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  1. seems to be working again, musta died and noone was home till now
  2. Was working fine christmas eve when I put a smallish order through. They're on break till 7th jan I believe so may get fixed after it
  3. thats for the downpipe one? if so that one is plugged in, what about the on that is before the up pipe?
  4. hi, been tinkering with the progect for now and i seem to have misplaces where the o2(a/f) sensor (the 4 pin plug with 3 wires used) plugs into car is a my97 v3 wrx with ej20k is it on the car loom or manifold or somewhere else?
  5. was leaning to say the cl7 EuroR comfortable on long trips IE dn to queenstown and if you aren't too heavy on the go pedal then you can get between 7-8l/100km. Then I read real estate I would then choose the XT forester just due to appearances. And appearances sells homes
  6. Cool. Looking for a cheap cdb to get cleaned up let me know when's good. I'm at work mon-fri till 430 usually
  7. may have didnt notice ya myself, got one or 2 at the mo, its rather stripped back as ripping engine out and tidying a few things,
  8. haha cool, i got a dereg gc8 with a blown big end, in reasonable condition shouldnt need too much for revin just after a few things white rhf guard, front shockie top hat, random interior pieces and some random and some goodies for the engine if i can find them cheap enough got the engine all but out last night just need an engine crane
  9. well im still lurking a bit. may be on a wee bit more. got another subi but needs a bit of work
  10. i cant see any strange
  11. sold it prolly get a new one in a couple of years
  12. Probly just see if you can pull up the carpet and see if it has the single horruble plug or 3 plug setup Sent from my GT-I9100
  13. What you mean inside boot? Sent from my GT-I9100
  14. Prob too late but grab bigges hamner you can find and a small square of wood (to not mushroom anything). Loosen hub nut so its still on a few turns. Place wood on nut and give it a couple of good belts Sent from my GT-I9100