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  1. I've always wanted to be a gynecologist
  2. The rears on mine weren't bad... used a mate and a jack to make things a little smoother. I also made some cuts in the carpet around the top hats so I could get in there nice and easy
  3. Use a 5 side impact socket when doing the hub bolts - will save you from rounding them
  4. Do it
  5. It's not an international airport. If it's not done by the weekend I'll go get it
  6. Bump
  7. Hi! Here are the details for the next meet - Wed 13th September - 7.30pm onwards - Park by Wendy's Botany (see image below) Rain location: Across the road at Botany Xtreme bowling (hopefully it doesn't rain) Come along and say hello or whatever - new members are more than welcome! Share this with your friends!
  8. Nice! Looks good!
  9. Welcome to the forums btw
  10. There's a small drain pipe from the heater core which drains condensation. It often gets blocked and the water has nowhere to go but the footwell. There's a thread on it somewhere. I'll try find it for you Edit: just noticed you mentioned drivers side multiple times and I failed to notice. Not sure about drivers side. Blocked drain usually spills in to passenger footwell.
  11. Vf24 Is what comes factory on v4 sti
  12. Blocked aircon drain pipe is most likely cause or a leaking heater core (but that means it would be coolant in the footwell)
  13. Are you putting the guard liner back in? Take plenty of pics - I want to see the clips on the back of fender too