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  1. I believe some say it's because they may have all their mods etc listed online, and if someone sees the plates on the street and have seen it online, they may steal it/or parts etc. I personally don't usually bother masking plates.
  2. Sure, why not. Signed.
  3. Can anyone recommend a good company that will insure <25 year olds? Used to be with NAC, but got sick of paying $100 a month for insurance on a lightly modified FTO, yet I could get insurance cheaper for my RS RA. Need to insure the FTO, and the Rally car. Tried Classic cover, but they won't insure the either due to my age
  4. ~290000 on the 1991 Legacy GX 2.2 I think I'm around ~20000 of that
  5. Get one from a reputable rally supplier then, as they should be designed to be used in a rally so should easily cope with 200KM/h etc. In theory...
  6. I vote for the RA roof scoop!
  7. Now this is a great idea!
  8. I was thinking similar at one point, but then when you when about it, from factory it all vents into one spot from factory, don't they?
  9. Ouch A mate helped me build a oil catch can for the rally car today, one more thing ticked off the list.
  10. Crazy price, but wow looks like it was built yesterday...
  11. Awesome! I've been keeping an eye on him with his 6A13 engine, as I was going to do the same, but didn't realise that he's AWD now! I should really have a chat to him one day. Do you know of any footage of it running? Can't access that one
  12. So turns out, they won't insure a rally car or the FTO for anybody under 25... Any suggestions of other companies? Previously had the FTO with NAC, but that was a bit over 1K /year...