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What is the chassis code for the brumbies?


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Guest boostin

Lol, dunno. Brumbys, Leones etc are all from the book. None of that has been on computer for years.

And I've never seen anything pre-Legacy in the workshop, bar one of the guys Leone and Vortex.

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 dubbedup said:

waht does the computer say for brumbies there boostin?

and how do you guys distinguish the difference between Cv's

What differnece :)

the axles are marked to some extent they have circular bands on them I have seen 2 bands and 3 bands but have no idea where they go or wot the difference is :)

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Guest lan_killa

ive got a fair bit of info sitting about at home on the old L series, from just general info to mods and carb swaps, engine swaps etc, from when I had the EA71 powered fridge.


Will post up some links for ya tonight

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 keltik said:

If your looking for brumby info, head over to http://www.ultimatesubaru.org/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=2 and check out their old generation forum. Its THE place to be for EA series cars.

From SPFI conversions to turbo EJ conversions - ive seen them do almost everything to a brumby/brat

Yup it is

I am there(dont post just lurk a bit)

user name DJtheGod :)

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