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  1. *at a reasonable hour of the day to avoid grumpy neighbors
  2. Keen to go watch, mine won't be ready for a run though haha
  3. I get those emails, but I search anyway!
  4. everyday get home trademe: sti sort by: newly listed scroll sleep repeat ... find car buy car repeat anyway
  5. Already emailed you! Cheers
  6. Hi guys Does anyone know of a freight forwarder or similar that can receive a package for me in Japan and forward it here to NZ? (A package about the size of 2 shocks haha) Cheers
  7. I've found even some of those large microfiber towels from supercheap/warehouse/etc. go a long way in terms of value for money
  8. that looks like its from an animated kids movie...
  9. I guess ive been lucky. Filled up twice this week no issues out west on 98
  10. If you know the part number you can search it up and check the minimum thickness recommended so you can determine whether to machine or replace. BNT usually give a good set for a fair price. I got some oem brembo replacements for my v6 golf there for about 90 ea and those were quote big vented and what not.
  11. ?Yeah I had PS3's on a wrx a couple years ago and they were good but these really feel a lot better. although this is a totally different car and way stiffer so.. haha
  12. I've had some pilot sport 4's now for over a month and loving them
  13. Yea, bought it up from chch. ~128kms, pretty stoked with purchase! Thanks for the recommendation
  14. Thanks guys. I have already explored these options and actually gave the dealers part numbers to order and they still struggled to figure it out. (They told me there wasn't stock but i pushed for them to check again and finally had one piece quoted). To cut a long story short I was lucky enough to take ownership of an s203 just over a month ago. It was imported in 2014 with an aftermarket front bumper and has a broken LHS wind deflector. I want to return the front end to stock which as far as i can tell is a v8 sti bumper (57702FE060), air dam skirts (57742FE000MJ, 57742FE010MJ), grill assembly (91121), carbon front lip (ST960204S120) with an s203 badge (ST910534S030). The air deflectors are 63531FE021 and 63531FE031. What I am unsure about is if these part numbers encapsulate all the parts I need as the drawings in japanese are great but not entirely understandable! I want to try get a bumper and grill here as I know the price to import will probably be ridiculous. I already know from when i had a v7 wrx how difficult it is to find bumpers.. haha I have a price on the front lip(~$600) and have ordered the badge to start. My most recent communication was tokyo subaru telling me they have bumpers in stock ready for painting and winger telling me they are no longer available, then I never got a response back. You should probably just tell me to stop moaning and call them to sort it out but any advice is still appreciated.
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