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  1. I need to stop being so anti social and attend more
  2. Old: corner of Bright St and Aitken Terrace in Kingsland New:
  3. Since we are doing pics of other peoples cars - here's @Johnnynz at the last dyno day
  4. Stick with the smaller ID headers @evowrx used the bl/bp twinscroll headers on his holset setup
  5. @JGM it's all good. I'm busy writing an essay which is due on Friday
  6. Shall we try hide our cars in the long grass?????
  7. Ahhh Saabrina - was such a fun car - but yea the sticker is on the other car in that pic
  8. Haha I need to have sex to have the possibility of kids. Something I am working on... lol
  9. I am occasionally in parnell lol. Sure it wasn't mine? I didn't wash my car for 3 weeks once
  10. Dude, find a second hand nz new kenwood stereo with the same aircon controls as yours - simply pull yours out and put the new one in - it's all plug and play. Eg: (can be found alot cheaper) http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/car-parts-accessories/subaru/interior/auction-1287270459.htm
  11. A second hand NZ new stereo can be found cheap... also plug and play. No band expander required!
  12. They will be vented all round from factory
  13. Not really turbo related but still a good watch
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