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  1. Yea I need to get my fronts done
  2. I did mine on Thursday night! I still need to do a few things though - like hook up the wire to the handbrake switch and run USB cables
  3. The donut will be sweet. It would be recommended to use a new turbo to dp gasket when changing the DP
  4. The last set of gaskets I got were directly from winger That gasket supplied is called a donut gasket - why not just use that one?
  5. Lucky you. My parents are heading to Italy on the 14th
  6. Someone got concrete dust all over the front of my car at work last week so I was forced to take my car through the car wash at my local BP Looked like such a pleb when I wound the windows down and pulled the mirrors in lol
  7. Bump
  8. Yo Next monthly - Wednesday 12th July - Westgate Shopping Complex - Park in front of Supercheap Auto - 7.30PM onward - There is plenty of cover should it rain Cheers @G B for the pic
  9. Electric folding mirrors would be nice too!
  10. Well whoever ordered my car didn't tick that box or the heated seat box
  11. I wish my car had a sun roof
  12. A present from Japan arrived yesterday - changed my mind again lol (got one a while ago, changed my mind and sold it)
  13. Or maybe they only have $320 to spend???