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Found 21 results

  1. In need of some advice I have a 97 stb sf5 that was running mint now won’t build more then wastegate pressure unless free boosting and seems to run like s*** when boost solenoid is all hooked up , iv also noticed my bov isn’t opening anymore (can push it open with finger ) and even blocking bov off still hear no turbo flutter anyone got any advice in what to start looking at ? it does have a exhaust leak between manifold and up pipe but I wouldn’t of thought that would cause that much of a drastic change?
  2. So EFR turbos are sensitive to pressure in the drain system. Eg if you have positive crank case pressure they will push oil past the seals. 14-60psi operating pressure 20degrees rotation from vertical You really need 12mm or larger drain and a larger diameter hose/pipe to the sump. Do NOT use banjo or threaded fittings for oil drain. -10an or smaller is suited to scavenger pump oil return like Porsche. 3/4 hose/pipe recommended a small oil tank under the turbo can help with frothing oil and cleaner return. Thinking of billet fuel filter with filter cove removed so has 50mm diameter chamber to allow foam to settle. More info https://www.miataturbo.net/diy-turbo-discussion-14/psa-efr-turbo-oil-drain-information-read-before-designing-your-oil-drain-93944/ https://turbosource.com/blogs/news/borgwarner-efr-technical-installation-guide This may apply to newer garrret turbos as well. fittings https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32404284074.html https://www.aliexpress.com/item/33052615896.html Thanks to @Andy_Mac for putting me onto all this.
  3. Sorry if this has already been a thread before, but i recently got picked up an 07' Impreza S-GT, 2.0 Turbo 5 Speed. Excellent car and I'm having a blast driving it. Anyway, the car has just under 170000 k's and I believe it's time for me to do a service - oil, filter, etc. What are some other things you guys generally do when servicing your turbo Subaru's? I was having a gander at servicing videos and the general service seemed to include cleaning the AFM, resetting the ECU, and top engine cleaning? I feel like some of it is a bit unnecessary but and pointers are greatly appreciated. I feel and oil and filter change would be sufficient enough?
  4. Hi everyone. I'm looking for the Subaru Yoda. My turbo failed and seized with the associated noises that followed (and blue smoke) can Yoda tell me what turbo is in this car? 2009 Subaru Exiga GT YA5 chassis I need to find a replacement bit needed to know what to look for. Or if you have one, please let me know?
  5. Hey guys, New here, have a question, am making a twisted turbo setup with a kinugawa TD05 25G 3" anti surge inlet turbo, i am wondering if there is a set distance for placing the AFM in front of the turbo housing, as iv heard it can create issues ( no way to delete the AFM as no link with this build). The pipe will be a straight pipe off the front of the turbo. Has anybody played around with this before or have some helpful information about this? Any help is appreciated :)
  6. Hi all, first time poster, long time lurker. So I have this '02 Blitzen wagon that I've already spent waay too much money on, so this is the latest drama. When driving the radio will cut out randomly (turn off and straight back on), this can happen a few times before the headlights/interior lights etc all start to flicker a bit, followed by the whole cars power going out for between 1 to 3 seconds, before all comes back on and she continues on no prob, until the process starts again. I've already spent too much at the auto electricians replacing the ignition switch and generally waste of time fault finding. I'm thinking it's either the radio feeding back and overloading the system, or the relatively recently installed AVS alarm/immobiliser is cutting in randomly. Anyone had a similar issue that they got to the bottom of?? Any insight is much appreciated!
  7. Right so, it seems my turbo has gone. Just had an oil change like last week, but apparently it's toast. Not been driven hard at all. 2nd one now. Anyone got a spare VF38 kicking around? Waiting in agonised apprehension for a price from mechanic...
  8. I need some advice on whether it would be okay and whether my engine will work properly if I was to install a BOV. Would I need a BOV with an adjustable vent to atmosphere and recirculation? Would I need to have it on 50:50? What BOV would be recommended? Cheers. Also I own a 2001 Twin turbo Subaru legacy automatic.
  9. Hi, I own a N/A 2007 Subaru legacy sedan, with an EJ20 I am wondering if a N/A EJ20 engine can sound the same as a turbo'd EJ20? For example if i installed a full exhaust kit (INVIDIA) or along those lines if I could achieve the same sound? Thanks a bunch
  10. The id stamping has worn off this turbo, can't really even see a faint outline. (actually I can just make out a "2" but that doesn't really help since they all have a 2 in that position) So I was hoping someone with a little more experience would have an idea of which turbo it may be. I've narrowed it down to one of vf23,24,28,29 with what I have read online.
  11. Hiya all, very noob question as I just picked up my first turbo vehicle. On my old NA Impreza I used to cruise in 4TH at 50 and hover on 2000rpm. My new one is an 07 Impreza (WRX?) S-GT hatchback. Whats the best way to drive it should I keep it above 2000? I know not to lug the engine, don't boost when it's cold etc. Don't even have an owner's manual which is great. If I am boosting is it better to hit 4000-6000rpm before shifting etc? Sorry for the stupid questions, Cheers.
