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  1. You'll be amazed at how much weight is hiding in the doors
  2. Unfortunately I do...... It's the only 98 between my house and work
  3. 2.72 for 98 at my local in AKL (prob more now.... its been 2 days lol)
  4. If I had a nice front lip then I might care a little more lol
  5. I thought it was time for a change.... oh how wrong I was.... Lasted not even two days before changing back And because I'm a big fan of impracticality - I lowered the front a touch more Soz for the shitty phone pics
  6. I think this is what the yanks call a "donk"?
  7. I'm just off Rockfield road (close AF to ellerslie)
  8. Yep - the front part is clipped on to the gear surround (as I said - don't be too scared to give it a lil bit of force) I found it easier to drill by going from underneath rather than through the top If your in AKL I am happy to lend you a drill
  9. I have the aux port in the centre box just next to the cigarette lighter - it's actually really easy to pull apart (a screw on each side hidden by the front seats and one on the rear of it facing the rear seats iirc) - don't be scared... the plastic is quite strong
  10. I did this like 2 years ago and it worked mint - I even made a 'how to' on this forum but photobucket F***ed us all and now the pics are gone so it's not a lot of help anymore.... It does exactly that - when you plug the adapter in and before you re-install the unit just flick the key on and test it quickly You don't need to do anything else - just plug it in and the AUX button on your stereo will automatically work
  11. There is a prerequisite which needs to be met before you can list an item for sale on our forum - the prerequisite is a post count of 10 (your already 10% of the way there) Once you have a post count of 10 the classified section will open up and posts will become visible
  12. I tried two different ones from Ripco (one was 'Gear Up' brand and the other was Repco branded) Had them on the race car when it was on axle stands outside - Both were utter S*** for outdoor use - neither of them lasted through the weather at all If they were used inside then they both would of probably been fine....
  13. It wont be coolant level related. Get someone to plug in to your ecu and see what the codes were