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  1. I hope they didnt put a heavy duty clutch in a impreza 2.0R... I doubt this so I assume somethings loose..
  2. Only shudders on releasing clutch in gear under 2k ish rpm. Is that right @Subaru - Snag? Tightening gearbox mounts, drive shaft mount is a good start.
  3. Sorry old topic but can you explain this more? so remove the air duct under bonnet and intake silencer then run a pipe to spotlight area then what happened to under manifold pipe/maf?
  4. This is actually my old 2008 Impreza 2.0R. Before new clutch it was 100% normal but after it was shuddering quite bad and Snag noticed a few nuts loose including the anti-pitch mount and something under the car. After these were tightened it was better but still NOT normal (I drove it just today). It doesnt shudder if you use around 2k rpm then release clutch but 1.5k or less it usually does and you can really feel it. I assume something is still loose. The guys who installed the clutch is not a subaru shop or anything, just our regular mechanic. The fact they left engine mounts loose is just stupid but they are usually pretty good with everything else we give them.
  5. Can we have a facepalm emoji/icon?
  6. Not sure, the seller may have just imported as parts.
  7. They arrived today. They are imported from japan (so good chance they are okay) and looks in mint condition, they look half as old as current struts. Im sure they will be okay but I cant say for sure.
  8. We have no good tracks close that I know of, the closest proper one is manfeild iirc
  9. Just gonna buy second hands. Its my mates b4 but Im just here to see if anyone had somewhere to get em rebuilt.
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