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  1. If any Subaru is due for the recall i'm pretty sure Subaru have to do it for free regardless of whether it is an import or not... Mine was imported I'm just on a list and waiting for enough airbags to arrive so I've been told This website will tell you what recalls your car is due for if you dont know about it already. Just need your Fuji VIN http://recall.subaru.co.jp/lqsb/
  2. water blasted a thick film of dead bugs and roadkill blood off the front of the car from the weekend travels... waiting for the sun to go away before i clean her because im sweating like a motherf.....
  3. car distribution group (car haulways). i got a pretty good price and they handle most dealership cars so they are reasonably well trained
  4. One of the nicer photos one of my friends got last week. Underbody needs a bit of a tidy up
  5. Finally finished getting the car in the state of maintenance and performance that I've wanted it for the past 5 months of ownership. Waiting on new rear shocks to come but other than that and some aesthetic stuff all done. Had it tuned by Dave @ TuneTechnic at the end of last week and couldn't recommend him more highly. Great guy, really knows what hes doing and spends the extra time to get the best and safest out of it. Quick little pic from yesterday after a drive out to anchor bay and across woodcocks, waiting for my friends proper photos!
  6. Yep but they didnt let me in today was a bit early i think haha
  7. Found a place to stay, will be there all weekend!
  8. At the eggfarm next door? I did a couple nights there. Its alright as long as your tent doesn't leak hahah probably worth investing in a better one
  9. I worked the car park in 14 or 15 cant remember which but the guys that run it are good guys, easy to get along with. Dont have anywhere to stay this year to go..
  10. *at a reasonable hour of the day to avoid grumpy neighbors
  11. Keen to go watch, mine won't be ready for a run though haha
  12. I get those emails, but I search anyway!
  13. everyday get home trademe: sti sort by: newly listed scroll sleep repeat ... find car buy car repeat anyway
  14. Already emailed you! Cheers
  15. Hi guys Does anyone know of a freight forwarder or similar that can receive a package for me in Japan and forward it here to NZ? (A package about the size of 2 shocks haha) Cheers