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    2012: '96 250T Sedan (stacked), 96' 250T Wagon (sold)
    2013: '00 B4 RSK Rev.C (sold 2014 June)
    2014: '99 STi Type RA V5.10 (Twinscroll setup with complete v10 GDB driveline), Still own.
  1. It's more of a reference to what they use as a recipe to get x power output.
  2. End of the day, if you're not gonna do the work, take it to a tuner and have them install and choose the parts for you. That way they have no reason to backtrack and say the parts are sh!t when they chose them. Sent from my A0001 using Tapatalk
  3. In all seriousness I believe you should run FlexFuel. How you would achieve this on stock ECU I don't know, as I'm not sure if there's availability to tune it yet. With Flexfuel running e85 you'll likely hit 240+ even on a topmount in the EJ257. If I was to suggest someone to tune your car, if you had a Link / other aftermarket ECU, I would've said Glen Suckling. However for factory reflashes then PBMS is a good choice. As for Fuel Pump, an Aeromotive Stealth 340, a bellmouth DP of your choice however you'll either have to get a DP with a cat or flaunt the law a bit with a catless one the latter is much less expensive. As for MAC valve, they're essentially all the same. Can get one from say NZPerformance for relatively cheap. If you want I can help source some parts for you if you'd like as I've got some connections. As for equal length headers, I see no point unless you're swinging a twinscroll setup into it, as there's quite a few things you need to change, like Sump, Dipstick, oil pickup and headers. So lets recap. (aiming high here for everything) FlexFuel sensor: $220 HKS Catless downpipe: $695 Intake: budget for $500 ish (keep stock box, put in under intake pipe and that little annoying pipe bity between the intake pipe and the box thingy. God knows what it's actually called) ID1050X for e85 compatibility: $800 Aeromotive Stealth 340: $190 Fuel pressure Regulator: $320 any needed fittings: $200 Tune: $1200 ish? All comes up to about $4k Personally, budget for 5k and be away laughing. Do note, I'm not taking into account of fitting this stuff, because I'd do it myself in my garage.
  4. Glad to hear you're alright man. pricks who don't focus at lights.
  5. /me kicks @94 Leone to see if he's like a piggy bank and if money drops out. In all seriousness though. We know it's not your fault. It's just how to prove exactly what / who is at fault is hard but I'll make it happen.
  6. haha one hopes so. It should indeed be absolutely nightmare-ish. Timeline is entirely dependent on funds. Which I'm trying to save as much as I can for. Which would've been easier if my motor hadn't blown up in the first place....
  7. It's aiming for what I like to call 'enough' lol. Won't really be for a number game though. I dunno though. I like the way @Furze car drives. However I want it on a bit earlier with some more low down balls without loosing the higher revving 2.0 sound. As I absolutely love the sound of an EJ crossing 7-8k RPM. Sounds like an absolute demon. Oh and I'm running e85. May as well since you know... I've got the entire car plumbed up for it with flexfuel
  8. For the Squaaaaaaaaad! Sent from my A0001 using Tapatalk
  9. Cheers bud. What's your build consisting of by chance? I'm considering the Kelford 220-C's now that they've fixed their issue with bad cams. Rest of build will be Center thrust CDB 2.5 2.0 nitrated crank Elongated Argo rods to accommodate compression fix Forged Wosner 99.5mm pistons Quad AVCS heads with porting HRC35/2 Holset Flipped N/A manifold FMIC
  10. Got me some BL/BP Quad AVCS heads for the Type RA since mine are probably poked. Might be able to fix the V5 STi RA heads but decided quad AVCS will be nicer Plan is to do some mild backyard porting and drop in Valve springs with some slightly more aggressive cams to suit a 2.35 Closed deck bottom end and Holset. Things are happening again.
  11. Definitely but that is common business practices Sent from my A0001 using Tapatalk
  12. eh, it's legal and nothing wrong with what he's saying. If the cars under his mothers name and he's a registered driver, there's no issue. Didn't need to mention that there's lots of $$ with said company but oh well
  13. Duuuuude, those are some seriously swish wheels. I like it a lot.
  14. The Moral of the story here is sometimes they'll move and sometimes they wont. On my old hubs (before 114.3), we had to take my hub off with axel, onto a press and used 8+ ton of pressure before the bastard popped.