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  1. How did you manage that. I got a set of 17s I would like to ship? Who did you use sobanoodle
  2. Lol doubt that mate. You fully sent it. Crank will be out of shape so as the other rods
  3. Lol nah, they said they dont have them in stock but can get it in a week. Yea insane is a understatement. I think they mistook car for a truck 😛
  4. Yea when I read that I was like wtf. Surely the rear doesn't need that much. I just enquired about it on their contact page and left my email. They got back and said the street ultimate kit is most suited to some road/some track use. I then enquired about the spring rates and they said that. I haven't had the time to hit them up to ask why. Will go and see them in person and ask them about it.
  5. Speaking or mcas. I was corresponding with the guys who do the mcas (alignment specialists). And they recommended 14kg for rear and 10kg front. That seems bit extreme to me. Would like your thoughts @Andy_Mac
  6. Yea I think James Marshall are a agent
  7. Would be keen for a RCM tensioner and idle kit.
  8. Oh bugger, then what to do with the back ports? Just T them up like @Kiwi_Fozze said for the balance? So plan is T both the front head ports to one port on catch can and then separate the crank case and run to the other port on catch can. Leaves me 2 back ports. Hmmm
  9. Cheers @Gripless will have a read. @Andy_Mac No idea why it's done that way. It's done by @Subirex Automotive Will get them to correct it. And yes the catch can vents to atmosphere. So leave the front ports blocked? And T both back head ports and run to 1 port and then the crank case to another port. I do smell a lot of fumes in the cabin so I always have to keep the ac mode into internal.
  10. Hi team, I just thought I would review my catch can setup, especially after meeting @Kiwi_Fozze on the club sub meet night. Car in question is my 2004 subaru legacy bp5. The intake pipe to the turbo is straight pipe and with nothing entering the intake, no maf either. I have attached my awesome paint diagram. The diagram is as if you are standing in front of the car and facing the engine. The front ports on either side of the heads (marked with black box) are blocked. The pcv not shown is also blocked. The driver's back head port is T with crank case port and goes to the catch can The passenger back head port goes to the other port on the catch can. After looking online, this setup looks wrong. Please advise.
  11. You listed out all the info, what other info do you want?
  12. The compressor wheel is the same, but the turbine wheel is titanium and is glued on to the shaft. The shaft is also different in the EFR series, as they would have to balance the compressor to turbine wheels.
  13. Yeap this was my go to turbo as well but had decided with the hrc35/2 but now got a 7670 ewg. But the 257sxe has a whole range of housings, where as the 7670 is limited.
  14. Here is all the efr7163 dimensions including the g series
  15. Nah man there isn't aye. Challenging to fit turbo and the down pipe.
  16. The only problem with internal gate on the efr is it makes the whole turbo bloody long. As it is on the legacy there isn't much room compared to the stis etc.
  17. Yea my issues were avcs being intermittent and not respecting the target table. Which came down to the cam pulleys, apparently it is common practice to replace the cam pulleys when rebuilding a engine. I didn't change mine when my first engine ran BEB and I didn't have the screen filters, so def some metal would've gone through it. You can rebuild them however, but its a process. Here is a link on how to: Also the avcs doesn't work when the engine is cold. The coolant temp/oil temp will need to be > 70-80 degrees. So I would suggest warming up the vehicle and then taking it for a drive and log and see if the avcs behaves.
  18. I have got a brand new maf sensor. PM me
  19. This will stop the belt from slapping soo much and wont let it slip tooths yea.
  20. Could be interested, depending on price.. I have a bp5 prefacelift 5mt.
  21. Niceeeeeeeeeeeee, I take it, this was done in 3rd gear as the ratio is so high and the km/h is 140ish
  22. That's good to hear. My limit will probably the injectors (912cc) and the fuel pump (dw65c). Fuel will be gull force 10 as it is better when going above 25psi. Hitech motorsport is doing my tuning. However not on the stock ecu. I have gone the haltech way :). They generally don't do many walk ins as their clients are targa based. From what I have spoken to the owner, he is very switched on and lines up with all the research I have done as well.
  23. The 275kw was after the upgraded valve springs and 22lb of boost yea? If the bottom was built you think it would've crossed 300kw? My build has been complete and has been at the tuner for couple of weeks. The car will be on dyno on Monday. But I am using the same turbo which is in question (hrc35/2) here. Mine is a 2.1 stroker forged and doweled. I am planning to run 28lb of boost to get me over the 300kw range. As Drews car I have upgraded the valve springs too. Here's hoping for 300kw. If not I will change the turbo to the airwerks 7670 as it's a poor man's efr 7670. The only reason I went with holset is due to the rebuild factor and that it should spool up better compared to the airwerks as the holsets turbine housing design is pretty darn good.
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