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  1. Not anymore by the looks of it 😥 Dont some manifolds have a flexi section in the middle?
  2. in...struct.....ion........man...ual? Never heard of them before 🤣🤣
  3. Brought a D2S in the end. Had a good chat with the guy at Supercheap Linwood, and between the info from @ADIKT we worked out its just a normal D2S bulb. So the basics are: D2S - D2 bulb with shield - location cut outs one side D2R - D2 bulb with reflector on side - location cut outs other side D2C - D2 bulb with out reflector that will fit both headlight fittings (What I had)
  4. Awesome advice guy. Looks like the bulb in mine is the D2C, so it fits both. Didn't think about the ballast, will do that when it stops raining
  5. Hey guys Need to replace the Xenon bulb in the outback. Its a Xenon D2 bulb, the issue is the only replacements I can find available are the D2S and D2R. Ive seen D2S being sold as a replacement, but when I checked at Supercheap the bulb holder bit at the end looked a little different. So can anyone advise if I can use the D2S or if not where to get the right bulb.
  6. when it starts talking follow these steps: 1: Take preferred foot 2: Raise foot to dash height 3: Kick the s#*t out of the dash till it stops. 4: Repeat as often as needed until it stops permanently 🤣🤣🤣 But seriously Some readers are fitted by drivers right knee where the coin box is, subaru do a replacement pocket for the coin box
  7. What about something where if you don't get a reply from a listing you can get a mod to contact them, and if no answer in a set time then it gets archived along with any sold listings. If you are really wanting to sell it here then you will keep an eye on it or bump it from time to time to keep interest in it. Also add in note to the rules about this, then if its archived or deleted then you can refer them back to the terms and conditions.
  8. maybe not archive but some all with sold could be removed. And I agree there are some parts that do take a long time to sell. its the ones where you ask if somethings still for sale and you get no reply or its a link to a dead TM sale
  9. I wish the forum had a time limit or archive section in the for sale sections. Ive just been browsing and it can get a bit annoying looking in there and not knowing if the cart/part has sold until you look at the ad, even then it may not say, or even been answered regarding this. just my 2 cents worth
  10. On the weekend I got bored and bashed out the centre y collector cat. My handy drill and round file with a wonky end and a small diameter pipe and it was all done in no time. Sounds a bit better, maybe a little be more responsive low down. No real reason to do do this.
  11. Looks like at this point I don't have the time or spare money to pull this. So if in Christchurch at this point there is a 3.0 BLE 6 speed manual, that when I saw it was pretty complete at Pickapart