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  1. Long story short this is how to get the fault codes from the abs on my jdm v3 sti gc8 Theres a heap of info on the net but none of it was the same as mine Step 1 . Find the 2 earth prongs hidden inside tape in the same tape around where the wires for the green n black diagnostic plugs comes from They are black. And sheathed individually about 3mm round . They are folded back over on them shelves and taped up from factory. Mine had blue tape. Step 2 find this black 2 pin plug that is smaller than the green n black plugs . Jam an earth pin in the blue n white wire . (Nothing happened when i tried the other wire ) Turn key on . Abs light will give you the 10s n 1s for a code . It can only store 3 codes even if you have more Jamming the earth pin in and out at least 3 times clears codes . My only re occurring code was 52 Under the motor on the abs pump where the cam actually drives the 2 plungers was bit rusty / crud . Wd40 n a dung out and some grease on the faces it was good as again The top cover and magnets come off the whole thing with no fuss . The 2x torx 25 you can see . The rotor n brushed n next plate didnt want to come out but that's only because its sealed/glued into the alloy housing . A small tire lever against the rotor broke that glue Codes: Abnormal ABS sensor, open circuit or voltage too high 21 – front right ABS sensor 23 – front left ABS sensor 25 – rear right ABS sensor 27 – rear left ABS sensor Abnormal ABS sensor, abnormal ABS sensor signal 22 – front right ABS sensor 24 – front left ABS sensor 26 – rear right ABS sensor 28 – rear left ABS sensor 29 – any one of four Abnormal solenoid valve circuits in ABS control module and hydraulic unit 31 – Front right inlet valve 32 – Front right outlet valve 33 – Front left inlet valve 34 – Front left outlet valve 35 – Rear right inlet valve 36 – Rear right outlet valve 37 – Rear left inlet valve 38 – Rear left outlet valve 41 – Abnormal ABS control module 42 – Source voltage is abnormal 44 – A combination of AT control abnormal 51 – Abnormal valve relay 52 – Abnormal motor and/or motor relay 54 – Abnormal stop light switch 56 – Abnormal G sensor output voltage Well there was going to be a bonus pic of my car also . Now noone gets any pictures because I cbf making them less than 200kb right now. Where are you lot hosting pictures now ?
  2. Just seen someone selling a 2007 Legacy GT Spec B 6 Speed Swap so Axles, Driveshafts, Subframes, Diffs the lot. Now what I want to know is am I correct in saying that this drivetrain is the same as the WRX STI of that year and if so would this be an easy swap into an 01 WRX?
  3. Hey guys so after months of a headache with my wrx I've decided too come here and see if anyone has experienced what my cars doing. So resently my 1996 wrx gc8 type ra. Has a check light issue. Everytime I start the car check lights on. And stays on. If I let the car warm up for 30min minimum. Then turn the key off then back on quickly check light disappears and wont return untill I turn the car off for longer then 5min. Have done a diagnostics check and came back with error codes 24 44 and 45. 24 idle air control sensor. I have replaced no change at all. 44 turbo wastegate regulator and 45 map sensor. I haven't replaced these two as of yet as I'm not sure why when the car is cold it would effect these two sensors? Have noticed today when I first started the car I made sure check light was on then turned car off connected the diagnostic plugs under the dash and anyone who has done this will no that the fans ect will all come on going thru their test cycles. Well when cold and check light present the wastegate pressure solenoid does nothing. But after leaving the car to idle for 30min then getting the check light to turn off. I quickly turn car off connected the plugs under dash and the wastegate soilenoid now clicks loud and fast as it should. Sorry for the long write up guys but surely someone can help me out?
  4. Hey anyone got 01-02 wrx wagon front gaurds and rear bumper. Pref in the navy blue colour. Have cash based in auckland
  5. Hey guys wondering if anyone could help me I took my car for dyno run and tune to Dunedin and they mechanic completely destroyed the engine of my 2014wrx 2.5L nz anyone selling or know where I can find one if possible under 50,000km
  6. Thinking of upgrading the sound system in my V7. I find that my current setup doesnt cope that well. I have a JVC KW930BT headunit. I don't want to spend much so im thinking about just doing front speakers+tweeters for now. I Went to abtec audio and they quoted me a pair of 'DD CS5' speakers with tweeters for $199. Id like to hear what everyone else does and what I should look for.
  7. Just wondering what piping/hosing anyone uses to recirc a bov on a front mount setup (bov located near throttle body). Been looking around a lot but am struggling to find something bendy enough that doesn't just fold and is strong enough to handle pressure. Cheers heaps. P. S diameter is around 30mm if I remember correctly and is a GFB respons on a v5 ej207
  8. Recently I have gotten a grinding/squelching/scratching noise coming from front left of car when turning right or if I yank it left. Its gotten worse and worse over last 2 or 3 days. When im driving while slightly turned left its fine. Happens at all speeds and increases in frequency as I speed up. Its not a clicking so doubt its CV/Axle. I could be wrong on that tho. I have wiggled wheel vertically and no movement from wheel bearing or strut however there is a little movement when wiggling it horizontally and the movement is coming from the rack, just a little play I guess. Cant see any stones lodged anywhere near the rotors/pads. Would like to know what everyone here thinks it could be. Ill prob take it to mechanic tomorrow if I cant figure it out. This video im turning left and right (noise is when I turn right). May struggle to hear without headphones. At slow seeds.
