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  1. Did it have the Si drive? And could you retain it? That sounds like some good magic going on there
  2. That would make it a lot more fun!!! Would love a manual in the BPE Outback 😁
  3. Closest I could find without getting some made was this
  4. What no personal delivery for me, colour me disappointed!!! 😂😂
  5. Just received this package in the mail Thanks Club Sub! Also a sneak peek at what else arrived today See more in my Outback garage thread.. link to thread to come
  6. Thanks, that's the next best thing thing! Will have a look.
  7. Mine close when you hit the button, but don't extend until you start the car, which annoying
  8. I have exactly the same set up in my Outback. I brought it with all the LEDs already installed. So much brighter and crisper light
  9. Wait till you see my helmet.......
  10. You're the 3rd person to say that today. Pity it's towards the bike and not me 😂
  11. Used the wagon to pick up this bad boy Unfortunately the play/race car fund has taken a financial hit.
  12. Give @D1Style a pm about those sort of parts. Got a good deal through him for my inner CV boot. Way less than dealer price. Also I have a spare inner one at home I could post as I don't need it. It's 95mm off the top of my head.
  13. Do you still have standard rims? No clearance issues? Also both brakes and tyres are much better then on the old one.