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Otago Community Hospice Charity Cruise


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Donate money now if you know you can't make it on the day!

ACCOUNT NAME: Otago Community Hospice Cruise

ACCOUNT NUMBER: 03-1725-0419233-000


- Sunday, 21st November 2010

- Meet up at Tahuna Park, Victoria Rd from 8:00am TO 10:00am. Please try to be there by 10:30am at the latest.

- Depart for cruise at 11:10am after a possible briefing. NO later than 11:15am.

- Arrive back before 1pm for food/car show etc. Trophies will be given out to four cars (judges choice), as judged by Dougal Stevenson.


Aim of the event is primarily to raise as much money for the Otago Community Hospice as possible. http://www.otagohospice.co.nz/funding.html


By charging each driver and each passenger a minimum 'donation' of $5 (higher amounts are encouraged if you can afford it) to enter the cruise. And gold coin donation for members of the public at the opening of the car show at 1pm.


- Come along in your car!

- And also please try to spread the word in as many ways possible, this is what is gonna make or break a big turnout.

- Volunteer on the day!


This is a hard one really. Basically, if its an exotic car (Lotus, Ferrari, Mercedes etc), muscle car (Mustang, GTO, Falcon, Camraro etc), classic car (Jaguar, Mini, Austin etc), hot rod or modified car then you'll be right. That includes FPV and HSV vehicles, all Mercs, Jags, higher specced BMW's and so on. If you've got a Suzuki Swift, Toyota Camry, Hyundai Accent etc with aftermarket wheels or anything else not factory/rare then its eligable too. And of course any Japanese sports car (Skylines, RX-7's, GTO's etc) is allowed, some even if they aren't modded.


1. Turn left onto Victoria Rd toward St. Clair, go through roundabout

2. Turn right at Forbury Rd

3. Turn left at Easther Cres just before Forbury Rd/Hillside Rd roundabout

4. Follow road as it changes to Middleton Rd

5. Turn right at Corstorphine Rd

6. Sharp left at Stevenson Rd

7. Continue on down hill

8. Turn left to the motorway on-ramp, but drive straight through into Green Island.

9. Turn right and head towards Sunnyvale (under overbridge) to stay on Main South Rd

10. Continue on Main Rd and through Fairfield

11. Right onto Morris Rd

12. Follow road as it changes to Quarry Rd then go through roundabout into Mosgiel

13. Continue along Gordon Rd and through Mosgiel

14. Turn right at Dukes Rd

15. Continue onto Three Mile Hill Rd and drive over Three Mile Hill

16. Continue onto Taieri Rd through Waikari

17. Turn right at first traffic lights onto Nairn St (past Cableways)

18. Turn right at the new lights on Kaikorai Valley Rd

19. Go through roundabout and continue along Kaikorai Valley Rd

20. Continue along and back into Concord onto Main South Rd

21. Continue up hill and onto Stevenson Rd

22. Sharp right at Corstorphine Rd

23. Turn left at Middleton Rd

24. Take the second right onto Isadore Rd

25. Turn left at Aberdeen Rd

26. Take the secondright onto Ravenswood Rd

27. Follow down hill onto Bedford St, go through roundabout

28. Continue onto Victoria Rd and back into Tahuna Park


- Meet up from 8am-10am (earlier the better!)

- Pay money to officials (passengers need to pay $5 or more too)

- Sign a disclaimer form, so we aren't liable for anything you do

- Get a small sticker put on your car to show you've paid (any cars that arrive back from the cruise without a sticker will have to pay)

- Line up and park WHERE DIRECTED

- Be in your car and ready to go at 11:15am - you WILL be left behind otherwise. There will be plenty of time to chat when we get back!

- Do above cruise route - drive safely, its not a race!

- Arrive back and line up where directed again and wander round to see the rest of the cars and chat

- Judging of cars should be done/announced at 3:00pm (TBC), so stick around just incase!


- Mag & Turbo (trophies)

- Brian Wheeler Motors

- Custom Signs (signage etc)

- Brooklands Retirement Home (they paid for the hiring of Tahuna Park)

- Allied Workforce

- The Rock (keep an ear out for our ads in the week before the event!)


- Full article

- Text/ring Andrew on 021 216 4593

- Join the Facebook group

- Reply to this topic (have to be registered there)

- Or send me a private message on the SSE forums (have to be registered there)

Please keep an eye out on the Facebook group and main topics on SouthernSkylines.com for updates etc!

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Sweet as. :) I'm donating $20 too. 8)

We will be sorting a way for people to pay money but not come along, one of the committee members is talking to his contacts at Westpac. A lady from work said she and her husband can't bring their twin turbo 300ZX along, but will donate money. And my uncles sister and a few others are doing the same.

So yeah, spread the word all! :)

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Need to raise another $400 or so because DCC have now decided we need a TMP (Traffic Management Plan), which costs $150 for the volunteers (going through Event Traffic Management Otago Ltd) and $80-$??? for the compulsary two ads in the ODT.

AND WE NEED VOLUNTEERS ON THE DAY!!! This could turn into a complete shambles without enough people helping out!

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  • 2 weeks later...

Guessing none of you came? :cry:

About 150 or more cars turned up and we raised just over $2,000 before we had to call it off due to rain, three or four hours early!

Definately happening next year so no excuses this time!

At least 150+ cars turned up! Massive variety, Mustangs, Falcons, Valiants, Porsches, Mercedes's's's's, AC Cobra Replica (won a trophy), Mini's, Skylines, Silvias, Corollas. Dodge Ram SRT-10 (and a few other big trucks), MR2's, MX-5's, EVO's, Audi TT, Lotus Esprit Sport 350, Supras, British Classics and heaps more!

Trophies (with a $70+ prize pack) went to

- AC Cobra Replica

- Lotus Esprit Sport 350

- Austin something (whoops)

- Corvette with race decals

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