  9. Hey guys. anyone have any suggestions on more mods etc to make some more power from my v2 wrx wag?. Currently its running a freshly rebuilt closed deck block and v2 heads with permaseal mlsr headgaskets n new seals n gaksets everywhere.. Has a Td05h turbo, blitz bov, full 3" turbo back exhaust, u8 ecu and k&n air filter, also has a turbosmart boost controller set on 13psi. Just wana makes some more power.. anyone got any suggestions?
  10. I'm looking for the owner of a 1999 Gf8 Sti. The number plate is cju129. I know this might seem weird but a while back, around the start of this year I saw the car posted up on Trade Me. At that point in time I didn't have the funds to be able to purchase it, but now I have the right amount and was wondering if anyone could help me in tracking down the owner, in the hope that they might be willing to sell it. I know this seems like a long shot but I've been on the hunt for a nice Gf8 for a while now and this one is exactly what I'm looking for. I have a screenshot of it from nzbuysell.com where it was posted up months ago, but in all honesty have no clue how to add it to this post. (I'm new to the forum) From the information I've gathered it was sold from Manukau Park and Sell sometime this earlier this year and has around 120,000 kms on the clock. The paintjob is dark metallic grey. Cheers for any help in advance.
  11. Hi does anyone know where I can get a short shifter for a WRX 2018? Thanks
  12. So I just had an internet arguement about GF8 Gravel Express being detuned compared to the equivalent WRX & I Lost so thought I'd post results here : possible a repost Source : http://pacificcoastjdm.com/review/subaru/imprezagc8/stats
  13. I have a 08 sti. I'm not looking to tune or anything just want to know what's a good diagnostic tool and where to buy. Just want to be able to read and clear fault codes and that sort of thing
  14. Hey guys and girls Have pored over the forum and the web for info on the best way to remove my intake manifold for cleaning/painting. At first sight it is a mish with all the hoses and parts connected to it and also blocking access to bolts etc. But no doubt it is doable. I would like to know how you did it, as well as any general precautions I should take? Engine in question is an early EJ20G, one with no coil pack thingy on top. In order I would probably go with: Air intake Breather hoses on top Throttle body Throttle cable Coolant lines to reservoir That's all I can think of now. I've never done this on a flat four or on any other type of engine lol.
  15. Yeah hi, I have a 2007 Subaru WRX with a heavy clutch. The travel isn't an issue at present. I was advised to get the clutch replaced by my local mechanic. What I'd like to know is, how do you know when the time has come for you to to replace your clutch? Thanks in advance
  16. Hi guys ive let my MY94 GF8 sit for 6 months while I travelled the country. I returned to my car idling very poorly - jumping from 2.5k to 1k rpm which was fixed by cleaning out iacv and tb. Cleaned out MAF. All done with brake cleaner which the internet has said is safe, not as $$ as purpose built products but better than using harsher products like carb cleaner. Then since first drive I've been in limp mode; put it down to a boost leak - found a gaping hole in turbo compressor-ic pipe which I've replaced. My car has blown alot of smoke since I've cleaned out TB/iacv, but when driving on limp mode this has been black smoke. Plus $55 gas at like $2.35/l only got me 80km lol so there's a fueling issue there. I've also made a big mistake of clearing codes by disconnecting negative terminal of battery thinking this was part of cleaning iacv but I've gone and wiped all codes by accident Can anyone recommend a solution please. I'm thinking of 1. Inspecting spark plugs and cleaning (they haven't been done in my 20000km of ownership) 2. Running some injector cleaner in the fuel tank and 3. Testing the MAF with a multimeter.
  17. hi guys and girls I've got a 95 wrx sti which i want to turn into track hack while keeping it road worthy ( maybe only just) I would like to remove alot of the interior ( ideally most of the stuff behind the front seat backs.) to make room for a half cage and a to lighten the car. ( assuming the cage will need cert thats down the line) I'm unsure how far I can go with this and still retain a WOF'able' standard for example if there are no rear seats can the door panels come off as well as all the carpets? Roll cage: has anyone had one made in the south island that acquired cert ok? Bolt in or weld? Coilover spring rate: Has anyone gone to hard or too soft? wondering if there is a magic number here for front and rear ( bearing in mind a sway bar upgrade will be in order.) Bars and brackets: so many options to stiffen a chassis but which ones really work well for handling? (not so much silly engine torque tho) bearing in mind weight is an issue... any other advise is greatly appreciated !
