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  1. We used to have one before our current manual STI. The shifts are slow, but you do get used to it, and can kind of 'predict' it, so you just shift a little earlier than you'd expect. A hell of a lot of fun though, for an automatic, and went surprisingly well. But when we got the manual, we could tell just how down-tuned the A-Line was.
  2. Pulled the engine for some maintenance before 4 and Rotary South Island Champs. New rocker cover gaskets, fix the sump leaking. new up pipe gasket, as that was leaking as well, also new turbo inlet and outlet gaskets. Will fix some wiring, and hopefully install some Radium engineering fuel rails. Also a look at the basic twisted setup While it's out Im going to make some brackets for it!
  3. My local dealer got back to me, I'll be ordering the gaskets through them, but not the washers or bolts rocker cover gaskets: $26.45 each Tube gaskets: $11.90 each I'm happy with those, but the washers and bolts: Bolts: $3.51 each washers: $7.94 each I don't really need those two, so will skip them
  4. Oh really? Hmm, could be tempting, it's a PBMS baffled sump, not that it really matters. Annoyingly one of the bolts has had the head snapped off it when I gave it the tiniest tweak with a 1/4 ratchet the other day, so will need to pull the rest of that out, hopefully it comes out nicely! Will have a chat to PBMS and see if they have any of the gaskets. Yeah, I recall the washers being like $4 each or something the last time I went to get some. These were all 3rd party ones, so going genuine this time! I've just emailed my local dealer and seeing if they have any of the stuff. Amayama will be 2+ weeks, so if I can pay a little more and get it from the dealer, then i'll happily do that.
  5. So I took your advice and just did that, but instead of pulling the cover, I pulled the whole engine 🤣 It's also leaking from the sump, and the up pipe gasket, so figured easier to clean it all up outside of the car. The answer to the question is the first gasket set in that link earlier So for future reference the gaskets are (pricing from Amayama): 13270AA062 $29.65 13272AA063 $31.77 The bolts are $800706630 $1.46 Bolt washers 13271AA051 $1.36 plug tube gaskets are 132933AA030 $6.03 On another note, I was amazed at how clean the oil and the heads were in general. This motor has maybe 2,000KM on it, but all of those KM were flat out, no break-in period etc.
  6. Hey all, So my rocker covers and sump are leaking like crazy. I'd like to order some replacements before pulling the motor and doing some maintenance before 4s and Rotors SI Champs. Now I searched TradeMe for a v3 RA, and crabbed the chassis code, then entered that in partsouq, and it gave me three options for it, linked below:*KwFsWElUDBMMawkrHgxeOTQgAAcZaGdqa3lvch5vGScrHyN4YSsvfG9qaXxzeiolMzduanokICkYISVgN2R9Hxpmb25uMDomfHN6PHxlam80Ozl8JnpjfBp6JwAAAAAmCH8U%24&vid=0&cid=&uid=32280&q=GC8-064733 I'm honestly not too sure which one it'll be? I could pull a cover and confirm, but I'd much rather not. I can't just use my Chassis ID, as I just have a BC5 and they're Shim-under-bucket heads that I'm told were from a V3 STI RA. Any ideas before I give in and pull the covers to confirm? Cheers!
  7. Finally fixed my hoist again... Around 6 months ago the chain snapped, which took us ages to finally sort. We bought a new chain $100 or so, and installed that, but then we found the original geared cogs were too worn and were slipping with the new chain. So just procrastinated about that for ages, until last week I mentioned it to my dad, who said to give him a cog. So did that, and he found replacements for $12 each, and then machined them out to fit at his work, and provided new pins etc. While we were at it, he machined out the original motor pulley to fit the replacement motor, as we'd been running a larger pulley, as that's all that could fit. Finally got it all together, and working this week! And for the first time since we've owned it, it can now lift a falcon! Previously with the larger motor pulley it was geared wrong and wouldn't do it! All this means I can FINALY put the legacy back up on the hoist and find the oil leak and exhaust leaks.... Then don't get me started on the fuel rail leaks...
  8. I considered doing that, but ended up getting the chinese fuel rails and making brackets for my intake manifold (Can't recall what version it's off of, I think V4). seems to work alright after I patched up the leaks! Not exactly what you're asking for I know, but just an idea! O just made brackets up to bolt them in. then made up some parallel lines with an external FPR.
  9. Yup, we tested all that before putting the intercooler etc on, as we'd been having issues with the release bearing not actually clipping in. So we ensured it was fully seated and felt good. But we didn't think to actually test dis-engagement, as we wanted to do that with the motor running.
  10. So, we've been trying to sort the clutch change in @bigDnz's BE5, after many a pain in the ass situations, we finally have everything in. But one major problem left, the clutch won't actually disengage. The release bearing has definitely clicked in, and the pedal has been set with full throw. It feels fine, it feels like it's pulling the plate, but not enough to actually release it. Any suggestions on things to try? Somebody said to me to replace the rod in the slave with something longer?
  11. Yup if you have the headlights on (I believe only then) and wash the windscreen, they should pop out and spray as well.
  12. Yeah wanted something big that could comfortably tow the RS and not worry about weight limits etc. Non turbo 6. I knew if I got the turbo model I'd just want to modify it.... A friend has a G6E Turbo and it's just ludicrous, I absolutely love it, but yeah if I got one then the RS would never get any attention...
  13. Picked up a new tow vehicle for the Rally Car yesterday, the newest car I've owned by 12 years, and definitely the nicest car I've owned! 2008 Fairmont Ghia, nice leather interior, and more importantly it has a 2.3T tow bar on it
  14. Can confirm I never wired it up to detect the gears in the RA. Back when I had it in the FTO I also didn't have it picking up gears, and accidentally remote started: it in gear, at a petrol station, behind a police car... Yeah that didn't end too well.