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WRX Suspension for FSTI


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So I've seen a few guys running WRX suspension in their foresters to get them a bit lower. 

It seems to be a good alternative to coilovers for me:

Doesn't require a cert

Keeps things 'OEM' 

Cheaper than coilovers

I dont plan to track the car so I'm not interested in 1000 degrees of adjustability. 


The other option ive seen is using 'pink springs' but i havent been able to track any of these down.


What would you guys recommend with this, and where can I get my hand on some? I have a 2004 FSTI.

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Don't know if you were the guy who asked me about my FSTi on trademe, but my FSTi is running WRX STi suspension and I have 2 spare sets (one set of standard STi, and one set of STi Genomes), and if it sells for a cheap price then I'll be keeping them, and will sell them on seperately... but sorry I'm not willing to sell them before the car sells, in case any potential buyer wants them.


You are looking for WRX or preferably STi suspension from a V7-10. Also preferably from a wagon, but sedan will work as well. Lowered springs will sack it out like mine, but standard springs will also work well, give it a good lowered look and will be a bit more compliant. The only real downer about getting sedan ones, is you'll find the rear will sag a bit because the wagon rear is heavier than the sedan rear. You can fix this by getting some "saggy-butt" spacers, which will raise the body off the springs by about 10mm.

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