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  1. A few bits arrived from Japan. Blitz AC filter, had the same one put in 3.0R and was pretty happy how it performed. And no, it's not THAT much more expensive than one from Repco and certainly cheaper than a silly genuine filter from a dealership. That's what I had in the car, no idea when it was last replaced (NZ new, one owner car always serviced at a dealership mind you...) Delicious... used to be white too... Ohh... and something else arrived at the same time
  2. I had midpipe resonator replaced with a straight pipe, sounded pretty crap paired with a quality aftermarket muffler - raspy and unnecessary loud. Ended up finding a quality 3" mid pipe with a resonator, never been happier.
  3. A whole bunch of UltraRacing bits finally arrived. Took 2 days to get from Asia to Auckland, than another two days and numerous phone calls to get from DHL depot to my address. You'd expect a better service from one of the priciest couriers. EMS is just so much better.
  4. Haven't thought about it.. who's good and not overly pricey in Auckland? Reckon I have an idea what pattern I might go for. Buttons are separate units and can be taken out completely.
  5. Still have to get some bits, planning to go to the hose shop in Avondale. They should have all the needed bits. Not sure what size hose is needed, planning to just bring the sensor thingy with me and let them do the rest
  6. I reckon paint will look better and more "natural". Semi-gloss black and a few layers of semi-gloss clear.
  7. Had ZS mid section and single muffler system in my possession, never put it on. And big fat no to Genomes, owned a few sets but would never put them on. For a number of reasons.
  8. Yeah that's the plan, contemplating on whether to paint or wrap, any suggestions? Haven't tried yet but looks like the buttons can easily be removed leaving bare shells. Black bits would've been nice and easy, have all the part numbers needed for a conversation. The cost hough...
  9. A few more... Ganador HKS x2 Liberal Kakimoto FGK Wangan Blitz for a day That's just the mufflers
  10. Got myself another little project to work on. Black-out theme continues
  11. WROOOONG! BLE was the blue one (if you name all the mufflers/exhausts it had I'd have to come up with some sort of a prize ) BR9 is the new one
  12. That's the way it goes, not much clearance at all.
  13. I wouldn't say sunroof helps THAT much and I still end up using AC instead especially in heavy traffic, great on an open road if you do not mind some extra noise. You also get fried by the sun if it's fully open though having a roof box helps to eliminate that Another thing, always have that feeling that I forgot to shut it and rush downstairs when it starts raining, a bit of a paranoia
  14. Ordered some suspension bits. Hope I do not get scammed The bits are genuine and not knock-offs
  15. Mine doesn't have a temp gauge, useless consumption gauge instead