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2007 BP5 Subaru Legacy AUX cable


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I didn't want to pay for an adapter like:



Audio input cable to provide 2 x RCA external inputs to the factory sound system.

Connect MP3, Smartphone, iPod etc. to factory audio.

Connects via 8-pin plug behind audio head unit.

“T-harness” with 50cm cable length.

Suitable for McIntosh and Premium Sound systems.

Made in Japan.

Compatible with Subaru vehicles:

Legacy (May 2006 – May 2009)

Outback (May 2006 – May 2009)


So I looked at making this connection myself.

This is for a non-McIntosh headunit - I'm not sure if the McIntosh has a similar setup? Also it's for a facelift BP/BL model so there may be some differences (I guess at least you need an AUX button on your headunit). Anyway, I got this installed last night so thought I'd put together this how-to for anyone else looking at embarking on this without shelling out for expensive adapters.

I think the greatest discovery was finding the rainbow ribbon cable wires fit directly into the factory i85 connector!




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 pharnos said:
That's an ok price to save pissing about with the wiring yourself _b

Yep - however if your post had been one day earlier I would have given your way a shot.

Now to find a nice flush mounting 3.5mm female jack to put in the centre console box

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@pharnos Man , I dont know if you even still drive a subbie , but you saved my case! Bought a used outback that I thought it had aux line but did not, so I m trully happy to have one now!!

Cudos !

One note to the 'next generation' if I may:

Me being a noob in electrics got a bit confused in the picture where Pharnos mentions that you need to get the Pin for the HeadUnit ground and attach it into the Ground  cable of the heaad unit, but just because I saw the pic where it was mentionng the  grey cable  taps ionto the head unit ground wrongly assumed that I had to combine the  aux  ground with the headunit's.  It's laughable, but blame it on my neebness and overexcitement to at last have the aux line. As soon as I took a step backj and looked at the head unit and the  wrongly crafted cables I ordered, I was able to distinguish my mistake and pout things right! So I do thank you.

One piece of last and valuable advice from me:

Before you even unscrew the CD player form the harness, make sure that you eject  ALL CDs from the multi CD changer, including the one that is  currently  in!!! I didn't,  and  for an unknown reason to me at the time, I had to turn the CD hanger upside down! And Accidentally pressed the  "CD" selector while it was powered on! Now my CD player is jammed and I need to take the thing out once more to try and  remove the CD from the player ! And  perhaps all other CDs in the player as well... so dont be hasty as I was.

Again, much oblidged of your  comprehensive guide! Thank you ClubSub for hosting this  valuable info!! Archives save lives :)




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