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  1. is there a manual in your glove box? I'd start there eg RTFM or is there a UFO chasing you? though sorry I cant help & its not on https://www.mynrma.com.au/cars-and-driving/car-servicing/resources/what-do-my-dashboard-warning-lights-mean what car?
  2. until
    https://www.facebook.com/rollracenz/ discuss thread :
  3. https://www.facebook.com/rollracenz/photos/a.462024437498963/1428015504233180/ https://www.facebook.com/rollracenz/
  4. ahh yeah I felt stink when I went and had a look myself
  5. the First post says what?
  6. never seen that before! mind you I've only changed 1x Subaru Clutch before I was gunna suggest maybe wrong bolts had been used previously maybe? but I'd say I am wrong
  7. https://downtimenz.com/clubfest/ https://www.facebook.com/events/hampton-downs/2021-clubfest/347480519680043/
  8. SUNDAY, 25 JULY 2021 FROM 09:30 UTC+12-16:00 UTC+12 www.facebook.com/events/449771566043799
  9. Pick a date : Make it happen? bear in mid the JDM day is coming up @ Tui Brewery July 25th www.facebook.com/events/449771566043799 SUN, 25 JUL Mangatainoka Motors Japanese Day Tui – Tui https://www.facebook.com/SUBSQD/photos/were-out-here-at-the-tui-brewery-jdm-car-day/1510668732372215/
  10. bump for 2021 (July 25th) www.facebook.com/events/449771566043799
  11. until
  12. Nice & just out of curiosity where'd ya get the CS logo from? this is definitely the kind of enthusiasm I am trying to encourage around here! ps I updated the Calendar event with your banner pic too btw Jared
  13. until
    North Shore Events Centre THIS SUNDAY AT 10:00 UTC+12 Automania Automotive Festival 2021 Automania - Automotive Festival – Eventfinda Stadium https://www.facebook.com/Automaniafestival/events/?ref=page_internal
  14. so you've gone from a 26/27 pair to a 27/27 pair? other than that sorry no useful imput from me oil pressure could / should be the same yeah?
  15. pass : bit new for me it is accumulated vapour over the years eh could hope its part of the same accumulation etc
  16. "Normal" Blow by recirculated by the breather valves / PCV? everyone gets a shock when the pull the TMIC off for the 1st time like that then you'll think about a Catch can or 'Oil Air Separator' etc
  17. https://www.facebook.com/100000728811073/videos/2663848306982770
  18. got more details? chuck n our 'our calender etc https://www.clubsub.org.nz/forum/index.php?/calendar/
  19. Back in 'my day' (2003 I bough the GTB) I was sold Protecta used it a few times 'fun one' was the leacking rocker over gaskets, they wanted (and got) an excess for both sides.... as in it was classed as two different jobs LOL / not lol
  20. until
    Anyone can addevents to our 'calender' if you want to freshen up this page go nuts! This is also not an official CS event But if we're keen for a stand / display speak up!
  21. fyi : lowkey added Inked to the reps section > and updated his username
  22. TBH : looks like something I'd do I was gunna post a screen shot but someones limted the files size
  23. heh not really any details : sorta started it 20 something years ago I don't pay attention to it tbh just know I'm insured LOL bit blasé on finances tbh
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