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ClubSUB is a community based club, not simply an online forum and as such when club members attend a club event they are representing the wider club. Given recent organised events in the main centres and some advertised posts the committee feel it is a timely reminder that for an event to be run under the club banner all events must be approved by the Club Captain, if you do not have Club Captain approval it is not a ClubSUB event, it is your event.

This very simple step is in place for a few very good reasons, which you may be interested to know.

With approval from the Club Captain you may even be eligible for some event funding, prizes or giveaways.

With approval, if an event is over booked as in Auckland and Wellington recently the committee simply notify the police and appropriate checks are put in place.

Without Club Captain approval the event is not an official event, the person who organised the event is liable for the event.

ClubSUB for many years have notified Police & Local Councils of events and as such the club had a brilliant image in most areas, this has fallen by the way side over recent years for whatever reasons. The 2015 Committee has re-established its links with NZ Police and will pass on any information requested of them under the Official Information Act, they will also assist with any investigations when required. The club is also required to pass on any information relating to suspected or planned criminal activity, so if you plan on any illegal activity happening at an event think before you post anything on ClubSUB forum, Facebook or any other official ClubSUB media.

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