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  1. Front Straight bolt-on, any version Rear Calipers ver 7-10 "Dog bone" adapters DBA rotors/thickened pads/drum inserts I have a set of calipers that needs a Respray, all yours for seven fiddy.
  2. Cusco are good, so are Beatrush or any other rigid braces really. Sorry on my phone and don't have the part numbers handy but should be easily googlable. There should be a pdf Cusco catalogue available online.
  3. I would not recommend the one with the built-in stopper. It's got so much flex/leverage that I doubt it actually does much as a booster brace. From my personal observations anyway. I'd rather go two separate components. Massive +1 for the rear bottom underbody brace with integrated swaybars supports.
  4. Lol it's a diesel
  5. Fixed now, something weird happened
  6. Do not know if euros are welcome
  7. Stock M-Sport is the same as below - round, leather and a black insert as opposed to CF. Was a bit of a surprise to find out that the airbag is only held by a retainer spring, not bolts. Basically just clips into place.
  8. Scored myself this puppy 😎 Brand spanking new at a sweet as price ☺️
  9. Seen that one in person, stationary and in action. Sounds hideous, to my liking anyway. Way too loud and raspy.
  10. Not sure if I am reading your post correctly but the one in that thread has washers?.. Also I am 99% positive that the car in question is also a Spec.B. ...and a standard grille as opposed to JDM honeycomb.
  11. And further to the above, DOM of your car is 01.02.2007
  12. What you have is a NZ new GT. Hence 2.5L as opposed to 2.0L JDM. All NZ/AUDM models with HID headlights were equipped with the headlight washers, due to euro specs/requirements I believe. Were mostly upspec'd hence the sunroof, I'd hazard a guess and say that it also has a McIntosh system and black leather but non-foldable mirrors and non-alloy control arms. You'd struggle to find a typical JDM chassis number on this... B4 = sedan GT = wagon
  13. No difference in suspension set-up between revs A-E.