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  1. Yeah I had the 2.0 tho. I agree its not worth modifying too much as its only a 1.5. A nice set of wheels and tyres is definitly an option though. If you want it lowered you can put in some lowering springs but it won't make it handle better and may spoil the ride quality. If you dont have a rear sway bar i have a stock 2.0 one which came with my car of your interested. Im Unsure if they will bolt on but someone else will know. I replaced my muffler with a straight pipe which my mate did. Gave it a bit of a noise. Doesnt sound as good as the turbo versions tho. Most of all, enjoy it. I had so much fun in my one Edit: when you get bored of it, buy a wrx and the possibilities are endless however this could be the start of many bad monetary decisions
  2. When I turned left even just like a small amount at normal speeds it makes it a lot quieter but if I turned right even a little it would get louder. Mine was so loud it was embarrassing when driving, especially around carparks or highly populated areas
  3. Recently on my V7 I had really bad left front bearing noise, started off with just a slight noise when turning hard right (I think it was right) then randomly became really loud one day. Had no play when I shook the wheel but the wheel bearing had seized (probably because someone put in a repco bearing.) so I had to replace the hub too. I wouldn't mind betting since yours has done that many kms it could already have a replacement which could have been a repco (or similar) one which in my experience didn't last long considering it has been through the factory bearing and repco one in only 160000kms. I Just took off axle nut, unbolted strut, rack end, control arm and took the whole thing to a mechanic to press out the old bearing and put new one in, or on new hub if necessary. Save the mechanic a lot of time and yourself $$ Does it make the noise all of the time? Is it louder when turning right hand corners? Does it get quieter when turning slightly left? Hope that helps Edit: mine got quieter for no reason too. It was also louder in the morning... no idea why lol. This was my post here.
  4. Yeah possibly was losing a bit of compression but it felt normal while driving off boost anyway.
  5. Nah it was running fine. I would have noticed that.
  6. Solved: So I went took the car for a drive to get it hot and when it started making the noise I had a look around. I pressed my finger on the two left side coil packs and one of them was vibrating as it made the noise. Took coil off and found spark plug was loose. When changed plugs I mustn't have tightened it enough as Im always scared of over tightening. Nice easy fix. Sure easier fix than over tightening it. On my ratchet I counted 36 clicks until it goes around 360 degrees so from now on I tighten plugs around 24 clicks therefore around a 2/3 turn.
  7. Yes probably. Im pretty sure oil is leaking from rocker cover onto manifold as when I drive it after a week I get a lot of smoke coming out of bonnet and then it stops/almost stops smoking. Could be exhaust leak ill look into that.
  8. The noise is on driver side of engine not in the center. I did some research and it could be the idler like jono and individualities said. The noise stops when its cold so would that mean its not big end failure? I would assume that would make noise all the time. Kinda does sound like a big end tho
  9. update: When I leave the car for a week some oil leaks on exhaust (I assume) and starts smoking after 10 mins but does burn off. I really gotta do the rocker cover gaskets some time... So I took it back out Saturday and the noise was gone, drove 10 mins and then rechecked oil and coolant. Noticed coolant overflow was almost empty (topped it up few weeks ago). Took it for a decent drive to get it up to temperature and then the noise came back. Here is another video with some small revs. Better to listen with headphones if possible. As the noise had gone but came back when it was warm, im hopeful its not big end as that would make noise all the time.
  10. Cambelt changed around 70000kms, 5-8 years ago. Cant remember exactly. When I go back to the house (this weekend) ill take a better look at it. If I dont know I can always take it to macbilt or somewhere near there. They are only a few mins away.
  11. Yeah I do. Ill take another listen when im back there. Im pretty sure it did start making that noise tho. Usually big ends have a louder rattly, clickly noise. Your right they do make a lot of noise in there.
  12. Its the same oil in terms of it being 10w40 but this time I used fully synthetic as there was some in the cabinet at home.
  13. That was my first thought but I just hope its not Im pretty sure I hear it in the left side near the heads/rocker cover if that helps.
  14. Was just warmed up from 15 min drive, didn't hit boost or anything but when I backed down driveway I heard this pok pok pok noise. Changed plugs and oil last week. Oil level on dipstick is quite high (maybe I put too much oil in?) Any ideas what it is?