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    Unless it can be pointed to a specific line/s in the VIRM that excludes it then it should be a pass. I have read through the stop light and tail section a couple times now and I don’t see anything that excludes LED bulbs for tail/stop lights.
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    now you might have a chance to see the back end & see what can be done about this
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    Thank you mate. It's been a huge long road to just getting it running again, so a big thank you to yourself for all the help! Sent from my TA-1012 using Tapatalk
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    @Dairusire awesome bro and congrats on starting it last night - great job
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    Well, good news is good. The RA is running again after 2 years. Took a while to hunt down and fix the random niggly issues like the fuel leaks and small wiring issues that turned out to be nothing. Its running on full e85 which is awesome. Narrowband sensor doesn't cut the mustard though as expected haha. So wideband will go in tonight, as will the fuel pressure sensor and I'll try sort ethanol content sensor too Sent from my TA-1012 using Tapatalk
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    Yeah the Rage one has the flange clocked about 45 degrees from the stock mid-pipe. You can just whop it off and rotate, not a big job, or use the full Rage exhaust which flows well but is loud as a really loud thing. The Rage downpipe is really decent for the $$.
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    Just an update: the dash is still fine, no sign of stickiness at all - even after these scorcher sunny days without a windscreen sunshade.
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    My car went through a wof with (STEDI) LED highbeam bulbs and nothing was said, and its not like I could hide the heat sink loops
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    Correct - Or if I have time and can find my die set I'll measure mine up tonight for you
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    Welcome to the subi family just purchased 29/01/19 a 2002 Subaru WRX 20K Hatch 5 speed manual turbo
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    I wish the forum had.... A dark theme.
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    heh, THAT will make a difference....
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    Yea man couldnt have been any easier! scared the hell out of me when i saw the fuel tank under the car... Now that ive got my Walbro high flow pump in the thing drives so much better too, way more pickup than before... oh i forgot to mention that when i pulled the pump out, the filter was not attached to it. found that lying in the bottom of the tank... :-\
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    Bloody easy to get to aye? Same in wagons piss easy
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    thanks man, although i just went downstairs and dove into it, found it under all the boot trim pieces when i folded the rear seats forward. got the pump out. now gotta wait for my walbro item to get here tomorrow ;D
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    Man you guys, has it even been confirmed that it is a blown motor yet? If the water pump shits itself badly it could make a rattling noise and once the belt skips it won't start. The turbo could have shitted itself and again, possibly a no start. Running a bigend doesn't usually stop a motor from starting... or at least trying to. How much money gets wasted by people throwing parts into these things without even doing a diagnosis. Cars doesn't run quite right... throw in a maf, doesn't fix it throw in an O2 sensor, still no good, set of injectors, coils, fuel regulator... the list of wild guesses goes on. Why not get a compression check, oil pressure check, inspect the oil... then see what the diagnosis/prognosis is before spending money on a second hand motor that might be no better than the one you are pulling out.