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My 04 XT WR-Limited. This pic was taken about a month before the motor lunched itself, its currently parked in my driveway in a puddle of its own disgrace  

I am one of the photographers that gets to cover the Targa NZ event, I managed to get this one on a closed road while I was heading back to load all the aerial kit into the car.

Thought I'd start my own gallery of the things that I get upto when I'm bored or have too much time on my hands.

Firstly the Foz when I got it, but with new tyres thrown on


Then dropped with WRX struts/springs


New Bendix ultimate pads alround and a quick respray of the brakes



an STI 22mm sway bar in the back-Hands down the best money spent improvement ever!


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And just last week i replaced the missing plastic undertray with an aluminium one of my own creation.

$50, a couple of hours, a jigsaw, some blocks of wood and a big hammer later this is what I've got





Now this wasn't for any offroad shinanigans other than some simple gravel protection but after reading this article ( Browser Warning )and thinking about the reason for the oem guard it makes sense. The temp gauge on the dash has now dropped by two marks when cruising.

Some of you may have noticed the snorkus lying on my garage floor, but I'm undecided about it's removal. It's only for CIA that it's out as I don't like the tiny pipe in the engine bay, If it was like a legacy with a scoop under the bonnet it would be ok. I'm fashioning a deflector and some baffles under the wing to create positive air pressure but limit any water spray ingress.

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im thinking about powder coating the pipes black to give it an even more stealth look as well as getting someone to design me a cold air box (any suggestions or any made one that could do one for me???) for the filter which will also be powder coated. Filter will need a box or a decent source of cold air because it does get quite toasty in there after a good blat around town

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Guest sleeperfoz
 matdaymon said:

are you wearing slippers in that last photo Will?!?

I thought you weren't quite a Grandpa yet lol ;D

cheeky boy ah ha man...he is over 20 now!

no they are slip on sandals...or beach feet :-*

you were just looking at legs aye.....(manlove moment) :o

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thanks guys, yeah iv seen those wheels on everything from subarus to crappy corollas and had 2nd thoughts before buying them but when they came up on a TM auction for $500, i had to buy them. got some great rubber on them too.

also just got a STi pink letter badge which ill be swapping for the aerospec one on the front so keep posted for more pics

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the black forester is quite nice. did you have to modify much to have a front mount intercooler. also just wondering your front grill can they go on most foresters cheers?

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 Rameka said:

the black forester is quite nice. did you have to modify much to have a front mount intercooler. also just wondering your front grill can they go on most foresters cheers?

Nah not really, the core is 600x280 so it doesn't pop out the bottom of the bumper like some do, it just took heaps of shaving and cutting from behind to get it to fit over the intercooler. Had to shave a bit around where the spot lights were. I have seen people with front mounts who managed to put their spotlights back in but i think they were running a 600x300 IC which means the inlet and outlets on either side we lower and the pipes ran underneath the spotlights rather than right through them like mine does.

Other than that the kit went in pretty easily. It was a SF5 specific kit and although it didn't fit perfectly and was initially worried how the pipes laid out once it was all in i haven't had a problem with it.

I only presume my grill can go on any as i a got a few different styles when i brought the car from the car yard. Apparently it was imported with a few so got a different one which i can swap when i want.

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