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  1. Highly doubt ill be there. just too busy around that time.
  2. I doubt they will go down much now tho..
  3. Take care when leaving parking lots plz Im actually thinking of buying a Skyline R32 to get some rwd turbo in my life. Keeping the trusty Sti tho
  4. Diff mount bushes? Just a guess...
  5. I got the HDI front mount which costed around $800 then sold BOV, Top mount, and some other air splitters and things and got around $400 back. Thats a cheap Front mount. Once everything is hot there is no extra lag too. Chris (the tuner) was amazed because power, torque and boost was pretty much exactly the same as with top mount after the re-tune. The best part is way less heat soak so you can get your 208kw all the time
  6. *Gets popcorn* In this case Inked is only looking for 260kw ish. A turbo that spools decently quick and holds to redline would feel pretty nice for street driving. Im sure a 300kw sti that spools late would be a very nice experience but once you hit boost in 3rd you would almost be breaking the speed limit on the road anyways. Im not experienced here so I cant claim to know...Do get more KW's tho
  7. Me too. They already blew the honda engine in the STI after a few days. - bent a rod I cant stand them because they ghetto everything.
  8. Painted calipers gloss black. Gonna paint the "subaru" White so it stands out. Also painted a few of the interior pieces red for lols. Ill get a pic of that installed later on
  9. Might just be his car, It has a mind of its own. He wants to get an Sti next because even he is not a huge fan of it. In fact the gearbox for his GTI had to be reconditioned recently which costed a kidney. A mate at work picked up a new DSG polo recently and it got about 50kms and then the gearbox went into safe mode and was standard. When the tow truck came, the driver said that he often picking up German cars and returning them to the dealers lol. Purely Anecdotal evidence but that is my experiences with them. German cars not actually that reliable or cheap to fix. Im sure they not that bad but if you want reliability I would stick to good old Japanese cars. If you dont mind driving a manual, a GTI would be a very fun car. Almost as fun as a wrx Forester is fine but you might as well get a wrx
  10. Obviously im going to say 2004-06 Wrx Wagon. Should be okay on fuel if you drive carefully. Loads of room. Reliable. Golf GTI... meh. I struggle to like them. My brother has an auto and I dont like it. No traction in the wet and axle tramps so bad coz fwd. Going from reverse to drive with the DSG takes abound 5 minutes for it to engage meanwhile your wondering whats happening and why it hasn't engaged. If your lucky you wont need to spend another 5 minutes writing a note to the persons car you coasted into. I wouldn't mind a Manual GTI tho. I would only go forester if you need room. Civic/accord.. reliable and good economy I guess.
  11. Anti seize is a weird one. I didnt use for last set and they came out like they had butter on them. Im pretty sure NGK plugs have a coating that prevents seizing, it was only 10k kms ago tho.
  12. Brought new plugs. They all came with a gap of 0.3 ish. Gapping them to 0.8 seems very big. Is that correct? Edit. Never mind. I cant read... they are 8mm
  13. Changed cold air intake into short air intake hoping I could move intercooler pipes enough so bumper would fit. I also moved intercooler back a bit more however still doesn't fit. I can start to hear some dort dort noises from intake which is cool I guess...
  14. Ratchet spanners