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  1. This trooper... rocking no mufflers at all. Sounds like absolute farting crap.
  2. Haven't had a chance to have any measured runs, factory number is 5.5s. From what I've read GPS based meter apps are fairly inaccurate, not surprisingly. Will still give me an idea and a benchmark to compare to especially if I finally decide to do a remap. Just trying to convince myself and justify a price tag of $1k+...
  3. Looks way to complicated for my basic needs 🙄
  4. Soo... my diesel tractor has a factory launch control. Much fun indeed. Now, curious to see what it does 0-100 with/without the LC - what is the best free logging app? Android of course. This is what it looks like, not my vid:
  5. Instruction manuals actually have a list of all the bulb types you might need. That is where my info came from.
  6. I had some exhaust work done by Highbrook (BLE) and Subirex (535i). Ajay did a very good job on the bimmah and if I was to do an exhaust job again I'd go to him. Highbrook was ok by pricey. All gone sorry.
  7. I used D2S in both BL5 and BR9, doubt yours will be different. Osram Xenarc from ebay, were around $100/pair back then.
  8. Not as bad as some BMW options I am eye-balling PS: doing cruise control mod as well (or did it already)?
  9. Saw it on FB... back in the days I'd have most likely snapped it too
  10. Automated toll road payment thingy, my bet is on it Rip it out!
  11. Glad I am not alone...
  12. Fark me... I take stuff like that very personally as someone who's been in two fairly serious crashes less than a year apart. Glad you/others are all good though, that's the most important part.
  13. Hardly ever anyone bother to maintain their listings plus majority of trades/negotiations are done privately anyway.
  14. Haha negative sorry as mine was a basic Kenwood. A friend of mine swapped their for a Polk DB840 (8" and 4Ohm McIntosh specs). No Idea how to remove the rear deck but I am sure there's a how-to video/write-up somewhere. I have a suspicion that it is just held by some plastic clips. Pics from the install:
  15. Pretty sure someone else had a similar issue just recently.