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  1. Get ISO harnesses from TM/Repco/Supercheap etc - Subaru to ISO and ISO to whatever stereo you have Unplug your factory stereo - separate plug, HAVC is on a completely separate plug so won't be affected Connect your new stereo using harnesses Connect aerial (might need an adapter - available on TM etc) You obviously won't be able to use your factory stereo anymore.
  2. Swap tophats over.
  3. My (rip) NZ new BR9 had one on B pillar, passenger side of I remember correctly. 2010 or 2011 she was.
  4. I miss the pops and crackles that 535I produced... wish the diesel could do the same Do not miss the fuel consumption though...
  5. Told you to snap them while they were on facebook... PS: that dude paid $1500 for them less than a year ago, don't ask me how I know
  6. Nope and as @boon said eventhough both are a multilink set-up they're fairly different. If you had a 5th gen Legacy then it would've been much easier.
  7. All the required information is in the following thread: Includes pre-face parts list as well as CC activation in vehicles equipped with start/stop.
  8. I'd be urgently reinforcing them swaybar mounts... super urgently...
  9. Haha you might be right.. Wouldn't mind chunkier tyres myself. 30th profile + runflat combo is a bit harsh at times (well most of times). Next tyres will definitely be non-runflats.
  10. I am pretty sure the black CR-Kais (18x8.5) that I had on my wrecked BR9 were wrapped in 245/40/18s, looked nice and meaty.
  11. Finally managed to get my 5 metre land yacht out of Auckland and sailed down to Karangahake gorge yesterday. Such an awesome cruiser and averaged only 5.5L/100km, hapi daze!
  12. My dad's using one of these on his garage queen
  13. Dying O2 sensor will be my guess, its hitting element in particular.
  14. Got the springs installed as well?
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