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      Mega Meet 2018 OUR 21st!   09/04/18

      We're turning 21! And we're celebrating on the weekend of the 12th & 13th of May 2018   Come join us Saturday and Sunday events including a FREE Lunch @ the Tui Brewery, Mangatanoka, for Subscribed forum members   A cruise after to the Karting Venue in Palmerston North   Following that Sunday is a Playday on Track event @ Manfeild    Join us for any one or ALL of the events & help get together to celebrate NZ's Largest & oldest online Subaru Community! ~ Joker


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  1. @A_J_T So was that a yes?
  2. I want to lift my car now lol
  3. How do you get guard rub with that height?? For some reason I thought you had D2's - you going MCA again? Where did you get the legacy UCA's from? and how much? I need lol Or swap you for the adjustable ones I have?
  4. Hiiiiiiiiiiiii Here are the details for the next monthly meet, Wednesday 9th May 7.30pm onward Park in the far corner of the carpark behind Westfield Albany (image below) Weathers getting colder and colder so bring warm clothing! https://www.google.co.nz/maps/@-36.7274755,174.7060178,579m/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en RAIN LOCATION: Park behind BK Everyone is welcome! Shot @1randomkiwi for the pic again lol
  5. Yea mine doesn't have that yet either. I wish I could but I have an assignment due on the Monday after.......
  6. I currently have these tyres (got them cheap as chips through a mate) They have surprisingly good reviews online - especially when compared to other tyres at a similar cost Previously had the neuton nt sport 2 tyres too which were mint and lasted the distance
  7. Or a few bents valves
  8. I'll be keen to cruise down but I ain't chucking her on the track
  9. Yea but I'm kinda getting over riding on bumpstops lol
  10. I still have mine sitting there
  11. Haven't been up to much.... Moved house.... Got a promotion.... Back at uni.... Still got a low car though!
  12. Yea sorry for the delay
  13. Can you give me a clue?
  14. Woops neither lol
  15. Subi in each pic. Fair game