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  1. 15psi is pretty low for the VF30, Sti's take 18psi stock. I assume its a non sti right? 15psi at 4600 is pretty laggy. After the tune I get 15psi at 3700rpm and keeps going up slowly till 22.6psi.
  2. will do soon Changing my BOV atm coz mine is acting a bit weird.
  3. Model: V7 Sti Displacement: 2L Mods: 3 inch catless dp, 2.75 catback, 3 port, fuel pump, tune Fuel: BP 98 Tuner/dyno: Chris@ Prestige Tuning, Dynapack 190wkw 364nm @boon you can probably make more sense of these graphs.
  4. Didnt mean you specifically when I said most people. Yeah I get that. Prolly just a cylinder/ring thats causing that issue, you said to get it rebuilt/freshened up which is fine but I rather not do that unless it costs nothing or NEEDS a rebuild. Why not just get bigger turbo and and if I make 210 then cool, It would probably die sooner but then do a rebuild and make way more power on new engine. I dont wanna rebuild a 'good' engine. Tuner suggested that to me actually.
  5. 190kw Some people here thinks I should not get a stock location turbo for various reasons but I see lots of people with TD05s that are very happy them and especially as I not looking for huge power right now I dont see why I need to spend 4k on twisted setup. Im listening to both sides so Im still undecided, probably just gonna wait for now and see what happends. Didnt your mate buy that turbo?
  6. lol thats quicker spool than my VF30. 22.6psi at 4650. Was your Td05 Kinugawa stock location and would you recommend one over a vf considering the cost.
  7. @chulozumo take the RA-R
  8. Damn how is that so spooly??? Im looking at my dyno chart with vf30 and I get 12psi at 3.5k rpm, 20psi at 4k rpm and 22.6psi at 4.6k rpm meanwhile you got full boost at 3750! Whats the difference between vf30 and vf34?
  9. Looking good Good to see my car
  10. My Subaru works in the rain Ill try to be there Possibly find a spot undercover if its raining too bad. plus I dont have a umbrella
  11. FMIC is coming so ill get that on and a retune and ill see if that does anything. If its still 190 I have no freaking idea whats going on. I thought all v7 sti's had vf30? Ill check anyways just in case.
  12. Why do you say this? I dont have to have injectors to be committed to a build lol... I dont want injectors because they are not necessary with the power I want therefore not worth $500 and a whole retune, why dont I just rebuild my engine too? I want what I have written on original post. Its a daily and I dont want a 300kw daily driver right now, I feel around the 240kw mark is about right, even 220kw with lots of space under the chart would suit me, does this make me not very committed?
  13. uhhh idk. Rather not do injectors, I not looking for huge power and they can cope with what I want. Also rather not spend more $$$
  14. Fuel pump HDI FMIC 3 inch catless DP with 2.75 inch catback HKS panel air filter 3 port boost solenoid Already been tuned so its just touch ups now. IIRC my turbo is holding back my power and then injectors at around 260kw ish ? Might be wrong TBH I would be happy with 220kw if it has a big power curve and doesn't drop off too much. Currently it reaches 190kw only briefly then goes back down. IDK how it works but having 200kw+ for a large rpm range would make it feel really nice.
  15. Still thinking about upgrading the turbo and have made up my mind on what I want the turbo to do which is: Hold boost till redline Stock location 220-250 kw Internal gate Has to be on the cheaper side Doesn't have to last for ever, will prob go twisted in couple of years anyways. I keep coming back to TD05 20G - Genuine one worth around 1250 or closer to 1500 with a few upgrades. I dont need a garret or holset or whatever, as long as its a decent upgrade from stock its all I want right now. Twisted turbo setup would be nice but too expensive to get everything 100% sorted, thats something for the future tho What do you all think?