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  1. Yea then the gearbox breaks? I dont like the idea of adding power to a WRX. If I get one I prob wouldn't do much engine stuff, I wait till I get an Sti.
  2. My bad Edit: v10 yea I will definitely look around. I would like a V7/V8 sti (<<non Americanisms ) over a Wrx.
  3. Sweet. Change of circumstances, probably gonna get a WRX now and a damn nice one too (low kms hawkeye or something). Still could get it checked out by them tho.
  4. Good idea, they do CS discounts aye?
  5. I emailed the guy and waiting for response. If there is someone that knows a bunch about buying Subarus that could check it out that would be a good idea if I become more serous on buying it.
  6. lol people swap certs and stuff? lmfao
  7. Cheers, very in depth when buying my first corolla it wasnt this hard LMFAO.
  8. Sweet, yea gotta love the bugeyes with the roof air vent (roof scoop I call it ). Might that a further look at it, I live in wellington and thats in auckland so a bit hard to view it unless im very keen... One question, is 160000 kms quite a lot? I want something fairly reliable and would 160000 be fine? (assuming no underlying issues)
  9. All good Is there are trademe link for his car or anything? Would prefer to Buy an Sti tho.
  10. What ya all think of this? http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1306926047
  11. It is good news good tips , ty okay I may take it to them for inspection or whatever, Cheers.
  12. Thanks for the advice, I have been looking around for a few months and researching a bit and definitely have an open mind in terms of what version/body type to get, I might look a few more modified cars with the basic mods so I can save myself some cash, always planned to buy one with exhaust, bov etc.
  13. Yea something doesn't look right, the main thing I saw was the fog lights, the Sti just has the 'sti' cover. Also the things you mentioned. I might get him to post engine bay pic
  14. hehe I know what you mean. I managed to blow up a Corolla (well it ran out of oil lol...) HAHA I can just imagine cruising past people capped at 180
  15. I bet there are of these threads out there but here is another one Im panning to buy my first Turbo Subaru soon (an Sti ) and looking for some advice on what to look for and to avoid. Im thinking that I want something with no more than 170000kms, V5 to v9, no engine tuning (intakes, FMIC's etc) and nothing uncertified. Does that sound right? Should I get a pre purchase inspection too?
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