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  1. Have you run through the diagnosis procedures in the service manual? Looks like it basically steps through checking all the solenoids in the BBOD look at page 218 of this:
  2. They look very similar in shape to my bh ones....
  3. NPD moorehouse (in town) is currently 245.9 for 100, excluding their current 12c off per L deal. Pretty much always have atleast 6c off per L, sometimes 20c. The unmanned stations are usually 10c cheaper but don't get the discounts
  4. replaced my rear 02 sensor with a wideband and 14point7 spartan controller. eventual plan (long term) is to get it tuned - hence the wideband
  5. Probably one of the best things to do would be putting some sound dampening material in the doors
  6. whoops, the actually proper link is:
  7. I also have some in here: (have updated my folders with @Jono24s as well) Not sure if there are any overlaps
  8. Welcome to the forums! As long as you keep within the same revision you'll be fine. There is four (five) revisions of the bh/be chassis - A, B, C ,D (E Australia Market). A/B/C should all be compatible, whereas D(E) has slightly different geometry around the lights. Rev D was produced from mid 2001 onw ards - I have a revD BH5 Rev A/B/C look like this: Rev D looks like this: There are also minor differences between rev A/B/C mechanically. Many people liken the rev Ds to a completely different setup mechanically, especially around the twin turbo operation
  9. Redid the BBOD yesterday, think I put everything back in place. ... 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
  10. Putt @YoungOnes wheels on my car. fronts were fine, light scrubbing on full lock, rears however... a lot of rubbing They sat bloody flush and i like how they look... i think they're 17x8s, @YoungOne will be able to confirm
  11. Happy to post, but will leave it a few days incase @Kol12 ddoes want it (as he asked first)
  12. this is the unit: Yea, the wiring is f***ing horey - hacked it apart so it will stay on with out the mcintosh head unit. Basically connect on of the white wires to ground, and the other to a switched 12v source
  13. na, haven't taken photos yet.... i'll try my best to do it tonight....
  14. I've got one, never had to use it to jump the car, but it is a really handy 12v power source for tinkering and testing car parts
  15. I have (had) the same issue with my lights, water was getting in some how and fogging. To the point where it failed a wof. I've taken them off, cleaned, checked for cracks ect, can't find anything. All i did was drill two small holes at the lowest two points for any water to drain out/get air circulation. Been that way for a few years now, no issues at all