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  1. Took off the TD05 and gave it a clean up ready for shipping to @THUNDA.
  2. The the first BP on the way into Timaru from Christchurch has 98. I topped up the RS RA 9n the way back from Dunedin there. It's the only stop I do in Timaru
  3. Good to see someone got out for a drive this weekend.
  4. I remember being given the ball joint ones for my car which had the dog bone style. The reason I can see for it not fitting is what most people have been saying, steel vs alloy arms. I had steel arms and the dog bone link fitted between 2 plates on the arm which sandwiched them together. If I can find a pic I will post it up.
  5. Looks good and matches the rest of the Perrin stuff?
  6. Coast road closed at the moment. Maybe a drive round the hills to the Wheatsheaf tavern, a drink and something to eat and cruise back? Not sure I can do a drive all the way to Kaikoura now. But still keen to do something
  7. This has been going on for a couple of weeks but seems to getting worse. When turning at low speed mainly when cold the steering feels notch you or juddering. The belt also slips when first taking off. I have re tensioned the ps belt but that hasn't made a difference. The belt is only 6 months old. Do I have a issue with just the belt or both belt and pump. Car is a 05 outback.
  8. I saw that as well, looked like it was promising but never happened by the look of it.
  9. I have just emailed the Eco Depot in Christchurch to see if they take it or if not where or how to dispose of it safely
  10. I do find it strange that there is no drop off places for something as bad as antifreeze. I don't think a lot of people realize how toxic it is. I even check our local council Eco depot where they take oil and batteries but nothing else.
  11. Been doing a little bit of a search on the Internet and the only place that I could find that takes old coolant is Bowaters Toyota in Nelson. But might be worth calling around local workshops to see if they will take it. Edit. I realized now that I did not read the whole post a and most of what I've said has already been posted 😮
  12. On the AA website it said they do antifreeze as well. Maybe they used too but don't any more. Never thought to check the date of the post
  13. Im pretty sure you can drop it off at any repco for disposal. Mum and Dads cat died of suspected antifreeze poising, they reckon it might have drunk some out of a puddle under a leaking car
  14. If you have a read of his garage thread you will see why, many issues to sort out, a few new parts and the tune as well. But yes It did make my eyes water seeing the cost!
  15. Did @Dairusire not remember either?
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