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  1. Pretty sure its that one, 50-1000 seems correct. I used factory sock as I was told to, idk if its bigger/smaller. Just brought it straight up, didnt ask for subaru kit or anything. From the kit that you receive, the only things I used were the pump, hose (and clamps) and gasket to hold the fuel sock on. I didnt use any wiring or anything else. also used factory rubber seat/mount thing
  2. yeah, Im more keen on the look of tire lettering, I think words rolling around on the tire looks real good and doesnt really matter toooo mch what it says as long as it makes sense. Prob gonna get wheels white first so im just getting the ideas going.
  3. yeah Invisible did it. Should put "CLUBSUB" lol
  4. Not sure about #SUBRU, Looks cool but cant be bothered explaining to people what it means lol. What other ideas you got, I was thinking just "EAGLE F1" on each tire which will cost only $90 including glue from NZ company.
  5. Yeah I think both would be nice. I think its worth $200, yes its expensive for what it is however it makes it pop much more and its gonna pay its self off every time you look at it Golds are nice but I gotta say, I prefer white.
  6. Im sorry sir, Please give me a few weeks sir Yeaah Im def liking the look of that photoshop anyway... Maybe I will...
  7. Ohh that looks mint! The wheels IRL would be a lot more clean looking and less bright I think so it would be sweet haha. Do you think white wheels and tyre lettering or just lettering? $200 is expensive but it makes it look so good I think.
  8. Yeah, that was my second option. seems to be working fine with it being a little squashed in there, as long as it stays good, ill keep it. Also AEM one is very quiet, I cannot hear it at all when seats and covers are on.
  9. Yeah, they looks MINT on GRB's but im not too sure about my GGB...
  10. What car did you install those bushings on? I tried to install steering rack on my car last night but could only get the passenger side one in... Couldnt move the rack enough to get the old driver side one out.
  11. old: wellington windmill new:
  12. Okay You think what I have done will be all good? Shall I put back in the car.
  13. im sure it was the correct pump... i ended up jaming it in and looks like this. the rubber bit where it seats is a little squashed but seems okay
  14. installing aem fuel pump and when put the new pump in, it doesnt fit in the seat and the tube that sucks the fuel at top of pump by around 3mm. i can get it to fit JUST if i jam it in but dont wanna do this. what should i do? thought about grinding a bit of plastic off but there is a little filter or something at the end