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  1. Ohhh, gotta get some pics happening. I want a V7 to make it this time I will have to learn how to take good pics tho...
  2. Okay, doesn't seem too hard, just time consuming. Is it just the rear struts or shall I do em all?
  3. Interested to know what he says. If your right, I might just wait a bit and get adjusties or new struts especially if I have to fiddle around with 16 year old suspension.
  4. Sometimes when I slow down and stop (any time after I boost it usually) and I will feel the struts popping and clicking but after that it doesn't happen untill I next give it some herbs then slow down and stop again. Feels very strange. Any ideas on what it might be?
  5. Okay, I might just do that
  6. Will this fit my V7 Sti? it says 92-01 but does that include V7? https://www.subaruspeed.co.nz/collections/mufflers/products/exhaust-system-zerosports-impreza-92-01
  7. If its Saturday I might be able to come.
  8. Might look into that, could be interesting. The current wagon lights have a lot of red in them and I cant find any good upgrades for them. There are a few decent V8 ones tho. Edit: found this.
  9. Does anyone know if tail lights from a V7 Sedan (or even V8/v9 wagon/sedan) will fit a V7 Wagon? Quickly googled it and looked at pictures but hard to tell. Just wondering if anyone has done this or knows if its possible. Edit: just found out sedan/wagon lights are not compatible Pretty sure the v8+ wont fit too now, they have the little bump.
  10. whats a tactrix cable worth?
  11. okay, might just do a catback for now.
  12. okay sounds good. Im not looking for power gains now but I might want to in future so Ima get an exhaust and all that stuff then tune it later on. All I really need is a midpipe and downpipe.
  13. Deciding to keep the Genome and im keen to start on the downpipe, I know there are different types of downpipes e.g. divorved, bellmouth. Whats the ideal setup and do these things really matter?
  14. @Marky What would a decent FMIC kit cost these days? After reading this, im tempted. Also where would you pick one up from?