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  1. Anti seize is a weird one. I didnt use for last set and they came out like they had butter on them. Im pretty sure NGK plugs have a coating that prevents seizing, it was only 10k kms ago tho.
  2. Brought new plugs. They all came with a gap of 0.3 ish. Gapping them to 0.8 seems very big. Is that correct? Edit. Never mind. I cant read... they are 8mm
  3. Changed cold air intake into short air intake hoping I could move intercooler pipes enough so bumper would fit. I also moved intercooler back a bit more however still doesn't fit. I can start to hear some dort dort noises from intake which is cool I guess...
  4. Thanks, new desktop background
  5. Hi Nic, My car is similar, it has a bunch of vapour/steam or whatever coming from the exhaust and definitely seems slow (off boost) for a few mins in the morning and then its fine, I think its pretty normal especially in winter. Im sure someone here can tell us why. Its probably happening when your idling too but you just cant see it in drivers seat. If you are in traffic in the morning, you can sometimes see other cars vaping and drops coming from the exhaust too. Hope that helps
  6. I met you prob 8 months ago in poruria store, u had Clubsub jumper on so I said hi. You said you were Gordon so I assume its you.
  7. oh nice. I met @B4Gordon at supercheap a while ago lol
  8. Thanks, now im bout to waste 75 minutes of my time.
  9. I have a suggestion. Can we have more pictures of 'cars' in the calendars. The 2018 calendar has 4 out of 12 pictures of whole cars and I think it should be at least 8. I get bored of looking at a wheel, start/stop button all month. I do like the odd wheel/engine bay picture but I think cars have a lot more to offer for a calendar.
  10. who dis. Porirua/tawa
  11. Indian cobra snake oil is the best.
  12. not really. Had a meet about 4 meets in last year. I been to only 1 because Im usually doing other stuff with family etc.
  13. @Inked
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