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  1. That's pretty much what the whole driver's side looks like, far worse than I expected - got access to the car today and it's a very sad thing to look at
  2. Ponsonby end of Grey Lynn, Murdoch Rd and something else.
  3. Nope Thinking about it.. I now wonder if the turbo is poked because of its location in 5th gens?
  4. The wheels are probably farked from going over the curb... 18x8.5 Kiwamis
  5. Thought about it too, but towies fees get covered by the insurance anyway, as well as salvage fees.
  6. Alright finally home with a couple of broken bones in the nose, due for an op some time in the next couple of weeks. On a side note. Would anyone know if I can remove the car from towies storage yard and get it to my place without upsetting the insurance company too much? Personally I do not see why not, it is my car after all? Or yeah, a young Chinese national has not admitted his fault and thinks he was in the right to go over a stop line, such a nice dude!
  7. Didn't have a chance to take any on the spot as I was running like a headless chicken first and then put in an ambulance. Freaked out massively when the door got completely blocked by a road sign and the car was full of smoke. It is now at a towies compound which ironically is pretty much across the road from my place...
  8. Yeah I'm all good apart from a broken nose and a massive headache, still at the hospital. Airbags only deployed when I hit the wall, initial impact was at the front quarter and wasn't enough to deploy the sides.
  9. Got a free ride in an ambulance and a stay at the hospital The car is most likely a write-off T-boned by someone going through a stop line, mounted a foot path, mowed a section of a retaining wall Nice day otherwise
  10. Man that was back in march Got everything I wanted from the hose shop. Yet to install the gauge though
  11. Had a similar knock, only occured at low speeds (or at least was noticeable then) while going over cracks or small bumps. Turned out one of the swaybar links had a fair bit of play (Cusco ffs), luckily 2as under warranty and got my 💰 back.. Check the links are nice and tight, check there's no play at sway bar bush mounts.
  12. bh5

    Clearly his is a rev.D or above. Pre-face/facelift lips are not really interchangeable, front/rear bumpers are different.
  13. Look very much the same as Prodrives in British Gold I used to have.
  14. Agree re cleaning, guess it's time to invest in some chemicals 😏