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  1. Cool. Looking for a cheap cdb to get cleaned up let me know when's good. I'm at work mon-fri till 430 usually
  2. may have didnt notice ya myself, got one or 2 at the mo, its rather stripped back as ripping engine out and tidying a few things,
  3. haha cool, i got a dereg gc8 with a blown big end, in reasonable condition shouldnt need too much for revin just after a few things white rhf guard, front shockie top hat, random interior pieces and some random and some goodies for the engine if i can find them cheap enough got the engine all but out last night just need an engine crane
  4. well im still lurking a bit. may be on a wee bit more. got another subi but needs a bit of work
  5. i cant see any strange
  6. sold it prolly get a new one in a couple of years
  7. Probly just see if you can pull up the carpet and see if it has the single horruble plug or 3 plug setup Sent from my GT-I9100
  8. What you mean inside boot? Sent from my GT-I9100
  9. Prob too late but grab bigges hamner you can find and a small square of wood (to not mushroom anything). Loosen hub nut so its still on a few turns. Place wood on nut and give it a couple of good belts Sent from my GT-I9100
  10. Got to pass. Have a mates bday dinner to go to Sent from my GT-I9100
  11. Tried brake clean over all vac lines ans intake gaskets? Sent from my GT-I9100
  12. may not be in the subaru as the toyota got a full tank a gas and subie on fuel light
  13. Is it this week meet day? Might be able to make it. Sent from my GT-I9100
  14. Where ya gonna be just after 230? I can have a looksee Sent from my GT-I9100