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Legacy be5 rsk interior/ dome light

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Sorry if it's in wrong section admin


Hi am in a bit of a pickle if anyone can please help will be appreciated




Subaru legacy be5 b4 rsk 2001 


I replaced the map/dome light after doing this the light is now staying on with it switched to the middle auto off function. When doors are closed it no longer fades out if I switch it to off position it goes off & on position it also works. I have put my old map light unit back in and this is now also doing the same 😞


Looking online states could be a issue with the bci body module however finding mixed post some saying these don't have a bci unit? 




All 4 switches on doors are working and all go off on the speedo I have checked fuses all seem OK. Is there a timer relay or some sort? I noticed there is a bleeper under steering column this controls the light around the ignition could this also control the map light? 


Any input is appreciated


Thank you

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