Timing belt visual inspection?

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Hey yall

My timing belt is due in 2-3000km (from what I can remember on the sticker before water ate it) but is there any way I can look at the timing belt easily to gauge what it looks like? Car in question is a v1 wrx ej20g and the timing covers. Look like they are only accessible from front bolts, which involves removing ps pump, alternator, and AC compressor+their belts+pulleys etc. And I'd rather just 5min check than do all that work lol. 


And also what can I look for, cracks, fraying, standard belt wear things? 


Water pump isn't weeping, just the two pipes are looking a little worse for wear but no leaks or noises from it. 


Only just asking cos I want to know if I can still do maybe 500-1000km on this timing belt while I wait for the parts to come in. Cheers 

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Here we go:



Interesting to note that they not only fray and crack but also stretch! And those belts service intervals are 160km 🤪

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