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  1. Not really sure, but Ive read a few posts and threads and how to's and they all mention it. Might not be relevant anymore? can't hurt either way, unless your sitting in the car on a really hot day with the doors closed and window up.
  2. What's the process you are you using? There is a step by step instructions online that mentions about having the heater on to help clear air pockets. It can take a while to get to done fully
  3. Will be keeping an eye on this at the pub while celebrating the wifes birthday
  4. Not hard, but takes time and a little patience. I found a good trick is to put a small blob of blue tack at the end of the spark plug socket if you dont have a good quality one as it helps grip the plug and saves a lot of swearing and time. Easier than a V6 Mondeo rear bank plug.
  5. I've been driving the wife's car for the past couple of weeks as we are only using one car and it's cheaper to run around town. Took the Outback to Amberly today to drop one of my boys of to his granddad's and on the way back I had a little bit of fun off roading. Unfortunately I caught the under tray by the left wheel on something without realizing it, it only became an issue about 1km from home. It now has a large hole where it dropped on to the Tyre. Then while picking my other boy up tonight I managed to get a stone caught in the LHS front brake. Luckily I was able to remove it. Still was worth it for the off road fun. Now I just need to lift it to avoid these situations.
  6. Hahaha, love the sales pitch But seriously, this would be a good set up, and easier to go bigger turbo easier, as I bet once you get used to the power you will want to go bigger, as always happens
  7. I don't know about these, but if from PBMS, I would definitely trust them, plus they are local so if you do haave an issue its easy to get hold of them. Sounds like a good turbo upgrade, but what sort of price difference is there between the PBMS TD05 and a Kinugawa one?
  8. Hey @Outback Ash. Sorry for taking so long to get back to you. I haven't done anything except tighten the belt. It's still not right but now only whines. Have been meaning to have a proper look but not on high priority at the he moment. It still works fine but will replace at some point soon. A replacement second hand one from Strong's was about $350 from memory.
  9. Thanks for the clarification. I'm pretty sure there isn't an issue, but that's only from what I've read, I'm no expert on this. Still trying to find that thread. It gives good info on the turbos and what can swap.
  10. Im a bit confused, sorry. Are you running a vf26/19 combo? I can't find it at the moment but I found a thread on another Subaru site that had a list for turbo swaps on a tt engine. But from what I can remember there's no big issues with going to a bigger secondary turbo. so a vf18/27 should work.
  11. Actually realised that my Warrant is due next month. Yay, that gives me time to install the parts and make sure I do a decent job.
  12. Just received my parts from @D1Style. Send late yesterday, received in ChCh just before lunch time! Stoked, now gotta get a warrant and fail then put my bits in. Gonna be a busy weekend. Need to do inner LHS CV boot, 2x sway bar links and 2x ball joints.
  13. Does the new intercooler come with a new shroud to direct the air flow over the intercooler?
  14. Mufflers, you could try these https://www.subaruspeed.co.nz/collections/mufflers/products/muffler-pair-legacy-03-09 Front lip for an OUtback is something I haven't head about yet, but you could go for a new front bumper (and rest of the bits too) https://www.subaruspeed.co.nz/collections/front-panels-parts/products/body-kit-corazon-legacy-06-09-wagon Says it was made for outback.
  15. Client perception can be a big thing in sales. If just going for impressing clients then I think the Golf would be the way to go. Remember impression counts a lot, and I think the other cars would not be quite suitable.