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  1. Im guessing there will be a lot of sausage there
  2. There was mention of it in the Mega Meat topic, but seeing as thats quite soon and I won't be able to make it I thought it best to try and get them to Flat Nats
  3. Sweet, thanks guys. And remember to share with your friends
  4. I have just created an online petition to try and get Marty and Moog from MCM to come over for Flat Nats 17. Please sign if you want them there and pass on to anyone thats a fan and would like to see/meet them. http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/get-mcm-to-flat-nats-17 Lets show them how awesome Clubsub is and get signing
  5. Looks a lot like the damage the wife did to her workmates B4 (and her Mazda on an earlier occasion). Bonnet wasn't as damage, but the rest looks very similar. He needed a new bonnet and bumper. I think between the damage to his car and his mums car was about 4k all up. As long as the chassis is ok I would think it would be a reasonably easy and not overly expensive repair
  6. Many times in the summer I would go out to the car in the morning and discover that it had rained over night and I had left the sunroof open
  7. It should be covered by the consumers guarantee act. Can't remember exact details but if they have damaged it then they are liable for repairs. Don't quote me on that but Google it and have a read. It's good to go through anyway just to know your rights when these things happen. Any business should have at least a limited liability insurance
  8. I agree, my inner bogan likes the idea of it. Not quite my taste though.
  9. Ive had the mobile friendly forum on my phone before, I just chose to use the desktop version as I like it better (more used to it) same as with Trademe
  10. Car : 2005 BP9 outback (2.5l) Tuned (or stock?), any fuel system mods? : Totally stock Fuel : BP95 Fuel economy : about 9l/100kms mix of city driving and some 80/100k roads Car : 1991 Legacy Rs RA Tuned (or stock?), any fuel system mods? : TD05 turbo, V1/2 WRX ecu, not sure on fuel system Fuel : BP98 Fuel economy : Average about 13- 15km/100km can be a lot less depending on how I feel like driving that day and whose in the car.
  11. Have a read through this, it should answer your questions, if not ask questions, people will be happy to help out.
  12. Not even. The "i" means intercooled. I thought everyone knew that😕
  13. Looks like they have brought all the low k SVX's left in Japan! Check out their other listings. Most of the others are higher ks (30 - 40k) but much cheaper. If I was a serious collector I would look at this due to low k's. But otherwise if I was wanting one to drive I would go for the others as much much cheaper
  14. Good excuset o go on a spending spree!!!