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  1. Have no idea, but might have access to a cheap one to buy and then sell on trademe. Just gotta make sure that 1. People want them 2. It's not going to sit forever waiting to sell 3. I can make some sort of profit off it.
  2. just a quick question, whats a resonable price to pay for a BLE six speed gear box? ive seen a few prices but seem be sti ones
  3. No real experience with either sized engine, but I would imagine the EZ30 would have a lot more spare parts and would be cheaper than the EG33.
  4. Ive had a pre facelift 2.5 outback and now have a facelift 3.0. Go for the later models in 3.0 is my opinion, I find its a little bit thirstier when just doing a lot of short runs, but evens out wih a few longer runs. Also if going auto the 3.0 has the 5 speed. Both are great wagons, but prefer the 3.0.
  5. One of my friends brought a 3.0 legacy to tow a horse float and horse, it was just under the limit for weight but wishes she got something with a bit more power. Personally if it's going anywhere near hills don't get it.
  6. This is my opinion..... you brought the car, like it but really think you shouldn't of brought it and now looking for an excuse to get rid of it. 5k difference between what you were told and what was written down is nothing to complain about. If you were told it had been done and never had, then you would have an issue I would worry about. I can tell you that the belt can do wayyyyyyy more than a few thousand ks past their replaement date. It sounds like you are still not 100% what car you want, wagon,sedan or coupe.
  7. Not specically for this build, but always good to watch The grandfather of turbo charging Gale Banks
  8. Did it have the Si drive? And could you retain it? That sounds like some good magic going on there
  9. That would make it a lot more fun!!! Would love a manual in the BPE Outback 😁
  10. Closest I could find without getting some made was this
  11. What no personal delivery for me, colour me disappointed!!! 😂😂
  12. Just received this package in the mail Thanks Club Sub! Also a sneak peek at what else arrived today See more in my Outback garage thread.. link to thread to come
  13. Thanks, that's the next best thing thing! Will have a look.