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  1. I personally use Apet in Dunedin, never had any issues, quite a few of the rally guys use him too. He owns a turbo legacy himself, and I've known of him to flash quite a few of them! Has an in-house AWD dyno too. Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
  2. Hey all, So I'm wanting to go top feed on my RS, I have a Rev D Legacy manifold with pink top feed injectors and rails, but it's a off-set manifold, so I can't just use it. I was told at one point you could buy the Carl Davey adapters to use those manifolds, but they no longer produce them. So the other option I was considering was using my later model intake that I've got that does fit, but uses phase two side feed injectors, and making an adapter to fit the top feed rail onto it. The issue then is sealing the top feeds in the side feed housing. Any suggestions on how to do this? Anything would be much appreciated!
  3. Where in NZ are you? Someone might be able to disable the codes for you. When it failed in my parent's STI, we removed the fuses/relays and just disabled the codes in the ECU. We purchased the blanking plates but we never actually used them, so they're still sitting on a shelf
  4. I'm glad it'll be looked after! Took me almost 2 months to sell it! Great to know that they're still wanted though. Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
  5. That was a quick sale! Is the new owner on here at all?
  6. Got the tune touched up on Friday, and then off to Whare Flat Hillclimb on Saturday. Had the alternator fail on the first run, but had it replaced for the 2nd. Times weren't amazing, but seat time is seat time! Will need to sort the alignment for the next one...
  7. Red legacy passed another WOF Gave it a little tidy up inside an out, really need to find a replacement carpet for inside, the replacement that I put in it is a little stained... A nice black one would suit. Also really need to respray the roof, front bar and bonnet! But one day... The yellow/blue legacy now has a running forged motor in it too! That combined with the new gearbox and diff has totally transformed it!
  8. Damn that's really tidy! Hopefully you can find it!
  9. Depends on the club and the course, many sealed hill climbs down here don't require cages or log books, but do require a motorsport club license or day license.
  10. I can't quite recall sorry! Was a little while ago now haha.
  11. Not today, but on Saturday I swapped the gearbox out for a much shorter one with a plated center diff, swapped the rear diff out for a very tight viscous, and replaced the rear left hub so that the wheel is actually straight and doesn't have permanent positive camber! Handles completely differently now, the old rear diff was practically open, and the old center was just as useless. It'll happily be thrown into corners sideways in gravel now, which is exactly what I wanted. Here's hoping I can handle it at the next hillclimb! The built engine will go back in next, have sorted all the noises and it'll be ready for another tune when I have the money.
  12. Exactly what @pedro said, that's how I did it in that car originally, works perfect, just make sure you leave enough room to access the seat level and mount it low enough so that the seat can move over it. Here's one I did in my old starlet:
  13. Model: 89 RS Legacy Displacement: 2l Mods: TD05, Yellow Injectors, V3 STI RA heads, Forged short block. Fuel: BP 98 Tuner/dyno: APET Potentially damaged exhaust valve, and heatsoaking like a mofo due to a crap intercooler. Will fix it up and try again...
  14. Yellow and blue legacy for me, 3:35 into the video: My favourite photo from the day: (I really need to fix that spot I missed painting on the roll cage...) Depends on where you are, but here's a few links to get you guys going, there's a mix of sealed tarmac and gravel events around: Motorkhanas are great fun too.
  15. Eh, didn't do too badly for being myself, didn't go to set any real times, but more so to learn to drive it better, as I've never been very confident at sliding around corners etc, so just lots of practice, that being considered, for once I wasn't last in class, and came out 2nd last in class instead No in car this time, just a drone video a friend made, that I'm in once very briefly. Today I Finally took the rocker covers off of the new engine and found that Cylinder 3's Exhaust valves have too much gap between the buckets and the cam. It's o.3mm on one and 0.4mm on the other, where it should be 0.2mm. Now to find out why....