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  1. im an amateur so there may some some unnecessary and/or missing things but if it was me i would: get a diagnostic scan done check for any particular error codes. You can actually do this yourself using FreeSSM software. I'm pretty sure these vag com kkl cables work fine check all vacuum lines look ok do a smoke test and check for any intake leaks make sure all your servicing is up to date and no gaskets are leaking get a new boost control solenoid if it hasnt got one already get a new fuel pump if it hasnt got one already put a resonator in the midpipe do anything else you want to do before getting a tune get a tune. Dave at tune technic did mine - I highly recommend him if you are out west. Very professional, knows his S***. The best thing to do is contact a tuner now as well, you can get their opinion on what changes to make before tuning - this is their job!
  2. Have booked a motel and plan on going in the s203, will pay and confirm in coming weeks.
  3. I have my tickets
  4. Some guy at beaurepaires said my s203 was a wrx and the seats were fake because stis came with blue seats and gold wheels
  5. They were still working hard this evening!
  6. @Subirex Automotive did an awesome job today. New rear struts installed, front struts refreshed a bit. standard service, rear diff oil changed, brakes bled, taken down the road for an alignment = 1 day! New struts on stiffest setting front and rear feel awesome.
  7. are we there yet? are we there yet?
  8. Does that mean NZ13 arrived early or do we still have another week to go? Probably just another shipment i guess
  9. pmd
  10. Can't comment on a comparison but I can say my car is tuned on mobil 98 and runs just fine..
  11. ive owned a golf before and wouldn't again unless it was new.
  12. I was lucky mine had the intake recall done in japan in 2011. Out of curiosity how did you find out about the recall and how long before you knew?
  13. Finally got my letter to make a booking.
  14. Will most likely attend