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  1. Where was that? I'll grab 70L thanks!
  2. You should join fb page - boat/maritime jokes are endless
  3. I bet there will be even more 5th gen owners even though a year or so ago everyone was hating them
  4. LOL too late I suppose..
  5. ... and it is time to have a break. appears after 2 hours of driving.
  6. If I was to do it again I'd get pearl white, same as @Kiwiflyboy's - gorgeous colour and as been already said much easier to maintain. Cruise is definitely not plug'n'play, will require some additional wiring from ECU to brake switch. Not sure about SWC but hazard a guess that you might also need to run a few wires too. Spec-wise 5th gen GT is all over the place, apart from NZ new models that are mostly so-called Premium versions - lots of airbags, sunroof, McIntosh, S-pack, leather etc. You can probably use japo catalogues but need applied model code to know for sure what spec it came out of a showroom with, but I'd say visual inspection in person/from photos will be your best bet. @Kiwiflyboy did an amazing inspection of a DIT BR9 for me (thank you once again!), with a thorough description and lots of photos and even with a video - too bad I decide to join euro clan I sold my FGK exhaust to a fellow 5th gen owner from Hamilton. His was a standard GT without push start/HID/cruise control/SWC/Bilstein - extremely basic model.
  7. If it is a push start proximity key fob then no, you cannot program it yourself. Might want to read through the following thread: If you are in Auckland @Subirex Automotive might be able help with programming.
  8. Finally people starting to realise this, do not really get how dealers still manage to sell 06-07 BPs for like $12-14k. Check suspension (struts if higher km's), LCA bushes etc. Intercooler coupler is known to cause air leak on these so might wants to check that too (relatively inexpensive). As been discussed recently I'd also check headlights' reflectors for any signs of deterioration. Do some research on what specs you're getting, have seen one GT with no HID or even push start.
  9. Was my initial thought too untill I googled what Subaru box looks like - much smaller indeed. Could be a car seat (bucket recliner)¿ That bump up the top?
  10. Definitely not - first I heard about this issues was on overseas forums (Jap imported Legacies).
  11. Known issue, have seen people opening headlights (bake in an oven) and replacing the reflectors only. Can get a pair of very nice OSRAM HID bulbs for $100 or so shipped off ebay. Local prices are a rip-off. @1randomkiwi might want to comment on this Also, I'd rather go aftermarket and get CrystalEye headlights - auto levelling HID, new reflectors, LED goodness, plug'n'play. Probably about the same price as what you paid for your manual halogens too.
  12. I did not have any issues with wiring nor I had to cut anything. Plug'n'play for the stereo pretty much (with ISO harnesses), no dimming issues. For SWC I just tapped into i85, not sure why you cut the i85 off completely. Clock sits on a different harness, factory stereo/AC controls have their own dimming wire so I am not sure why both act the same and stay dim all the time. Find pin-outs for the stereo harness and see if dimming wire on yours is at correct pin.
  13. That does not look factory at all...