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  1. Mine were 5x100 17x7" +48 offset if that helps Changed to 5x100 18x8.75" +19
  2. I was told if going from 4pot to brembo to also upgrade the master to 1-1/16 More info here:
  3. Getting in early..... before I start back at uni and forget to do this again.... Here are the details for the monthly meet in August Wednesday 8th August 7.30pm onward Park in the far corner of the carpark behind Westfield Albany (image below) Albany always has a cool chill in the breeze - so bring warm clothes!,174.7060178,579m/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en RAIN LOCATION: Park behind BK Thanks @1randomkiwi for the pic (again lol)
  4. Bit late to the party sorry people Next meet details below... - Wednesday 11th July - Westgate Shopping Complex - Park in front of Supercheap Auto - 7.30PM onward - Plenty of cover should it rain Bring warm clothes as it's getting pretty chilly out there! Cheers @Batbaruman and @G B for the pics (again lol)
  5. Help a school kid out guys. Took me less than a minute to complete and I can confirm my computer still works
  6. Email address on his account is a NZ school address and IP is Auckland too. Wouldn't be too concerned
  7. Got a new car - 1976 Mercedes 230-6 W115
  8. Almost deserves a name and shame. Not because of $ but because of the principle.
  9. Forgot to reply sorry bro, I just cbf with the adjustable ones - would prefer to go for the standard legacy upper control arms
  10. Park your car in the sun - enjoy a cuppa for lunch
  11. @A_J_T So was that a yes?
  12. I want to lift my car now lol
  13. How do you get guard rub with that height?? For some reason I thought you had D2's - you going MCA again? Where did you get the legacy UCA's from? and how much? I need lol Or swap you for the adjustable ones I have?
  14. Yea mine doesn't have that yet either. I wish I could but I have an assignment due on the Monday after.......