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  1. The high current only passess through the switched side of the relay Edit: whereas if you were just using a switch you'd have that high current in the switch and burn it out.
  2. Hmmm... I think your way is more or less the same as above..... I'm no electronics guy so take what i'm saying with a pinch or two of salt. The way your explaining (seems to me) is that your source to liven the switch for the bar is slightly different, by no means is it incorrect. Your solution (with a switch) would allow you to toggle the light bar when your lights are on (as you said). My implementation would only allow for the light bar to be toggled when highbeams are on (which is what OP asked). All lights in a car will be on relays, t0o risky having a switch carry so much current, plus its easier to replace a broken relay than a whole stalk/switch. The only additional relay to include is the one for the bar, the other one is already in your car I used this to make the diagram:
  3. @Subru I got some vinyl decals from these guys: Have stood up well, no peeling or anything (been on the car for ~2 years)
  4. Confused me a bit, so here's my take on the same scenario. I always find relays stupidly hard to explain So the light bar side of the relay doesn't change (still hooked up to the batt). The trigger of the relay changes. Instead of the switch opening/closing a 'constant' 12v source, the 12v source is actually fed off the high beam. So when high beams are on, you can flip the switch and the relay will turn on. If the high beams are off and the switch is on, there is no voltage/current coming through the trigger, therefore the relay doesn't switch. And don't take the 12v off the lights side of the highbeams relay, take it from the switch side something like this (i think)
  5. Slow, remember stopping distances are much greater. Don't be violent/abrupt when steering/braking, be gentle and predictabe with your movements
  6. Did my first track day ever on Saturday (Ruapuna). Heaps of fun, managed to spin it on the second lap of the first session (coming out of the hairpin). Started the day with times ~2min, and finished with consistent 1:55s and managed a 1:53.9 on my second to last lap. Definitely pointed out some weak points on the car (mainly pads/rotors) and gave me heaps of stuff to learn! Car didn't miss a beat, used hardly any oil and temp stayed at normal driving levels
  7. Gotta be careful with them... this was in the news a few days back
  8. bov

    My mates old flatmate had an atmos BOV on an auto caldina (turbo obvs) and it would vent all the time
  9. Installed a fire extinguisher under the passenger seat ready for the track day in a few weekends!! Nervously excited
  10. Well this will be interesting. I reckon AKL will only see a small increase and the rest of the country will also see an increase to cover the 'losses' in AKL
  11. Not neccessarily cool, but got a laugh out of it
  12. My guess would be larger cold side means more volume of air available post the (relatively) restrictive I/C
  13. Yesss!!! Love me a justy. My first car was one, 2 door, 3 cylinder, alloys, <100,000km. Miss it heaps. Even had a button in the gear knob to enable/disable 4wd. Bought it for 1900, sold it for 1700 after hitting a letter box
  14. Damn there's scum about. It amazes me how they can get away with it in a 'secure' car park like that. A similar situation a few weeks ago at Wellington Airport.
  15. Picked these up for a bargain yesterday. Like the look of them, but they sit really high....