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  1. Yea will start a build thread soon
  2. Hi @evowrx, can't seem to pm you. I have a 2004 Legacy GT BP5 I have spoken to Steve Murch as well, and he recommended the same turbo. I am building a 2.1 closed deck stroker. Looking at 300+kw. Can you tell me when you hit full boost on your ej20?
  3. The problem with aftermarket headers is the material used is most of them are made from 304 steel, which when heat wrapped, as you will have to, will overheat and develop cracks/leak. A step-up from this would be the 321 steel, which is bit more tolerant.
  4. Hi @boon, is the rotated setup twin scroll?
  5. Hi there, I have a slipping clutch on my 2004 subaru legacy gt. The only mods I have are a dumppipe (subtech) and a FGK exhaust from the dumppipe onwards. This was done few weeks ago. I haven't gotten a tune for it, will do soon. I am pretty sure I had a stock clutch all this time, and the car has done about 152,000kms. I posted on but haven't had any luck with them due to the car being JDM instead of their USDM. What clutch do you guys recommend? I am after something which will last long but also hold the power down for a stage 2? I am looking at getting a cold air intake as well and tune it for the air flow and the full exhaust.
  6. Thank you guys, subirex sorted it out. Car drives mint, no more idle issues. It were the injectors, the fuel injection pulse was dropping. But since the change, car drives like new. Highly recommend subirex, he really does know his stuff.
  7. Thanks a lot guys, I have pmed subirex. I found the ILFR6B NGK Laser Iridium Spark Plug on trademe but for like $35 each. Will check with BNT
  8. haha yeap, pretty crazy. Who do you guys suggest to get servicing done in the future?
  9. Can you give me the part no for the spark plugs please? [quote name='GorGasmSpecB said: Sounds wrong.I will start to sound like a broken record but check the VVT solenoids for any blockages. I had Brodie from manukau subaroo do a test on the injectors few years ago and one of them was running rich under 2000rpm and then I had sub lab do the test recently when I got my car serviced and they said they all worn now I will have a look at the solenoids and see if it has any blockages. Also I just called subtech, and they will have a look at the injectors and flush them and see if that works, else they have second hand ones which they can replace with for like half the price sublab quoted. Also thinking of getting their downpipe? good idea?
  10. Hi Guys, New to the forums. I own a 2004 JDM Subaru Legacy GT. Engine#: EJ20YDTBJE. It's great, except for the maintenance costs I need to replace all the fuel injectors as it doesn't idle smoothly. The guys at sublab did a test and basically all of them are worn. They advised to replace all injectors and spark plugs as well. They quoted me 1100+gst for the injectors alone and 375+gst for spark plugs. I have the part no for the fuel injector which is: 16600AAZZ0. What do you guys suggest? I been googling to find out if I can get the injectors myself online. But don't know the details of it. All I know is that they are blue injectors. And from searching on this forum, it seems they are 550cc injectors? Does anyone know where I can source some? or any aftermarket injectors that would fit? I had a look at the injectors here They are 740cc injectors but for the EJ25 engine, will these work? Can I just do a direct replacement? or do I have to get it tuned? and whats involved in tuning? Also regarding spark plugs, which do you guys suggest? Car has no mods, stock standard. cheers..