybe another design. I rather enjoy making these things. The extra bit poking out the back is so the box pushes against the back of the seat making it more secure. My brother cut and folded some of these for mounting it.
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    Did that. Pretty sure that fixed it. Sounds awesome haha.
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    Wow, thanks for the fast reply! Yes it does but it's coming from the engine not the stereo. I was listening for it while I had my stereo turned off so it can't be that haha.
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    There's a huge hole in the front of it.... aaaaaand there's a massive port in the back of it πŸ˜›
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    If you do make a second one use some nut inserts or there are cheaper ones that hammer in from the back. https://www.amazon.com/Nut-Inserts/b?node=16410011 Plus through some bracing through the middle. If you are being super accurate then add it’s volume to the box size. Also ratchet straps are good for clamping things while waiting for glue to dry. Though usually when you have 45 degree cuts to join.
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    That's a bloody good effort for a first go at building a box! I'll be interested to see how it changes how it sounds.
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    Drove it 800km on a mixture of gravel and tarmac on some of Northland's best roads
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    Thats what she said 🀣🀣🀣
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    Be a man and use ya finger πŸ˜‚ squirt on finger, rub finger along inside, spend next few hours cleaning hand
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    Any BP towbar will work, same chassis from 03-09. This is the case with the vehicles tail lights, unsure whether the same applies to trailer LED tails... I had a factory fitted towbar on my old wagon, didn't appear to have any flash wiring associated. Might be best to push on and deal with the issue should it arise instead of resolving an issue which may or may not exist.
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    Took it for her for a wee balance and alignment, front end-links are a touch worn. Needs a windscreen, that's a friday job. aaand a wheel has a sliiiiight buckle, I don't even drive it that often, cheers auckland roads.