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  1. Exactly what @pedro said, that's how I did it in that car originally, works perfect, just make sure you leave enough room to access the seat level and mount it low enough so that the seat can move over it. Here's one I did in my old starlet:
  2. Model: 89 RS Legacy Displacement: 2l Mods: TD05, Yellow Injectors, V3 STI RA heads, Forged short block. Fuel: BP 98 Tuner/dyno: APET Potentially damaged exhaust valve, and heatsoaking like a mofo due to a crap intercooler. Will fix it up and try again...
  3. Yellow and blue legacy for me, 3:35 into the video: My favourite photo from the day: (I really need to fix that spot I missed painting on the roll cage...) Depends on where you are, but here's a few links to get you guys going, there's a mix of sealed tarmac and gravel events around: Motorkhanas are great fun too. http://www.kiwimotoring.com/clubs/category/hillclimb-clubs http://www.sccnz.co.nz/upcoming-events/results/ http://www.hcmc.org.nz/
  4. Eh, didn't do too badly for being myself, didn't go to set any real times, but more so to learn to drive it better, as I've never been very confident at sliding around corners etc, so just lots of practice, that being considered, for once I wasn't last in class, and came out 2nd last in class instead No in car this time, just a drone video a friend made, that I'm in once very briefly. Today I Finally took the rocker covers off of the new engine and found that Cylinder 3's Exhaust valves have too much gap between the buckets and the cam. It's o.3mm on one and 0.4mm on the other, where it should be 0.2mm. Now to find out why....
  5. Took the car to get tuned on Friday, 160KW ATW, tuner said he expected way more, but a better intercooler may help. It also started to develop a tick in one of the heads. Took it home, and checked it out on Saturday morning and found one of the cam carriers had come loose, and the other had snapped bolts.... I swear I tightened them to factory spec. Fixed that, but it still had a tick, now suspecting it may have dropped a shim. Instead of risking it for the hill climb on Sunday, we decided to pull the engine and swap in a spare for Sunday. Finished that at 2AM and then had to be up by 6 to go to the hill climb. Ran the hill climb, spare engine wasn't too happy but dealt with it surprisingly! Will pull the top end apart tonight or tomorrow and find out what's going on with the new engine...
  6. I've heard rumours that Mobile here in Mosgiel is getting 98 soon, I'm looking forward to that, as it's 20KM closer than the nearest BP with 98 to me!
  7. We did this drive recently, thankfully the legacy could do that whole trip on one tank as I didn't spot a single 98 pump the whole way....
  8. Threw some studs back in for the exhaust manifold, put the coolant crossover pipe on, to find one of the threads stripped Not too sure what I'm going to do about that... New spark plugs, and some V7 coil packs went on too. In a box that came with the shell, I found a custom alternator bracket that's a lot lighter and smaller than the factory one, so threw that on. A new Oil cooler O ring went on a as well. Slowly getting there...
  9. I am not, but just requested to join now. thanks
  10. If only I had the money, and it's local too....
  11. Got the majority of the engine put together, tracked down some 1.45mm head gaskets which look to do the job, thankfully! Just need to grab some coolant crossover O rings, and a few new hoses for the oil cooler and then the rest can go on.
  12. This is exactly what I wanted to hear. Two friends of mine with legacy rally cars are both going 6 speed very soon, so I'll be the only one left in the group with a 5 speed in mine, great to know they hold up that much better!
  13. Ouch, sorry to see about the damage. Knowing insurance as of late, it wouldn't surprise me if they try write it off. if you get the chance, maybe see if they'll just pay out the repair cost and let you sort it?
  14. Hey, you're in Dunedin! If you want to hear a 3.0 with the centre muffler delete, just let me know, we had it done to my parents a month or so ago,and yeah it's very tinny...
  15. Don't forget, you'd need the entire kit, it's a little more expensive: https://www.japanparts.com/parts/detail/11095