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  1. SpeedySub

    V7 sti TPS

    I did a quick google of those codes (i'm very bored) It shows that the 240 is for 6 cylinder as the throttle cable (pre facelift) is opposite to the 4s The 210 is for the correct side Link below for 240: hhttps://www.subarupartsforyou.com/oem-parts/subaru-sensor-throttle-22633aa240 Link below for 210: https://www.subarupartsdeal.com/parts/subaru-sensor-assembly-throttle~22633aa210.html
  2. Heres one with the headlight washer: Note the little silver rectangle at the bottom of the light by the grill, thats the washer. with headlights on hold down the window washer button and it should turn it on. https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/subaru/auction-2298423609.htm?rsqid=440fb7139dfc41b29c6c144035aaf797-002
  3. Thats what she said 🤣🤣🤣
  4. I have been running my 3.0 Outback for the last week. I try to usually run 98, but most times its a blend of 98 and 95 depending where I am when I need to refuel. This week I have driven just over 500kms mostly around town and at a couple of times on a short trip down the motorway and a few 80km roads. With the NPD 100+ the car is running about .5km/l better fuel consumption, could be better if more highway/motorway driving was done. The engine definitely runs smoother and has picked up some pep at lower revs, also it runs about 1 notch cooler on the temp gauge.
  5. Just about to do the wifes car too, getting it ready to hand over to our son when he gets his license later this year. Unfortunately its been sitting out in the open untouched for the last few months so will need a really good detailing. @tweedo good time for a bump
  6. Mine sacred the bejeebus out of me while trying to reverse and avoid children!!!
  7. Sorry about the quality Before and after on a 3.0 BPE Outback
  8. If I remember rightly (it was over 6 months ago now) my 05 Outback could still change gears manually (sort of) while still in drive. I know my facelift OB you can use the flappy paddle in normal drive mode.
  9. A bit late, but on Tuesday/Wednesday had my car in to Crowesport for its free service and install the replacement dash. Runs so much smoother and the dash looks sooo good. Can't fault their removal and installation, looks just like factory, no gaps or rattles.
  10. Not anymore by the looks of it 😥 Dont some manifolds have a flexi section in the middle?
  11. in...struct.....ion........man...ual? Never heard of them before 🤣🤣
  12. Brought a D2S in the end. Had a good chat with the guy at Supercheap Linwood, and between the info from @ADIKT we worked out its just a normal D2S bulb. So the basics are: D2S - D2 bulb with shield - location cut outs one side D2R - D2 bulb with reflector on side - location cut outs other side D2C - D2 bulb with out reflector that will fit both headlight fittings (What I had)
  13. Awesome advice guy. Looks like the bulb in mine is the D2C, so it fits both. Didn't think about the ballast, will do that when it stops raining
  14. Hey guys Need to replace the Xenon bulb in the outback. Its a Xenon D2 bulb, the issue is the only replacements I can find available are the D2S and D2R. Ive seen D2S being sold as a replacement, but when I checked at Supercheap the bulb holder bit at the end looked a little different. So can anyone advise if I can use the D2S or if not where to get the right bulb.