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  1. Haha you might be right.. Wouldn't mind chunkier tyres myself. 30th profile + runflat combo is a bit harsh at times (well most of times). Next tyres will definitely be non-runflats.
  2. I am pretty sure the black CR-Kais (18x8.5) that I had on my wrecked BR9 were wrapped in 245/40/18s, looked nice and meaty.
  3. Finally managed to get my 5 metre land yacht out of Auckland and sailed down to Karangahake gorge yesterday. Such an awesome cruiser and averaged only 5.5L/100km, hapi daze!
  4. My dad's using one of these on his garage queen
  5. Dying O2 sensor will be my guess, its hitting element in particular.
  6. Got the springs installed as well?
  7. I guess I just hooked up after driving a V8T, then a BiTDI... glad I decided to give bimmers another chance and tried their diesels too.
  8. Fark I am not so sure about posting pics of my cars online anymore... it's almost like they become cursed or something, kind of want this one to last a bit longer than a year
  9. So was I until I actually went to have a look at one, adjusted the front seats as myself or my partner would sit and then checked what the rear was looking like - much more leg room than 535I, maybe a touch less head room height wise. We have front facing seat and he cannot reach the front passenger seat with his legs anymore. I reckon 5 series seats are much bulkier than 6 series (coupe pedigree), hence more room. Boot is big enough to easily swallow Mountain Buggy Terrain with larger wheels attaches, leaving enough room for more stuff. The opening itself is not very wide but the boot is spacious. Managed to score a NZ new specimen with comfort seats, 4-zone climate, adaptive drive, full adaptive led headlights, head-up display, lane departure and blind spots, 360 cameras etc. As per usual, done a few coding changes, updated maps to 2018 version, installed Pivot Throttle controller. Thinking of activating Speed limit info (reads and displays road signs). Audis are all good, just not my thing... Realised that when I jumped back into the bimmer.
  10. He's only (or more like already) 2.5, there is actually much more room at the back than what 535 Touring offered, somewhat surprising really. I reckon you can super comfortably seat two medium build adults at the. 2 door version is more like 2+2. In my view she's more like a sexy speedboat, one of those classy Italian ones
  11. I guess it is time to confess... 7 series would be the closest 640D Gran Coupe (aka 4 doors) with M paket and a bunch of cool options.
  12. 70L Caravelle you mean? That would've been nice for summer adventures.
  13. What's next? Keep seeing you every now and then on Grafton Rd.
  14. I reckon you'd never guess it right team as it's a bit of a... ummm almost a midlife crisis automobile You know the story... the car has to be clean, moonphase has to be perfect and all that... Not ready to become a barge owner See above You are getting close, probably sounds about the same from the outside anyway Gotta love a full tank for under a hundred and a range of 1,000km though.