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  1. Gotta love that station, always one of the cheapest.
  2. That's low! I was getting 13.5L/100km.
  3. I'll pass this year... unless you want a german in there
  4. 😂 I also searched "RS4", reckon I should avoid that too? Seeing constantly rising petrol prices plus incoming AC petrol taxes I should really be looking at something electric... 😏
  5. Yeah and the owner seems a bit difficult to deal with... Would've been good to know its rego and see what specs it actually got. I think I am all good, thanks Have to admit I searched "Levorg" on TM
  6. tnhsales is a forum member too by the way, he picked up his FSTI from subirex
  7. It is indeed 195kW and 378N.m Wiki has never been a reliable source of information. Proof:
  8. Yeah been to the tow yard today and everyone reckons she's a toast Have you seen any for sale with an oyster interior and a compulsory moon roof? 😏
  9. Plus frontal... Thankfully it was just me in the car, all good apart from some decent muscle pain in the neck.
  10. I feel like it might be another one... Fark No pics for now sorry. A young restricted driver in a 300Z lost control on Esmonde Rd northbound on-ramp and ended up going perpendicular to the traffic flow on the motorway. I was the unlucky one who T-boned her. Then I believe a third car was involved that hit me (LHS front quarter) and sent me spinning into a shoulder barrier (RHS rear quarter).
  11. I have VF45 if interested
  12. You're right indeed. Came off rather quickly though.
  13. Could be yours?