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  1. be careful who you to to about cars.
  2. He was lucky he stopped where he did!
  3. I had a deposit on it by the end of the day of posting. Had 3 contact me in 2 days. One was from Australia! Not sure if he's on here but is going to continue restoring it 😊
  4. πŸ˜©πŸ˜’πŸ˜”πŸ˜­ have just sold the RS RA. #so sad. But it's going to a good home to finish the restoration. Now time to plan what I will do the next BC5 I get when I have the money.
  5. There is a Falcon in my area that has tinted headlights so dark you can't even see through them. I only hope that they are removable for night driving as I can't see (no pun intended) how they would provide any suitable light for driving.
  6. Ive seen a video on youtube with this, except i was 1 vice grip see below
  7. Mail order bride. But you better open it quick as I don't see any air vents!
  8. I would also try Crowesport in Chch. They have been dealing with Subarus for decades and were the original subaru dealer in Chch.
  9. It was just about the same at the Ford stealership, they wanted to charge me $125 each for the rear brake hoses!! Picked up 2 for about $60 from supercheap
  10. Research online but usully up from supercheap when on sale. For some reason don't like shopping at ripco. Not sure why. Also talking about Mark ups, Ripco wanted to charge me just over a grand for a set of Mondeo head gaskets which I could buy online for $250 plus postage
  11. Took the RS RA other to Ruapuna for a spin.... literally 😁 Found some similar looking cars
  12. We'll be resene overall twins! Im the Stigs skinny cousin - The Twig
  13. Wheres the new photo? Did you pick up set of overalls yet?
  14. @Conducks might be good to go to if you're free tomorrow
  15. Gearbox finally in. Still got lots to do before Saturday. But will be going for pack laps, popping off for an alignment then back to the track for some fun. Was seriously getting worried that I would have to take the Outback round😒
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