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  1. Joker

    Flatnats 2023

    Sophie's View walking around the Pits & I found ourselves in the Tower Spectating the 1st Subaru Sessions ❤️ : uncut / raw GoPro clip's
  2. Joker

    Flatnats 2023

    1st day Event done : Pack laps meet & greet https://www.facebook.com/flatnats/posts/pfbid02xiesWQRDneNNVuiKZJtMuwzGUZeQua1oH9oCmFxUSDorZ1n5xoaxeaoxF5zhZWgpl
  3. Joker

    Flatnats 2023

  4. Joker

    Flatnats 2023

    Car's Loaded on the Trailer for Pack - Laps turns out Car-nival is this weekend as well @ Taupo EDIT : And AutoFEST @ Meremere hard Choice for some I hear (or Easy)
  5. Joker

    Flatnats 2023

    at this stage we're getting info the same time as you : all on the FlatNats Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/flatnats/events I'm trying to encourage Organisers to use our forums more where possible to share the info ❤️
  6. hah & welcome! that does change thins a bit : there's no Cert & ahh yeah can see why you've fallen in love with it they are a Dime a Doz here aye LOL
  7. Ali have been 9-10 days delivery for small items over the past couple months for me eh ❤️
  8. advertise it for 2k : get your money back sorry you'll spend 10k falling in love with it and another 5 years before it's back on the road
  9. not my event or area just something I spotted www.facebook.com/events/311923891400029 crash it / invite them here to get this place active again
  10. Gunna have to crack it open & have a look I think, bit hard to imagine anything is out of sync but the lil Clips holding the Locking "Bar" do become brittle over time or get knocked off I've learnt the hard way not to use Slim-Jim's too often where possible in my "Other activities" as my Villages 'Amateur Locksmith' reasonably simple to get door card off & have a squiz image from Ali-express :
  11. is any of this useful? not all the pins sorry (will try Link Site soon) This one has V3-4 ECU Pinout : (similar / same as BG? https://linkecu.com/documentation/WRX4+.pdf
  12. most of these are now dead [EDIT} Visit the host to view the files and manuals : http://www.fd3s.net/how-to_engine_computer.html
  13. Back in the day I found them i nthe Install section for the Apex-i website aye : there used to be a link in the mega FAQ (link is in header menu I'll try fond now too
  14. oh & sorry I meant behind the Kick Panel set : these are the Key Fob teacher set, yeah on older models they are white & green though didn't think ODBII stuff still had them? I havnt seen under a Legacy Dash is about 10 years now sorry for meddling 😎
  15. cant really help much but isn't the Drivers side footwell the New Key fob "teachers" set? [EDIT} A Pillar behind Kick Panel
  16. wanna pop up ya Shopping list? I don't want one but just for funsies & Yeah "back in the day" Garden watering" squirters were popular DIY alternative
  17. Joker

    Flatnats 2023

    It's local~ish to me so yeah I hope to make an Appearance
  18. until

    Topic here :
  19. until
    Copy & paste from https://www.facebook.com/events/1111469722866463 and Chatter about it here; Event by Tui Brewery and Tui Mangatainoka Public · Anyone on or off Facebook Start planning for 2023! Get your crew together and register now! Right here at Tui Brewery on the last Sunday of each month we invite car and motorbike owners to bring their ride to participate in one of our Mangatainoka Motors Show and Shine Days. Are you the owner of a vintage, classic, or Hot Rod? Do you have a V8 that sets hearts quivering and gets heads turning? Are you team blue or team red, and do you have a sweet ride that represents your loyalty? Or perhaps you think two wheels are better than four? Our Toki Motors Shows will get your engine going. Well known by all Kiwi engine enthusiasts as a fabulous day out, these shows give you the chance to display your sweet ride for other car lovers and the public to enjoy, and you can compete to win some epic prizes while you’re at it! Now, we bet that got your attention. While you are here, enjoy the live music, delicious food, and a cleansing ale, jump on a brewery tour, take a look at our Histui Museum, or do a bit of shopping for merchandise at the Tui Shop. Or simply kick back, relax, and catch up with family and friends while others check out your ride. Register your vehicle here:https://www.changingroom.co.nz/.../mangatainoka-motors.../ PRIZE CATEGORIES There’s heaps of awesome prizes up for grabs, from Most Original and People’s Choice to Star of the Show! Most Original Local Star (has to be from Wairarapa or Tararua) Furthest Travelled People’s Choice Star of Show ($500 Tui voucher!) KEY TIMINGS FOR THE DAY: 09:30am – Gates open for cars 10: 00am – Gates open for public 10:45am – All competing cars to be parked 11:00am – Registrations close 11:00am – 12pm Judging will take place 11:30am – Brewery experience tour (from $25pp) 12:30pm – Prize giving Immediately after prize giving photo will be taken under the iconic Tui Tower. 5pm – Tui Brewery closes Japanese Car Day - Sunday 30th July. Skylines, Supras, Datsun & more, this is your DAY! If you are the owner of a Japanese Car, it’s time to get out the elbow grease, spruce up the vehicle, and get ready to join us on Sunday, July 30th. We want to celebrate Japan’s significant role in the global car and motorcycle industry, and what better way to do it than by showcasing the sleek, sophisticated, and technologically advanced vehicles that Japanese manufacturers are known for. Whether your car was built in Japan or sold by a Japanese manufacturer, we want to see you here! There are some fabulous prizes to be won alongside live music and delicious food – we want to see the carpark humming. Don’t miss out on this exciting event, pre-register your car now http://www.changingroom.co.nz/shop/events-functions/mangatainoka-motors-registration/?fbclid=IwAR2TjxkGihvqO0UZepyzuvvQeX7_5TjmyKBAbcXEw2cKWSCxTW8qLc0M2QE
  20. it's been around for a while if I said @Davebro or @hellraiser? Both have owned it in it's current state might help explain it
  21. I was just looking at buying my Old motor back on FB a V3 STI short block with TT heads etc might leave it for now but it's in Wellington if anyone's interested? he's asking $700 (uses a little bit of oil apparently might need rings etc)
  22. I believe Pictures speak a thousand words for those that can spot the difference aye and we'll let you off for being Australian (the Liberty / Legacy thing is still weird hah
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