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  1. Are you referring to Subaru or BMW? I doubt it'll be possible even on relatively fresh Subarus. PS: if I was you I'd be checking genuine accessory catalogues for XV, japanese ones in particular. Then checking japanese marketplaces for a suitable kit.
  2. Bimmer is so much easier in this respect - the option is already there, you just need to code it. JDM versions have decoded DRLs but Euro and US have them coded and all you need to do is just to change a few parameters to activate the DRLs, can even pick how bright you want them or whether you want to have the rear lights on too. Can also choose what lights you want to act as DRL: low beams, spots, squid rings or a combination. Pretty cool and no we're not talking the latest models, I've successfully coded a 2007 E93.
  3. I wouldn't bother. Those factory integrated racks are nowhere near as universal as Prorack/Thule/Rhino - no T-slots, skinnier, fixed position. Your options for accessories like kayak/ski/board carriers will be limited.
  4. ... or STI Recaro
  5. Yeah that's what I was talking about, just never really used it like that
  6. Yeah hill assists need a bit of a rollback. Do you engage the park brake manually or it just happens automatically? Same principle anyway it seems. I personally didn't like a bit of a lag associated with the hill assist.
  7. That's hill assist. A was more referring to disengaging the actual "hand"brake on initial take off.
  8. @1randomkiwi just checking if you know this. You do not have to manually disengage your e-parking brake on take-off. All you need to do is to fasten your seat belt (important), switch to D and gently tap on the fun pedal ---> e-brake will disengage automatically. Bimmer didn't have this feature but then I found out that it can be coded in
  9. Push starts do not have it. My '06 BL had it. Also has to be JDM.
  10. Partsouq has parts catalogues, enter your chassis number and then browse through sections ---> diagrams and find part numbers of what you need. OR
  11. See if you need any other genuine bits and pieces to offset shipping costs - plastic clips, missing trim bits, even genuine air/oil filters.
  12. I wouldn't call an Outback a wagon version of a Legacy.
  13. I demand a wagon version.
  14. Google is your best friend. To be a bit more specific that harness (and the wire you need) actually runs under LHS sill plates and then goes up and behind the dash. PS: looks like it is a brown/yellow wire.