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  1. I might get the other side in maybe tomorrow and ill do that. It may be 5mm closer but barely noticeable or even close to what its supposed to be. Will see for sure after I have taken for drive with both springs done.
  2. it has wrx+sti written on the sticker (pic above) and on a few websites it says 35mm as well as the trademe listing.
  3. I will but I doubt it will settle by 35mm
  4. Rear spring. Pics Before: After:
  5. Maybe I installed them wrong? I doubt it tho...
  6. nah it didnt have any pictures. I already keep dead bodies in the boot, no room for any more...
  7. No need for picture, its pretty much exactly the same. I could get one up tomorrow if u want tho.
  8. ... Well, I brought some H&R springs, apparently decent ones (progressive and all that stuff) and loweres the car by "35mm", I just chucked one of the rear springs on the car, dropped it down and its pretty much the same height as before, maybe a few mm dropped but definitely not even 10mm. They are designed for 'gg' chassis (among others) so its for the correct car... They are a bit of a bi**h to do this all myself so dont wanna do em all yet. I might do em anyway because they are new springs and supposedly better. Other than laughing, are there any suggestions/reasons why this is happening?
  9. The insides are always a pain to get clean especially if its not painted or anything, the brake dust and crap just sticks and its also hard to access when its on the car. When you get them clean you wanna keep em clean even if u take em off once a month and get right inside. As far as cleaning it, Im not too sure how to get rid of all the crap on the inside other than wheel cleaners and things. Would also like to see if there is a way to get it off tho. Edit: If its not painted or anything, whats stopping you sanding it all back and giving it a coat of paint and clear coat.
  10. no Nah I live in Churton Park and driving out there for just a photo is not worth the petrol unless I want to just go for a drive, im sure someone is closer.. haha I assume Photoshop is not allowed
  11. Sweet, shall we restart on Saturday aye? This sounds fun Or now if no one objects...
  12. So there is only one picture at any time we should be trying to find and take a photo of your own car at that spot or can there be multiple pictures of different areas? Yes I think @Joker has a good point.
  13. Can someone tell me how this 'tag' game works and can we get it going in Wellington again?
  14. H&R springs only at this point. May need shocks tho. why?
  15. ohh nice, I just brought some H&R springs yesterday so I hopefully get em this week sometime.