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  2. bit of an old Wives tale eh 20 years of TT's modders & not much over spooling going on with other builds
  3. RIP the Impreza, Legacy AND Levorg names? (or are the base model stil lmp's?
  4. I know there's advances in TT' Ecu tech since I was playing but 'only' the later Gen 3's are tuneable right? (OBd2) unless they've done something silly like I did & popped them into a Gen 2 then "computer says no . jpg" (OBD1)
  5. I'd say nah : minimal change : maybe reset the ECU?
  6. Updated your Avatar : couldnt help myself :P cheers!

  7. the fun police in me says : DONT the other guy wants to know what Gen Engine Foz and what Gen Imp?
  8. I was gunna past a link to this thread on the FB even post but it wont let me eh
  9. until

    Sweet & there's a Discussion thread here : (I'm only copy pasting what I can see
  10. Even if you're not "Tracking" Just come! and FYI Covid Levels Depending aye https://www.facebook.com/manfeildpark/photos/a.151164554947481/4640079889389236/
  11. the 'day' was announced yesterday and as of this morning there there are 10x spots left! It's a Playday and as far as I know its 2x groups (or 1x Group) reserved for Subaru's even if "full" there was a chance t orotate in and out to get some track time / enjoy a great day!
  12. until
    A Playday group has been secured for All Subaru and ClubSUB are invited! https://www.facebook.com/events/345690580576956/?ref=newsfeed
  13. always fun when ya open up closed ones when putting on a space saver / spare pro tip : keep a set of opens on hand for that
  14. the ones I've seen are 'popular' bull bar type Prado / mitsi's that suit that style of mount too yeah you cant even cut the bumper support beam these days it seems to install front mount IC's without falling foul eh one of them trailer jockeys might be better eh (I'm sure you could motorise one too etc https://www.topmaq.co.nz/273kg-trailer-dolly-trolley-matr3400
  15. Slim Jim? though I've been warned for 'inserting anything' into anything newer than 1990 aye (knocks things around & can make thins worse) though might be your only hope to pull the mech (or push) the latch aye
  16. is it auto? beeping like the Key is still in the ign when off?
  17. 98 : is it a V4 or V5? (changeover year) and yeah Green plugs appears to be the basic way and count the flashes
  18. as long as there are TT's people will join CS to search this info that's what old threads are for!
  19. until
    https://www.facebook.com/ChromeNZ/ https://www.facebook.com/ChromeNZ/photos/a.749214328457119/4436050269773488
  20. am I the only one who thinks : pfft that's not old it still gets 12month WOF's! then oh that's 20 years OLD!
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