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  1. Got it running last night, it's definitely loud, our mechanic that does our WOFs said he'll allow it, as in the particular rev range that it's tested at, it's surprisingly quiet. Oddly enough, it didn't throw any CEL's either for the air injection pump being removed, or the lack of any Cat's. I've removed the codes anyway. It's not happy by any means, under any load it appears to be cutting spark, and back-firing around 3500 RPM in 2nd, but am told something along these lines is expected with the free'er flowing exhaust and intake.
  2. We don't find it all too bad to be honest, not sure how it'll be with the cat-less down pipe though, we'll find that out tonight. And yeah, sorry but we don't know you, so don't know what you do and don't know, safer for me to assume nothing, and then it might help others of less knowledge later down the track that may read this thread Great to have someone here who knows their stuff though, so welcome!
  3. PBMS recommended we get a meth kit for ours to make the most benefit of the tune, we're not going to this time around, but interesting to see it made that much of a difference!
  4. This past weekend was work on the STI before its tune next week. I ran out of time to clean my workshop beforehand sadly! Up on the hoist, down pipe off, engine mounts unbolted and disconnected from the gearbox. Engine out! (this is the only way to do spark plugs, right? 😛 ) Clutch was roasted, no surprises it was slipping, the plate was right down to the rivets, and there was material everywhere. New flywheel and clutch: New fuel pump: Complete secondary air injection pump removal, a pain having to remove the up pipe! Wrecked engine mount, thankfully I had spares from my rally car, thanks Subaru for not changing the design in many many years!
  5. Ooh sweet, thanks for that part number. This is a bare rack, no rack ends etc, but I'm half considering getting all the bits to make it work on my GravelEx, so could definitely be a go-er...
  6. Ours (2.0L) is going in for a tune in two weeks, similar mods, but a little extra, Perrin 76mm intake, PBMS Catless downpipe, and an Invidia R400. It'll be tuned on 100 octane too, so will be interesting to see how it compares to yours. This will be tuned up in Christchurch at SAS. We had it dyno'd when it first came into the country at the end of 2018, here's the completely factory dyno sheet, with boost, you can see what @Gripless was talking about here:
  7. Ooh nice, thanks! We're on our 3rd rack in our V11, both replacements done under CGA, but we were allowed to keep one of them, so I may just pick up one of these kits and refresh it!
  8. I have a feeling the newer ones have thinner head gaskets? Not 100% certain on that though.
  9. Hmm might possible be that failing then, I'd see if you can get another one to test/replace it, maybe if you know someone around you with the same model?
  10. Also look at maybe doing the cam seals, and don't forget the rocker cover seals Look at replacing the rear main seal and resealing the rear kidney plate. I'd do the clutch, since you're there, and they're not too expensive. Probably reseal the sump while you've got it out too. I just installed those subaru 1.6mm Head gaskets on my engine, they were $270 from the dealer. If you've not doing this in the next couple of weeks, I'd definitely buy it all from Partsouq/Amayama.
  11. Yeah if it reacts the same as it does now, then it's most likely the MAF, it it starts idling worse/drives worse, then it's unlikley to be the MAF
  12. Must be quite deep south! Yeah 100 is fine/preferred to be honest. It's great having so many NPD stations with it now!
  13. Just to add to this, here's our stock GRB with the R400 on it. I'm installing a PBMS cat-less down pipe this weekend, so will get another sound clip with that in later on, although it wont be getting tuned for a couple more weeks.
  14. Welcome along! and congrats on the new ride Can't comment on the BOV as I've heard mixed results of how the newer cars react to those! Invidia exhausts are really nice units, and on our STI, it was a perfect bolt-on fit, although we went cat-back. A nice set of reputable branded springs would up the handling a bit I imagine, and help in the looks department
  15. Hey! If you unplug the MAF, does it act the same, or change? Possible it could be a failed MAF.
  16. Welcome! I'd pull one of the leads again and see if oil has seeped into the boot/around the plug already, that could definitely cause spark issues.
  17. Ooof, that's harness porn! Love a nice tidy loom, that makes me really want to re-do mine... Hmmmm
  18. Heya! Welcome along to the forum! One piece of advice I'd give you, not related to your question, is to add at least some form of heater back into the car, and at least a fan. My RS Legacy rally car no heater or anything, and the worst thing was getting to the start line at an event, on a cold morning, and your windscreen instantly fogging up Regarding the wiring loom, I'd almost look at getting another stock one if I were you, it would be the easiest to start with a stock loom, and get it running again, then slowly strip out what you're not needing. I had an engine bay fire in my RS a few years back, which got me starting in thinning out the wiring loom, I repaired the damaged parts, then just started stripping back what wasn't needed. I went a little snip happy, and it took me weeks to troubleshoot it and find where I'd gone too far. I should've just started with another loom, but they were getting harder to find for an RS.
  19. If you're willing to spend a few grand, I believe subaru will sell you a brand new short block too.
  20. Looks super nice, always loved that shape! Although I never noticed until your pictures, how much it looks like an outlander from the side haha. It's definitely a model I'd look at if I was wanting something a bit more 'suv' like.
  21. I'm also getting a set of heads shipped down from Auckland to Dunedin, I'd say to see if they could be shipped together, but mine are going through a machine shop in Auckland first.
  22. Would you be up for doing the work yourself? As DIY it's much much much cheaper than that, just can be quite tedious, and take quite a while.