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  1. My car went through a wof with (STEDI) LED highbeam bulbs and nothing was said, and its not like I could hide the heat sink loops
  2. I think Subaru's are picky about what adapters are used. I tried a cheap BT one and it didn't work. Someone else can confirm.
  3. I think you'll need an adapter to make them work, I got the steering wheel controls working in a 2008 Forester with this or one very similar: https://www.wavetech.co.nz/Axxess-ASWC/ Hope this helps
  4. [email protected] that's what I was trying to say. I'll agree that relays are hard to understand. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  5. the easiest way is take a feed off at the headlight bulb to a relay, then your feed to the isolation switch goes thru the normally open side of the relay before the switch. I hope this makes sense
  6. Could also be a wheel bearing, I had this in a 2000 Forester, wheel wasn't wobbly but one side of the bearing was turning on the hub.
  7. If you can get to the back of your stereo, there's acc power there, yellow wire if i remember right, red is permanent on. The reason I think there's always power at the map lights is that its the negative that's switched, someone will be able to confirm.
  8. I can understand them cracking down on modifications to low beam because of the required beam pattern. I thought you could have anything for high beam as long as it can be dipped? Or have I missed the point? Wof isn't due till September so I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.
  9. Yeah full conversion, warm up is 15+ seconds which is a little long. I think it may be because its a cheap kit, as the factory bulbs (low beam) warm up in seconds. I've got some LED's coming, if anyone is interested i can post how they go.
  10. Has anyone got LED high beam bulbs? aftermarket I mean. I recently tried HID in my highbeam, while the light output is awesome, what kills it for me is the warm up time. I want to get LED but haven't got the funds to buy to try. Car is 2008 Impreza S-G/T with factory HID low beam and HB3 fitting highbeam.
  11. I've got one kicking around that I used in a sh5 Forester, if you want it.
  12. Don't run turbo subaru's on 91 EVER. I bought a twin turbo Legacy that had been run on 91 and it had killed the A/F sensor and knock sensor.
  13. I've got a '08 S-GT manual, I always drive in 3rd in town unless the engine is fully warmed up. If you're just cruising you can have the rpms as low as you like, just if you need power you'll have to change down (obviously). As for boosting, it depends on the situation how much you rev it before changes. Hopefully this is helpful, stupid questions are fine - just watch out for stupid answers.
  14. Sorry, clarification: Front wiper blade de-icer, not much use in nz.
  15. Brand new, been kicking around for ages still in original box. If you've got a use for it, name a price and ill let you know if its yours or not.
  16. I've found, ironically, that I get better fuel economy with eco mode off. And if I put my foot right down it stills boosts at 13psi, weird.
  17. If the noise is coming from the pump, you'll have to replace the whole pump not just a bearing. Btw it's a lot cheaper to get a second hand one than new (obviously). What's your car? And how many kms.
  18. Yep, replace pump. I had this happen on a forester I had, regas shut it up for a while, but I ended up having to replace it.
  19. http://jalopnik.com/for-16-800-would-this-2000-subaru-legacy-v8-wagon-mak-1793118137 I'm not sure if it's a crime but Damn!
  20. Thanks for the help, looks like I'll have to get it tuned anyway. Target boost is 12.4psi and I've had up to 15psi, not sure if that was a spike but I have seen 13+ consistently on WOT.
  21. Thanks. Has anyone had anything to do with elite automotive in PN?
  22. Bump If I delete cats and it overboosts how much overboost is dangerous on stock tune?
  23. I've still got both cats as exhaust place couldn't be bothered removing the second one. item C in the pic in this link:https://partsouq.com/en/catalog/genuine/unit?c=Subaru+Japan&ssd=%24HSU-egsEBQcBBAcVDDkDAgQETGx0TCIEIVBbc2NfXwwX%24&vid=1101&cid=1&uid=13571&q= So the only issue with removing both cats is over boost? how much is too much? I've got BTssm app which I use for monitoring and it also has logging as well. I have heard this before, sounds good.
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