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  2. recently serviced, new clutch. The next things on the list to blow are the big ones, engine and turbo. lets see what happens, should make it to dyno day as only have the trip to leadfoot before then.. haha
  3. This has also been my theory with exhausts. I would always be wondering what it sounds like at its loudest, start with nothing and you can always add resonators/mufflers
  4. If it gets caught in customs you will have to pay 15% gst on the item value which is $135 plus a clearance fee of probably about $50. You may also have to pay gst on shipping costs. EDIT: @1randomkiwi just beat me to it..
  5. i was using it like a few days ago, couldnt have been more than a week ago. should just be a temporary glitch hopefully...
  6. that's why you need 2
  7. if you are buying an ra to daily you are cruel first thing in it should be a cage
  8. ver3 sti type-ra
  9. also pod filters, particularly cheapo ones, can do that
  10. Apologies to everyone that didnt make it, it was pretty tough Overall i tried to keep a range of years and models and (as best i could) the seasonal scenery matching the months! not enough older legacies, cmon having watermarks in images makes it really difficult to crop to the right size as when i needed to crop some the watermarks became off center. having images 'too zoomed in'/the car is right at the edge of the image means it may not survive cropping you have a popular year/model in this round of submissions and just got beat everyone loves ass but sometimes a frontal is a good thing Next year we can get the real ratio for the image required - the vistaprint system is a bit of a C***, its a weird size.
  11. Definitely keen if i can make it once a date is decided.
  12. I would be interested to get a run on another dyno just to see what it says
  13. Have to agree, volunteered in 2015 and it was great. got to drive up the hill climb, around the property, see the whole collection. you will be tired afterwards though!