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  1. yea thats what I thought, I was expecting the owner (since they had a sticker) would see the post and didnt think the number plate mattered.
  2. Give Marty the promise of a mad legacy and Moog the promise of some Beef Jerky and Tofu.
  3. Okay plate is GHC333 and spotted in Porirua
  4. Who is this? Seen this heaps but have never spotted the ClubSub sticker untill now.
  5. 6wd for added grip eh
  6. Finally replaced my old tyres (slicks basically lol) for a new set of RE003s, Very happy with em
  7. 2008 impreza non turbo with 122000kms Yep would prob get Strong for Subaru to hook me up If I need one unless I can find one locally, they always have what I need lol...
  8. will do, it does sounds like it is the pulley making the noise, weather I can just get a new pulley or I have to get a whole new pump I will have to find out...
  9. ok sweet, I should be able to do that.
  10. My air conditioning pump makes a ton of noise when aircon is on and it drives me crazy every time I hear turn on and off while I have my window open. Any tips on how I can fix this noise?
  11. New tyres on Friday. The tyres atm have so little tread atm I understeer with no effort in this wet weather. I have to drive like im on ice lol...
  12. Yea I really like the sound but its a tad quiet for my liking . I do sometimes hear a few pops, usually in car parks or when slowing down for traffic lights and I downshift.
  13. Not that anyone cares or anything but this is the sound of my impreza with stainless pipe replacing the muffler (did it about 4 months ago and costed me $0 thanks to my mate) It actually sounds decent for just a muffler delete and definitely a bit of boxer noise going on but it does have equal length headers and no turbo...
  14. Dont know size of fuel tank for mine and all that other stuff but: 2008 Subaru Impreza 2.0R 7.8L/100km when driving very carefully 15L/100km when driving hard 11.2L/100km is average