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  1. Thats my other thought, though not sure the wife would been too happy.
  2. My ideas change week to week on lift or drop. Still thinking of doing both, nit at the same time, but have a set of lifted suspension and wheels and a set for lowered. Not sure how practical it would be to raise and drop it on a semi regular basis
  3. Can you guys stop posting pics of your cars!!!!! I keep thinking I won't lower mine and then see pics of yours and start dreaming about it again! Need money to do stuff though, so still dreaming
  4. Thanks Just check and said its in recall awaiting parts.
  5. Are they NZ new or imports? I went to this but my VIN is only 9 numbers and they need 17. I did add extra 0's in the middle to see if that would bring it up and all it said was that VIN number was not associated with any recall.
  6. This is what I got when I plugged my details in the Japanese website. By the look of it it seems it may not have been done. Still hard to tell as it says implementation done, bu then in red it has the unexecuted cars caution. Oh well, I will just wait for my second letter I would think you should, mine was one the NZ list last year, then disappeared of that list this year
  7. Yeah. Did that the other day. It showed it was part of the recall but I couldn't tell/figure out if it had been done.
  8. I have no idea on that. From the way the letter reads it sounds like Subaru Japan check their records to see if it's been fixed then let Subaru NZ know then the send another letter letting me know if it's ok or not.
  9. I got my Notification of investigation of Recall for my Outback last night. So good news that I would be covered if theres an issue. Now just have to wait for the investigation to find out if my faulty airbag has been replaced in Japan. Hopefully it has already been done.
  10. I got it when I got my tyres through Tonys tyres. If I recall it was about $15-20 per tyre a few years ago. Paid its self off withing the first few months, used it twice in total for that car, definitely needed in Christchurch at the time
  11. Anyone know what happens if you fail your warrant because of the airbag issue and it's an import? I'm assuming you would have to cough up and get it done then try get Subaru to cover it. I'm going to send another email to Subaru to find 1. Is my car in the recall or not 2. Will they pay if it fails?
  12. My import BP9 outback was on the list last year, now its not on there?
  13. Mine is still holding up with no issues even after a hot summer with it being left in the sun all day. But for a long time it did have a coating of dust and dog hair that may have helped protect it. Cleaned it the other day and its still looking good
  14. I would say either going overseas or stolen to order.
  15. One thing I notice on the American forums for stock location big power turbos is they seem to using the FP black series turbos. I don't know much about these, but is it that they run these turbos instead of Blouch/Garrets that allows them stock location and big power? Are they designed to fit stock location and still produce big power? Also not having the brake booster could allow for a bigger turbo by having more room around it to reposition enough to fit? Any reason we don't see the FP series turbos here? is it just cost? They seem to be the main flavour of turbo for big power in the US