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  1. Looks to be fixed - all the facebook videos on page 152 are all in english now
  2. Fill the gaps with some body filler and rock the new look if it doesn't leak
  3. If you can remove the buttons then painting would probably be the easier option
  4. You painting them? Wrapping? Or.... STI make a black set which cost moon beans. And you've magically found some?
  5. You get the wank factor with the RA roof vent though
  6. Looks like my 7yo niece wrote it lol
  7. They look similar to what @evowrx has on his. drifteks?
  8. Only like 5 hours around the corner
  9. I'm using the default samsung keyboard
  10. Just tried this on both browsers on my phone and it worked on both. I've got an s5
  11. Just out of curiosity, what insurance company are you with? Thanks for the info
  12. Pretty easy - -- click on the quote header -- It will then look like the below -- Click delete and it will disappear @sobanoodle
  13. Where the are all the pics? Any pics of the fuel tanks?