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  1. Adaptive LED headlights and ability to parallel park itself. Handy for those tight city spots.
  2. What would you need a remote start for? In NZ at least.
  3. All your questions had already been answered in the original thread - take a moment and read through it. Keyless won't be a straight plug and play and you will have to run some wires.
  4. I'd back up Loren and say that some tired bushings or something loose will cause the knock. My BR9 came with warped stock discs and was shaking madly when braking from around 110/115 down to a hundred. Passenger seat (when vacant) would be jumping all over the place, rather embarrassing
  5. Lol might be keen to have my diesel tractor dynoed, out of curiosity. ..if you don't mind a german there
  6. It's not. Facelift grilles are similar in height to pre-face spec.B and are all the same size across the whole range. Pre-face come in a bunch of different sizes.
  7. Similar to the late 4th gens - won't be a straight retrofit and you will need to run a few wires for the ECU. Definitely been done, google is your friend.
  8. Get ISO harnesses from TM/Repco/Supercheap etc - Subaru to ISO and ISO to whatever stereo you have Unplug your factory stereo - separate plug, HAVC is on a completely separate plug so won't be affected Connect your new stereo using harnesses Connect aerial (might need an adapter - available on TM etc) You obviously won't be able to use your factory stereo anymore.
  9. Swap tophats over.
  10. My (rip) NZ new BR9 had one on B pillar, passenger side of I remember correctly. 2010 or 2011 she was.
  11. I miss the pops and crackles that 535I produced... wish the diesel could do the same Do not miss the fuel consumption though...
  12. Told you to snap them while they were on facebook... PS: that dude paid $1500 for them less than a year ago, don't ask me how I know
  13. Nope and as @boon said eventhough both are a multilink set-up they're fairly different. If you had a 5th gen Legacy then it would've been much easier.
  14. All the required information is in the following thread: Includes pre-face parts list as well as CC activation in vehicles equipped with start/stop.