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  1. My 2 cents... If you're wanting 300hp (225kw) atw.. You will need to do a lot more than chuck an STI ECU, boost increase and some yellow injectors at it.. You are talking bigger turbo Exhaust injectors intercooler ECU uprated fuel pump FPR possibly forged pistons Dyno tune I would say your standard clutch would not like that sort of power so upgrade that too. If your wanting power around the 300hp ATW mark then you really are heading into spending larger amounts of cash on an older WRX. Im not saying dont do it but what i am saying is to think very carefully about your power goals. costs can spiral out of control very quickly.
  2. 2007 for me. Joined up after buying the RS. Met Dane at a track day not long after...
  3. if your mostly nice hot motorway driving you wont build up carbon..
  4. Oh crap... Now what am i gonna do with all these drums of skid diesel i have......
  5. The best guy
  6. In my rs.. for normal daily driving i leave it all the way open.. on the track i launch two lights up from open and then lock it...
  7. No terms used here could ever be classed as "Normal"... ever!!!
  8. Dodgy ol Massey? Dont get into a fight out there or your likely to end up with a sickle to the back of your head....
  9. 180mm grinder and some masking tape make 4 short intersecting cuts on the outside skin of the door and that lock will pop straight out.