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  1. Was getting similar fuel consumption numbers out of 3.0R BLE and 2.5GT BR9 - mostly city driving, no nana style.
  2. According to the plate it is a rev A (BH5A), E-tune II are rev D and above.
  3. I had a brand new set of T2 as well, they were noiseless for a month or so, then started squealing
  4. Def won't fit yours because of the headers. Nearly made the same mistake
  5. Had those triangular bits, they're a part of a Cusco bracing kit for BLE/BPE. Afaik Outbacks have slightly different set up down there, something is a bit different just don't remember what exactly, sorry
  6. It's got a few M stickers from factory already
  7. Sorry team Replaced my written-off BR9 with this. It's still a turbo, and a wagon
  8. Yep I was seriously considering him too but got sidetracked and foolishly spent my money on Kido Who cares what level of English he has - he knows what he's doing and you're still able to understand each other. Last line of defence (for a native English speaker) is to point at someone's bad English, imho.
  9. We need more @Jokers in this brutal world...
  10. Did you get the brakes sorted in the end?
  11. Post a video. Curious
  12. You can use cheap cables for diagnostics/logging, you'll need a tactrix if you want to reflash/diagnose/log. I'll probably be selling mine soon (once @willisnz is done with it), doesn't look like I need one any more.
  13. Wonder who that well known aussie tuner is... I have a bit of a hate for one, his name starts with an M.
  14. The only difference between 3.0 and GT is the engine side flange - it is rotated by about 90 degrees and bolt holes won't line up, easy fix. Other than that they're the same. Obviously talking about midsection and mufflers.