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  1. Got a wof -phew- I hate getting wofs. Always worried something obscure and expensive will cause it to fail
  2. Could just be grounds? get a multi meter and check the voltage difference between them and a known 12v. Or see if you can test for continuity across them and the chassis. EDIT: just re-read @axle117s post, saw car is out of action. @IZichard do you have a multi meter handy?
  3. damn, that turbo was rooted. Keep up the videos man! be cool to see progress in a vlog format
  4. I'm no guru on these matters, but talk to whoever built the engine? assuming that it was a performance shop, they should know all the right things to do and be able to do them correctly
  5. Yea, went in store and they said it was likely their plate reading software misread my plate Considered that, however I track every fill and I went back and checked it with my CC bill and they all match. I'd be suprised if i didn't record my fill AND didn't pay..... Thankfully, once this month is up and i've spent all my BP cents off, i'll be getting some nice juicy 100 octane from NPD
  6. Massive shout out to Aidan in the CHCH Toyota parts department. Ordered some TRD Brake fluid (Re-labeled Motul RBF 600) through them earlier this week, for $21(incl GST) for 500ml. Super helpful guy, really friendly and quick, prompt service. You should be able to get the brake fluid through any Toyota Parts Dept in the country
  7. Went to fill up my car yesterday at my local BP and got given a card saying my vehicles registration is on the BP Drive Off Hotlist..... They couldn't tell me why when in the store and told me to ring the number on the card. I rang the number and the guy on the phone said my registration wasn't in the system and that I need to go into the store.... I'm a mix of concerned, confused and F***ed off that I feel like I've essentially been labeled as a thief.
  8. I'm pretty sure it is to do with the resistance. you can get thinfs like these: Not sure how well they'll work
  9. Do you really want to go for the cheapest parts for something like a cambelt... If it fails, you're gonna have a (not) fun time. Best to get OEM, make sure you do all the idlers, tensioner and the water pump as well
  10. No, not sure really. When i remove the last bold, the lower arm had heaps of free up and down play, 4-5cms. I don't really know how to judge that
  11. Spaced out my control arms for a bit more (i think) castor...
  12. Seeing that those photos are toast, and I wanted to do it myself, here are some photos... Also tried to flip this part, but those suckers were on ttiiiiggght. and they sit at an angle where i can only get a spanner on, not a proper socket with some tube.... I'd recommend taking them off the car, and putting in a vice and then removing.
  13. Also replace the 90d elbows under the TMIC - i noticed a difference with that
  14. I have a ecu def file for my revd - i'll try remember to share the link to it tonight EDIT: here's the link to all the ecu stuff i have. there may well be copies of the above in the 'From CS' folder: 'From FB' contains one def file I think and 'ECU Dump' contains my ECU image, and two def files It's been a while since I looked at them, but give em a go
  15. Be interested to see what effect, if any, this will have on BP 98 prices....