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  1. Just saw a Gen 3 GTB with Clubsub banner on the back at the A&E Colombo St
  2. Hmmm no I don\'t know anyone with a supercharger setup. It would be for the lulz, but nothing more. EDIT - It wouldn\'t be that guy who had the BC5 saying that turbos aren\'t the only way to make power and his was mechanically tuned? I can\'t remember the name but this might have been around a year ago
  3. No wonder I couldn\'t find this thread, it\'s in the technical questions section!
  4. The gains in the epeen are not worth something going bang. You are better off investing in mods elsewhere that a boost tap ow
  5. Don\'t use that .gif, it brings nothing but trouble!
  6. $2500 ono (on chch buy sell fb page) http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=673672279313516&set=gm.630276973651217&type=1&theater
  7. That wouldn\'t suprise me running an EJ25 with an EJ20 ECU
  8. Looks like they work there given they have reversed into the carpark
  9. If my check engine light comes on I have a mini heart attack, turn off the radio and a/c and listen.
  10. It shouldn\'t break after only 5000 k\'s EDIT: it depends if its a track day / race / time trial etc
  11. Just run a pipe from behind the passengers front wheel au.
  12. This is an interesting thread, will keep watching for moar stats
  13. Yuck. If it wasn\'t chrome...
  14. It was in such a nice condition when I got it a year ago
  15. My old wagon was nice when I sold it. I found it 3 owners along: http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=593527417
  16. I was eyeing that up purely for the rarity of it.
  17. Might touch base with NZEFI, cheers. Getting rid of the vod is my goal.
  18. Professional Stalker in the region
  19. Lol, I was beside you for all of the Science Alive site to the Dennys intersection. I saw you beside me and thought look at these douche lords in this rev b who do they think they are.
  20. Lol, I mean that my carpark is befind SUPERKARTS and that I sober drove a mate home who needed a ride and Nick happened to be beside me, so I turned around and took a photo for this very thread!
  21. Behind indycars at 2am? My carpark is behind indycars, but 2am? Hmmm when was this? I haven\'t been to a park up in a very long time, last one would have been 2 months ago, but then I realised I was surrounded by retards.
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