  12. Can't seem to find any after market air intakes for JDM BP5s? Do Grimmspeed fit/work on JDM versions? Any recommendations would be awesome, thanks in advanced.
  13. So my gc8 has a moderate amount of smoke coming from beneath the turbo heat shield. It starts smoking 3-4 mins after starting the engine. Turbo is a vf29 I initially thought it was oil burning on the uppipe from the leaking drivers side cam cover gasket. I replaced this and it is no longer leaking but the smoke continues. I have done maybe 100kms since replacing the cam cover gasket. The car still drives and boosts normally with no strange noises. I removed the turbo and replaced the oil drain hose, coolant drain hose and both exhaust gaskets. The turbo impeller has no side to side play and is not contacting the housing on the compressor or exhaust side. This did not fix the issue. The front right cv boot is still intact. Could this be the turbo's seal on only the exhaust side of the turbo? I checked the intercooler while it was off and there was not much oil in there. Just the very small amount that is normal. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated as I am now at bit of a loss. At this stage all I can think of is just driving it some more to see if it is just residue burning off. The amount of smoke makes me think it would be something more than residue though.
  14. Hey Guys I have basically finished my ez30 turbo project and I am looking for someone to remote tune it. Has anyone had any experience with remote tuning?
  15. Was driving my car home tonight (2007 Legacy GT JDM), stopped at the lights and then took off, this weird exhaust-y noise came from the front of my car closer to engine bay, I thought it was a Honda next to me at first but then realised it car from my car. I stopped on the side and turned off the car and started it back up again, still had that noise.. A bit louder through the lower rpms, and I can't really hear my exhaust from the back (HKS hi flow exhaust).. Also feels like there's less power.. Gonna take her to the mechanic tomorrow morning, but any ideas what it could be? I checked under the hood once I got home, couldn't find anything unusual..
  16. Hey team! looking for a part number or better yet the actual name of this damn pipe! i have a 2006 jdm legacy spec b 6sp manual VF45 turbo EJ20Y looking for the pipe from the turbo outlet to the TMIC ... looks like mine has a leak and has crumpled down at the bottom Any help would be appreciated guys
  17. Hi unsure if im posting this in the right section as there seems to be 0 posts in the parts exchange? Looking to purchase a vf28 or similar turbo please post kms n condition, thanks
  18. Hi, I have owned my MY99 WRX wagon for about nine months now, it is stock apart from strut brace and swaybar. The car is much faster than the Suzuki SX4 I used to drive back in China, but a mechanic (who have driven lots of subarues) told me that the car is definitely low on power. "I don't feel any boost at all" he said. And I also feel the car is a bit slower than when i first got it, it used to have the blow pass valve noise when let off the throttle, but I haven't heard it for quite some time. I can still hear the turbo spinning up from around 3000rpm if the window is closed What might be the problem? I also noticed the rpm drops to almost 500 sometimes when idling, and then it goes back to normal.(about once in a week) My idea is to install a boost gauge and see if the boost is normal. Does anyone have ran into this kind of problem before? any advice would be helpful, thanks
  19. I've replaced the turbo on my SF5 Forester - no problem there. But, all the vacuum hoses (and a bunch of other rubber parts) went very brittle, and shattered everywhere as soon as I moved them. I've never seen anything quite like it. Does anyone have any diagrams covering the vacuum hoses that pass near the turbo? Or if nothing like that is available, can anyone take photos, or describe the hose routing accurately?
  20. Hi Guys I have a few questions which I feel quite stupid abut asking but hey, what are forums for? I have a 1994 GF8 WRX Wagon and I had a few questions about engine bits and pieces. So living in Auckland and being a student means that I am strapped for cash. I was wondering what kind of mileage everyone was getting from a full tank of 95 as I'm not too sure if she's just a bit gas hungry or it might just be the way that I drive. I was also wondering what rpm everyone cruises at? in the city for example in a 50km/hr zone is it better to tick over in 4th at 2000rpm or is it better to chop into 3rd at about 2500 - 3000rpm? Another question I have is about idle speed, I've heard that my EJ20 should idle at about 800rpm but mine idles at 1000 - 1200 rpm even when warm. I have done the basics of cleaning the AFM, throttle body and I even went as far as cleaning 21 years of crud out of the IACV but still nothing, she still happily idles at 1000- 1200rpm. Sorry for the stupid questions
  21. hi, im dave. new to clubsub but not a stranger to subaru, have owned my fair share of legacys and currently drive a 98 wrx sti. few mods done to the car but biggest mod is the 28 speaker fusion sound system. at the mo am counting down the days to flat nats 16, went to flat nats last year and it was a blast so ill be back and louder than last year
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