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  1. Correct, for some reason USDM cars have silver panels but black buttons - bought a set of those and swapped the buttons over.
  2. Cheers, pretty happy with the outcome! I also think black makes the whole steering wheel look smaller.
  3. Finally done, took me a while. Before: After: Ended up sanding all the silver off the panels down to bare plastic, polishing and covering with many layers of semi-gloss clear. Then wet sand, polish etc
  4. Yeah pretty happy with the fitment and definitely wouldn't want to go wider/lower offset, not a huge fan of guard rolling. 45/235 tyres help with the fitment too. Kiwami, that's right
  5. Nice! Been eyeballing them too but they're just too skinny for the 5th gen 225/40/18 is very close to 215/45/17, much more comfier than 215/35 too! .... and I just picked these up Guess I am done in that department for now...
  6. Doubt it has any relevance to Subaru at all, definitely not a №xxxx out of XXXX. Use google translate on you phone to translate what it says.
  7. I might be interested depending on day/time. I know right... farking stone chips and door dents
  8. That vacant site to the right used to be a well-know dealership for performance cars, apparently in liquidation now. Some interesting reads about its director's dealings can be found online
  9. Seeing the above makes me feel saaaaaad.... bloody NZDM spec Want some Cusco underbody braces too @Kiwiflyboy looks like they do not fit either
  10. Correct! Wait until others wake up - might have some better ideas than me before you start ripping things apart Best to do when your tank is almost empty.
  11. No Idea Pretty easy to access and check.
  12. The float is getting stuck?
  13. I used free SSM + cheap ebay cable in revD BH5, I am pretty sure I was also able to read codes with BT adapter and Torque app. But freeSSM definitely worked.
  14. Discovered that JDM HKS charge pipe will not bloody fit NZDM Legacy Reason: JDM have electronic power steering, NZ/AU/EU/USDM have hydraulic power steering and consequently an extra pulley that get's in a way.
  15. Fark that's impressive...
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