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  1. These are the wheels I wanted but in the more aggessive width and offset. Looks good
  2. Sorry people.... Thought I was doing everyone a favour by lagging it for a week due to the late post on here... Didn't realise it was on the aklsubarus FB page too (I try stay off FB as much as possible these days) Let's just lock in tonight and forget I ever mentioned next week! Again - sorry for confusing and upsetting people <3
  3. HAPPY NEW YEAR! Here are the next monthly meet details..... a little late soz... - Wednesday 10th Jan - Westgate Shopping Complex - Park in front of Supercheap Auto - 7.30PM onward - Plenty of cover should it rain Cheers @G B for the pics
  4. lol
  5. Everything I do on a subaru turns in to a big one. Also I've had a cracked up pipe before. Luckily I had a set of equal length headers to go on.
  6. It's out east.
  7. Easy and slightly annoying solution - run a wire from the reverse lights to the headunit
  8. Just go to the gas station and fill her right up. That will prove if your gauge is working correctly or not
  9. Did something to my car yesterday.... Thanks @JGM for the snaps and @A_J_T for the guidance on how much I should whack my guards with a hammer
  10. It's just letting you know that you have been driving for X amount of hours...
  11. Getting tyres this week. Will roll the rest of the guards next weekend and put them on
  12. Way to big. Mine is in a subaru box a third of the size My guess is a carbon boot lid
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