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Thinking of selling V1 wrx modded

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So im on the bubble for a mortgage and am thinking of selling my beloved sub, those that know me know it has been with me for a loooooong time but before i even entertain the horrible thought i figured i would see what it might be worth in the current state:


1992 v1 wrx, reg on hold, no wof, pinkied for adjustables and maybe a bald tyre (about 6 years ago memory is avg)

average body its tidy enough that it doesnt get pulled up but has a few scrapes etc, fiberglass copy front lip, eyelids, and custom grill, hx20 bonnet

blacked out front mount inter cooler, chopped and swapped intake manifold on phenolic spacers, pink injectors, walbro pump, twisted t3/t4, dumppipe with ext wastegate right to the end, right beside the cannon, G4 link dynoed at 200kw @13psi but  currently have no boost controller so running 5psi of the WG.

Front top and bottom strut braces and top rear. GFB pulleys and GFB BoV


Had a rear adjustable blow so replace the rear setup back to factory thinking it will try and push it thru for a wof at some stage/cert, hasn't yet happened so still has cuscos in the in the front as i havent seen any dirt cheap factory front shocks and springs.


so... what do you think it is worth, high and low?



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