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  1. Haha, yeah the WRX might be a bit low for those puddles, also there could be huge pot holes hidden under there. Next time you want to go puddle driving let me know (there used to be a small section of road that always flooded in South Brighton years ago, we nick named it puddle lane)
  2. Took the outback driving through some nice puddles yesterday on the way home from work. Had one that splashed right up and hit the roof! Was lots of fun. (all done safely, no children or animals were hurt during filming) The road next to the river floods when its really high tide in some spots due to the earthquakes. Had the strangest experience yesterday as well, driving down New Brighton road and looking out the side window and seeing a kayakers head at the same level as mine!
  3. I think they are around $800- 1200 depending on where you take it and if they do the water pump and the tensioner at the same time. If you need any questions asked for Trademe sales before you get an account running let me know an I can ask on your behalf. Also when you get to Christchurch let us know and we do a meet and greet
  4. I posted the question about the replacement engine. They were saying it was a big end bearing went. They have the receipts of the replacement engine. Looks to be a nice looking car for the price, but you would need to do the timing belt etc in the near future (depending how many ks you put on it) Belt has done about 60,000km. @tigerstyle are you in NZ yet? which part of the country are you going to be? Also I remember you saying you were here for a year or two? if so then something like this might be good, cheap if you can get it for what its at now, and if only here for a year then wouldn't worry about timing belt and you should recoup some of you costs if you sell it when you leave.
  5. Went to put a cheeky bid in, but now well over my $2.50 limit
  6. I will give the washing powder, warm water and scourer tonight when I get home. Im not to worried about damaging any clear coat on it as I will give a respray once done anyway. My dad gave me a couple of bottles of heavy duty graffiti cleaner, so I tried a little bit on one of the rims with a steel wire brush, seemed to amke a good difference but not as clean as I was hoping
  7. Nice link to the page I think the issue with this engine was it was never able to be truly developed. Id be happy that engine
  8. Got myself 4 new tyres for the outback, and now its sitting awaiting a warrant inspection . Good thing theirs a VTNZ right across the road from work!
  9. Such a classic article!
  10. I like the rims Ive seen an Impeza in Christchurch with that hideous front grill and bumper. At least the rest didn't look like this!
  11. Im looking to try clean up the inside of my rims from the RS RA and wanted to know the best way to get rid of all the crud and brake dust thats built up over the years on the inside of the rim. I have tried brake clean and scrubbing and heavy duty degreaser and scrubbing, which removes some but still leaves more than I want. I was thinking about using a wire wheel on the inside faces to clean the up but unsure if this is wize. Any help would be good. Will post a pic up of the condition of them when I get home
  12. Mine doesn't 😂 When using it as a daily I spend about twice as much as the outback in a week. It's toonly hard to drive economically as it sounds so good. I do love the RS but the BP wagon is just more refined for daily use.
  13. Go the turbo. Im so glad I got one. My first Turbo car was at the age of 39! I so wish I had done it sooner. I would say that in traffic especially stop/start would be cheaper in the turbo by a little. Plus you get more chance to tune it later once you get used to the stock power.
  14. If you are starting the game up again you just need to post 1 pic of a location with your car. The next person will take a pic at that location then take a pic at their new location and post both up at the same time. Refer to this for some recent ones
  15. Sounds like a good plan. Thats what we did. It had been so long I decided to start fresh again.