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Tactrix cable help

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So I’ve entered the modern age and got myself a proper tactrix cable not a blue knock off not a fake one which I got scammed on trade me nope a proper all adapters included %100 pristine quality the genuine article tactrix cable open port 2.0! And quite cheaply too might I add.


I own a 2002 Lego gtb rev d wagon and for the bloody life of me I can’t find the flash block connector or anything online to tell me what one I should use (the box came with two wrx connectors a four pin and a two pin) I know I gotta connect the green connectors together which cycles the fans etc but I don’t see anything around that looks like I can plug the flash jumper into anyone done this with their rev d please let me know! Either it’s been ripped off accidentally or it’s taped up somewhere in the gubbins under the dash and my blind ass can’t see it.

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