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  1. Bunch of old farts!!!! Couple of old lads with an old car.....
  2. I'm wondering if maybe you are having the same issue i was having with my old motor.. Ihad a reall nasty miss and loss of power at 5500 RPM umder load that i could not figure out.. Tried everything. I ended up chucking it on Keith Stewarts dyno and he diagnosed it as valve float.. This was an original unknown kms engine that apart from the miss at higher RPM's and load would perform really well... Yours has quite hig Km's so its a possibility i guess... Only way to really diagnose may be to chuck it on a dyno and get a full health check.
  3. They are a pain in the ass to get hold of.. But once you do get a human they are okay. took me 2 weeks to get approval to reuse my black numberplates on a bike i was putting through recertification.
  4. couple of quick questions.. Does it do this when the motor is cold? Does it get worse as the engine warms up?
  5. haha yeah sorry... NZTA... Sorry getting them confused.. Been dealing with both quite a bit lately trying to reregister an old motorcycle and get approval to reuse the black plates on it..
  6. best thing to do would be contact VTNZ and ask he question.... I would say from experience that you would get a no.. but worth ringing and giving it a shot...
  7. The torque would be the biggest killer for you.. It's really an unknown as to it lasting or not..
  8. My 2 cents... If you're wanting 300hp (225kw) atw.. You will need to do a lot more than chuck an STI ECU, boost increase and some yellow injectors at it.. You are talking bigger turbo Exhaust injectors intercooler ECU uprated fuel pump FPR possibly forged pistons Dyno tune I would say your standard clutch would not like that sort of power so upgrade that too. If your wanting power around the 300hp ATW mark then you really are heading into spending larger amounts of cash on an older WRX. Im not saying dont do it but what i am saying is to think very carefully about your power goals. costs can spiral out of control very quickly.
  9. 2007 for me. Joined up after buying the RS. Met Dane at a track day not long after...
  10. if your mostly nice hot motorway driving you wont build up carbon..
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