  18. Hi team, Well, I finally picked myself up a super tidy V3 STi after driving a people mover for the best part of four years. It has an exhaust and intake but other than that she's fairly stock, and straight. I'm after recommendations from you guys and girls regarding (the next) performance upgrades I should be looking into and recommendations on who should do the work. One name I have seen around here a little bit is Possum Bourne Motorsport. I would be keen to hear of your experiences, good and bad, at tuning shops around Auckland and your best 'bang for buck' performance upgrades that you would recommend for my stock-ish WRX STi. Thanks in advance. Brett
  19. Hi Guys, So in a mission to find a STI style front lip for my 06 legacy wagon i ended up being forced to buy 5 (Minimum order qty) - the surplus 4 sold in 30 hours so i have decided to to a group buy as i have found a very good supplier who has well priced stuff for every car under the sun. The problem is there seems to be a lot of USDM specific parts around that wont fit us here in NZ but i have spend a lot of time and found some good NZ options. My Plan if anyone is keen is as below :- PM, email me ([email protected]) or text me (021 1310363) a picture and details of your car or another car off trademe with your EXACT same bumper . I will send you the options for your car some will have 1 Poly urethane option some will have up to 3 PU and 1-2 Carbon Fibre options. You let me know which one you like. I will get pricing from supplier cost up the freight,Duty and GST and quote you a fair price. If we agree on a part you like and a fair price i will setup a trademe auction for $50 buy now so you have peace of mind that im not just going to keep you $50 and not deliver. I will use the $50 as a deposit and i will pay up front for all the parts with my own money.Ill then do all importing donkey work, shipping, customs clearance, duty and gst payment etc. We will have to wait 25-32 days for goods to get into NZ and get through customs. When all parts arrive here i will send pictures of your specific goods and myself to prove parts are physically here and are undamaged (if any goods are not supplied right or broken/damaged i will refund $50 deposit and take up the issue with supplier myself) Once balance of payment is received i will dispatch goods accordingly or you are welcome to come to my home (east auckland) and collect. I am prepared to take all the financial risk and will not be looking to make a huge profit here - enough to cover the cost and a small margin for my time and finance - any goods that are not good quality or turn up damaged i will take that exposure and return your $50/deposit. Please feel free to find picture of lips or parts you like and i will try an find them at a reasonable price - my day to day job is procurement and logistics so hunting Asia and Europe for clients is an 8-9 hour a day thing for me so please send through a pic of what you would ideally like. Hope we can get some stuff in at good prices and get some Clubsub members cars looking dope!! Cheers Kenian
  20. Hey guys needing some help in wellington own a 2002 wrx and recently have only been getting boost every once and a while other wise it just drives like a fast NA can hear it spool up but there is no boost only owned the car for 7 months
  21. Hiya all, very noob question as I just picked up my first turbo vehicle. On my old NA Impreza I used to cruise in 4TH at 50 and hover on 2000rpm. My new one is an 07 Impreza (WRX?) S-GT hatchback. Whats the best way to drive it should I keep it above 2000? I know not to lug the engine, don't boost when it's cold etc. Don't even have an owner's manual which is great. If I am boosting is it better to hit 4000-6000rpm before shifting etc? Sorry for the stupid questions, Cheers.
  22. Hey guys I was driving today in the Coromandel in 5th gear up a slight hill when the check engine light came on for 10-20 seconds. It's happened in the past - driving on a country road after an hour or so of continuous driving, slight up hill, nothing really worth shifting down for but light came on anyway. Does anyone have any ideas of what this could be? (A quick search tells me that it could be knock sensor or AFM) I don't have an OBD2 scanner.. should I get one, and could I even bring up the code if the check engine light has gone?
  23. Hey Guys, So i have recently brought a 1995 imprezza WRX EJ20T - I love it, before purchasing the car i never was really a subaru fan. Now, Im in love with them, I also love working on cars and i am wanting to work her up. I have been looking around trying to find an Aftermarket Subaru parts shop but i cannot find any, Does anyone know of any places? To start off with im wanting to change around the suspension and brake setups. Any suggestions would be great. Cheers.
  24. Hey guys I must be the one of the few WRX owners still riding round on 15s (mine's a 1995 GF8) BUT I'm going for the rally look. Call me stupid but I've been watching Colin McRae tribute rally videos on YouTube and I've been inspired by the gazillions of Pirelli stickers on the 555 cars. As I grew up on WRC and am currently looking for a new set of tyres to replace my 3x windforce tyres and 1x yokohama a-drive that happened cos I needed a WOF, I've decided I need new tyres. I'm keen on 205/65 R15 Pirelli P1 Cinturato, will they fit?
  25. Hey guys! I'm new to this forum :). I currently own a 2003 NZ New WRX Wagon. I was wondering what the differences are with NZDM and JDM wrx's. I know that USDM and JDM have a few difference, but are there any major changes between the 2? Also is there a specific way to find out if the car model is V7 or V8? I know people usually look at the the design of the car and associate it with V7 or V8 but I'm just wondering if they ever added a V7 motor into a V8 shell. Heres a picture of my car!
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