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    2013: '00 B4 RSK Rev.C (sold 2014 June)
    2014: '99 STi Type RA V5.10 (Twinscroll setup with complete v10 GDB driveline), Still own.
  1. lel. Emphasis on 'thing' at this stage. Tried to get the clutch on the motor this weekend but turns out I was given a 5 speed one. Not 6 speed. put it in the hole anyway because I need to do the fuel lines so.
  2. I can make you the ClubSub Auckland Meet 'Official' Photographer if you'd like. You'd get a shiney title that no-one else has, and that's about it. But imagine the exposure bro! /s But if you'd like I will give you a title for the giggles lol -------------------------------------------------------------- I now Dub thy unpaid photographer for CS AKL Meets
  3. Went to go put the motor in the hole. Mantic clutch Box says 6 speed clutch. Awesome. Open the box, looks great! Awesome! Put to the flywheel. Bit smaller than I expected. Less awesome. Counted the bolts and compared to the old 6 speed clutch I have.... it's a 5 speed.... Not f*cking awesome. Sent from my TA-1012 using Tapatalk
  4. Got some more work in on the motor, Nothing significant but got the new Twinscroll sump on motor so now to just put on the new engine mounts and exhaust manifold, then onto the engine crane, bolt on the flywheel and clutch and in the hole!
  5. Weather has been great. So, as such, I can do some parts cleaning and in general tidying. The flywheel was the primary thing stopping me from getting the motor in the hole. Rusty as hell. So, down to bunnings wire wheel bought. Cleaned the thing and am happy with how it turned out. Also turns out that -8 pfte braided fuel lines are waaaaay easier to do than -6. Got what I can do without needing the motor in the car to get the right measurements. And for my last party trick. I got my hands on a brand new in package v10 sti twinscroll sump. Delicious. Something about getting new parts innit. Sent from my TA-1012 using Tapatalk
  6. Get a load of this. You know a courier company is sh!t when a parcel that was sent Monday from Dubai arrives before an 'overnight' parcel sent (last) Friday in Christchurch.... Thanks Fastway... Also, no it hasn't arrived yet. Relation is that it's car parts I need to get my RA running this weekend. Sent from my TA-1012 using Tapatalk
  7. Put WRX motor in with turbo system Do fuel system put in Front mount Abuse @Pappu1 until he tunes the RA for favour Not blow up another motor before a motorsports event again.
  8. You're right. They don't fit. Phase two injectors require an adapter of sorts to fit into phase 1 rails. I don't know what that adapter is or where you could acquire it. Truth be told, you're better off looking for a phase 1 bolt adapter to phase two and trying to get an entire factory fuel rail setup from a V8+ STi.
  9. Eh. I'd still get an EFR over this.
  10. is the results you got a bit lack luster or something?
  11. So in short, obviously try to avoid doing any damage of course, but it'll be fine how it is.
  12. Good on yah for tearing it apart. Mind giving us some photos of whats happened?
  13. I said fk it and bought a running WRX motor off my friend with new cambelt, tensioners and waterpump for $500. I'm going to slap it into the RA, shove as much e85 down its throat as I can and give it full send. I'm tired of not having a running RA. Sent from my TA-1012 using Tapatalk
  14. Short and tall, is yes you can do that.
  15. I thought SAS wasn't in attendance this year? This is fantastic news.