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  1. And then some muppets tell me they'd rather get a brand new Subtech for the price of my (now sold) HKS pipe
  2. Which is a container and is a few months wait. I had an unpleasant experience with 41 Automotive which are/were a CS sponsor. Nor they ended up being much cheaper than going through buyee of the likes anyway. Priced up a few things through MLR too (including a Bilstein B12 kit). Was still cheaper and certainly much quicker to import myself directly.
  3. I'm pretty sure you can still do sea freight if you're prepared to wait for a couple of months and find a retailer willing to assist. From what I remember B8 are designed to be used with lowering springs and B6 for stock. Also keep in mind that that different revisions of BL/BP were equipped with different revisions of Bilsteins hence you'll see different part numbers. Earlier revisions were the stiffest ones.
  4. Get some Bilstein B6/B8 and you'll be all good. Check local prices but most likely you'll be far better off importing from the EU (based on my experience anyway).
  5. Yeah, +1 for a SWC thingy. Had one in mine and was only around $60 shipped from Amazon.
  6. Surely partsouq or amayama or oposedforces will have them shown somewhere.
  7. Thought fixed-backs would fall under this category
  8. Safebrake? Mine were from them - good quality/fitment /price, no complaints at all.
  9. Recaro. Try locating some GRB Recaros, make sure you test-sit in them first as they seem to be designed for an average size Japanese person i.e pretty tight
  10. Give it a go and report back. The easiest way to find out
  11. You get away with the same rated springs in adjustables because you can control the height, do not see the same happening with the fixed perch struts.
  12. Those are adjustable suspension springs aren't they? A bit different the way I see it. If you look a part list for STI pinks they have a whole bunch of different part numbers: sedan/wagon, 3.0/GT, 5AT/6MT etc.
  13. They will. Hard to say what it's gonna look like as spring ratings will be different between the two. Might end up with a saggy bottom or the opposite.
  14. Had the same with my BR9, a full set of coils from Partsouq fixed the issue. Weren't particularly cheap though..