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  1. Did that. Pretty sure that fixed it. Sounds awesome haha.
  2. Does it increase in pitch or volume as you increase rpm? Im pretty sure I had this issue on my old 08 impreza but cant remember exactly what it was atm. May be unrelated but fiddle with the volume on head unit and make sure there is no aux cord plugged in and see if that changes anything. I found the stereo on my impreza caused weird rpm related whining on occasion.
  3. I checked low pass. This is the Sub below. Its a little hard to see where they are pointed but looks about 70hz Ill turn if up a bit and if that doesnt help ill pull out the polyfill.
  4. Forgot to mention above that I installed the sub yesterday and have used it a little bit since. Definitly a lot louder especially at lower frequencies and if I turn if up my mirror shakes a whole bunch more than it used to. However sometimes, usually in the mid/higher frequencies (for the sub) it goes real quiet and lacks the punch it used to.
  5. Cheers 😎. I have a bunch more/better mdf so im tempted to make some different designs just for fun.
  6. I used a decent amount of glue but no silicone. It 'looks' air tight. Edit: Found some silicone and and put a bead on the inside but couldnt access the front face due to the caulking gun being too large so I put a bead on the outside of those joints and will just cut back excess and the carpet will hide it.
  7. Update. Have decided to make a ported Subwoofer box . ( @boon's recommendation) I got some 18mm MDF and cut bits of wood using a design (below). Have finished cutting, gluing and screwing all the bits together. Im not that good at woodworking so there are some rough areas. I have felt carpet for the exterior and also polyester to line some of the inside. Design: My Photos: Looks pretty rough but for a first time its not tooo bad. I actually have some nicer MDF I just got (after I cut out these peices) so im tempted to make another box, maybe another design. I rather enjoy making these things. The extra bit poking out the back is so the box pushes against the back of the seat making it more secure. My brother cut and folded some of these for mounting it.
  8. Haha yep. I put number plate in carjam and it showed the previous number plate in your picture.
  9. If you live In Lower Hutt you may have seen this around. upload pic
  10. My current setup the amp can only supply 195W RMS from the bridged output but the sub is rated to 350W RMS. I feel a second amp might make its way into the car...
  11. Definity. On my next car I will get a better setup maybe. Next car will be something more comfortable and quiet.
  12. Too late now but ill keep it in mind. I have valved exhaust so that helps a lot 😁
  13. Yeh i just lost 35kg so I can afford a whole system upgrade and still be lighter
  14. Car weighs 1.5t. Whats 15kg for some good sounds 😁
  15. Yeah I looked into underseat ones but I will probably go for a big one in the boot and use stretchy cords to hold it in and then just unplug it when i need the room which isnt often