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  1. Do you have Coil pack on plug or a coil pack on the manifold?
  2. How much photoshopping is allowed? Im just wondering things like minor touchups to paintwork? or does the car have to be as is at time of photo? Looks like I have to get the RS RA out now and find some good spots for photos.
  3. Its interesting to read the US forums, as they have had to have had a bit of an issue with the new engines (well according to some people) and many are saying they don't trust the longevity of the engines and may with to other brands. Not sure why you would want to swap a AWD to FWD but it does look like a good car and will have a real fan base over in the states (more so than Subaru). Personally I'll stick with Subaru
  4. But it was tested on the Ring!
  5. Always interesting to read features like the Dual axis suspension set up to deal with torque steer. Would be interesting to see how well it deals with 300hp through the front wheels. I remember seeing a Jeremy Clarkson review of the Focus RS and while it was good it still had bad torques steer, the computers and suspension set up still couldn't handle the power
  6. Remember its running a restricter on the turbo. Would be good to see what it would do unrestricted
  7. Good to hear you are ok apart form the nose an headache, the body aches will come soon enough. Sorry to hear about the car as @Andy_Mac said it was one of only 5th gen that I liked the look of. Hope the recovery is quick. Do you think you'll be able to get soem pics of the damage for us? would be good to see what happens when hit in the side.
  8. Found this: http://www.rs25.com/forums/f9/t97335-gold-wheels-color-codes-compilation.html Which has some colour codes for rims, not as early as I was looking for but a good start. Brembo calipers STI: 2001 Honda Civic Coupe gold INCA: CHY61PJDM STi v7 Wheels: W083G or volvo 451 (near of original) color yellow gold metBBS gold STi 2004-2006: GK1 or Dupont F9657RS 98 Gold wheels: 2C2BOZ Rally Gold wheels: 57E81203 (lighter) or 7E81202 (darker)
  9. Thanks Percy Not in a hurry at the moment but would be good to know. Im now thinking buying spare set of rims to paint, that way I can have both silver or gold depending on my mood
  10. Just make sure it's from the source and not a someone told someone it was OK type of situation. You need to start a garage thread 😊
  11. I think it was mentioned to point out that they probably get slightly different treatment/deals to the guy with just his car policy. @Conducks just remember that you may not be covered at the drag races even if they are on the street. May not be covered at the track as well, best to check the policy
  12. Being with the same insurance company will help, but as said above just be careful with it under your mums name and being a nominated driver as if they (or more importantly their underwriter) find out that you are the main driver there may be issues. Sometimes having a lot of money tied up with one company doesn't always mean it will go your way in a claim. as I said sometimes the underwriters can have a say in claims and they have their own rules to go by. Also it depends on how the policy is worded with nominated drivers, I remember having to put the wife down for a nominated driver and had to say what percentage of time she drove.
  13. Wow thats quite a difference! I can see why you stay that height.
  14. I was thinking they look similar in colour - Will look up british gold and see.
  15. Thanks Have just had a look at some of the colours and it looks like they have used the metallic gold on some Brembos, so could be a really good start.