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Diff Removal - CV Boot Replacement - Diff Oil Change - How To


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I have a split left rear inner CV boot spraying grease everywhere. There's still some grease inside the CV, so better to get it fixed before the CV dries out and dies.


Started by putting the car on axle stands ready to go, then supported the exhaust midpipe:



Then removed the axle back:



Here's the split inner CV boot, right above the exhaust:



Driveshaft unbolted and supported:



Remove the two nuts that mount the diff rear to the subframe:



Then the two front nuts from the diff front support:



Then support the front of the diff and remove the two bolts:



Lower the front of the diff and then slide it forwards, so the rear studs come free from the subframe bushes:



With the diff dropped, support it high enough to not stress the axles/CV boots. Then use a pry bar to pop the axles out of the diff:



With the diff free and supported. Slide the diff to the left and the right axle will come out. Be careful not to damage the oil seals in the diff:



Then move the diff to the right and the left side axle can be pulled out:



Then the diff can be pulled from under the car, being careful not to damage the axle shaft splines. I also haven't drained the diff (new fluid) so being careful not to tip it too:



Back at the split CV boot, I've used flathead screwdriver to open up the straps locking tabs. Then removed the both straps:



Then the CV boot can slide up the axle:



I've used a small flathead to pry the ring clip from inside the CV cup:



Clip removed:



Then the CV cup will slide off:



Be careful not to drop any balls:



Remove the balls and the outer race will slide up the axle:



Then on the end of the shaft is a circlip:



Circlip removed:



Then the knuckle will slide off the shaft:



All parts removed cleaned up:



Then here's the replacement boot kit. With a new boot, 2 straps and a bag of CV grease:



Coat the inside of the new boot with grease:



Then slide the new boot onto the axle shaft:



Then refit the outer race, knuckle then circlip:



Cover them thoroughly in grease and refit the balls:



Then cover it in more grease:



Then refit the CV cup and ring clip, putting any left over grease into the cup:



Wipe clean where the boot meets the cup, then slide the new boot into place:



Fit the new straps, getting them good and tight and making sure the boot is not twisted. I use pliers and a screwdriver to get the straps tight:



Slide the diff back under the car and get it into position. Then install the left axle, clicking it into the diff:



Right axle going in.



Then wrestle the diff back in place. Lifting the rear in first:



Refit and tighten the four main diff nuts/bolts to 51ftlb.

Then refit the driveshaft and tighten to 23.1ftlb.

Then refit the axle back exhaust:


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Found some old pic's, so thought I'd add rear differential fluid replacement into this thread. With the car jacked up on axle stands, preferably level for better draining and a more accurate fill. Here you'll see the lower drain plug and the upper fill (level) plug in the rear diff cover:



Using a 1/2 inch drive power bar crack both plugs loose. Then slide a tray/container underneath and drain the oil. I removed the upper fill plug first to help the old oil dump out quicker, hoping to help flush any grit out. Having the diff fluid warmed from driving will also help:



First time changing the diff oil the plugs were super tight. Ended up using a floor jack to help crack them loose:



Then clean the plugs up. It will either have an alloy washer or silicone sealant depending on vehicle. I had the silicone type so put a smear of gasket silicone on the plug threads before reinstalling. OEM spec sealant is THREE BOND 1105 (P/N 004403010) or equivalent.


Also slightly different torque settings for the two plug types:

Silicone sealed bung:

49 Nm (36.2 ft-lb)

Alloy washer bung

34 Nm (25.3 ft-lb)


Refit the drain plug, then top up 0.8L of your chosen diff oil. I used a Valvoline 85W/90 performance gear oil. OEM oil specs can be seen on page #2659 in this manual:



Or here's Swindog's sticky thread on suitable oils:



I used a big syringe to fill the oil last time round. Have used a length of hose with a funnel fitted in the past, filling from behind the car. Also read of members removing a rubber bung in the boot floor to put the filling hose through.


Top up the fluid until it reaches the filler plug. Then reinstall the upper plug, give everything a quick wipe and lower the car.

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