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  1. Does the new intercooler come with a new shroud to direct the air flow over the intercooler?
  2. Mufflers, you could try these https://www.subaruspeed.co.nz/collections/mufflers/products/muffler-pair-legacy-03-09 Front lip for an OUtback is something I haven't head about yet, but you could go for a new front bumper (and rest of the bits too) https://www.subaruspeed.co.nz/collections/front-panels-parts/products/body-kit-corazon-legacy-06-09-wagon Says it was made for outback.
  3. Client perception can be a big thing in sales. If just going for impressing clients then I think the Golf would be the way to go. Remember impression counts a lot, and I think the other cars would not be quite suitable.
  4. If @Timmah can't do it, I can. I live that side of town so not a hassle.
  5. Do you know the part number? If so check here, as they have them from about $250-370. https://www.subaruspeed.co.nz/collections/new-parts
  6. Nah just clicked over 200ks. Nothing too special.
  7. have a chat to @Technikhaus hes in Dunedin and could point you in the right direction
  8. Really, will have to check prices here in Christchurch as last time Iooked it was still $2.27!
  9. wrx

    From: https://www.lvvta.org.nz/knowledge_base.html Can I remove my rear seats from my vehicle? Yes, however to pass a WoF the seatbelts will also need to be removed from the vehicle I have a prelude and am considering removing the back seat and putting my subwoofers there instead, would I need a cert for this?LVV certification is not required where the only modification is the removal of seats and/or seatbelts. You should remove every part of all seatbelts or it may cause issues at WOF time. If it’s a permanent change you should get the details altered in NZTA’s records by taking the car to a TSDA (VTNX, VINZ or AA) to get it noted as a 2 seater. Your insurance company may also want to know. The addition of the speakers doesn’t require certification either, as long as you aren’t cutting out any structural material. The box should be secured well enough to withstand 20 times its own weight in the case of a frontal impact. Using the old rear seatbelt mounts is a good idea; perhaps with a steel strap over the box.
  10. wrx

    Subaru Speed is always good to keep an eye on for parts. Other place is TM of course and any of the Subaru buy sell pages on FB. Also keep an eye on here, as theres sometimes some nice bits put up for sale. Also you could try @mlracing.co.nz for parts too. When you get started you should start a garage thread, so we can follow your build and you can show it off.
  11. wrx

    Give @SAS a PM and tell him what you're looking at doing. He'll be able to let you know what to do and what sort of money you could be looking at. I've been out to there workshop and have seen the work they have done first hand and its all top notch.
  12. Just did this too. Good deed for the day done.
  13. Well I now know which place to avoid when getting an inspection done when buying and where to go when selling😉