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  1. 225 on a 9.5" rim yeah that ain't ideal You'd get better road handling out of a 18x8 or 18x8.5 wheel if you're chasing ultimate cornering, 9.5 is unnecessarily wide, even better would be 17x8 as that'll fit over stock wrx brakes, reduce a heap of weight + lower the gearing. Obviously won't look as sicKo though.
  2. Yeah 8/6k on mine, be interested to see what you think
  3. Got the Street Ultimate Elites from RSS in my car, ride is very good considering the spring rates. Damping range is pretty incredible, can crank it up to very stiff, build quality is great, much better than older Japanese Tein/Cusco coilovers Imo (if this stuff is Chinese its the good Chinese stuff). Pretty much live up to the name I suppose? On full soft they're very very close to a stock STi for comfort imo (get a bit upset by massive bumps obviously, they are a coilover). On full stiff they're very firm, too much for the road. I didn't go for the Reds because of the cost and the fact that I'm not competitively tracking the car, quite happy to be more comfortable and slightly slower/richer. I also don't plan on using a slick or full race tire on the car. Didn't get the option of the Primes through RSS.
  4. Yeah I find this hard to believe as well, sway bar thing I understand but look at any S201-204 impreza and generally one of the main differences is they have the whole STi catalogue of pillowball lateral links/trailing arms/sway bar links in the back.
  5. I'm not a suspension expert but I suspect that a lot of it has to do with the damping profile of the shocks in the car. MCA and other decent suspension companies use a digressive damping profile meaning that over smaller bumps the damper remains very stiff but when a bigger hit occurs it softens up. You can control roll extremely well while maintaining ride and wheel independence. When sway bars were introduced as 'the' silver bullet subaru handling cure all in the 90's/early 00's this sort of damping was not as common. Believe MCA has a more modern approach than Whiteline.
  6. Yeah you'll just end up with f**k all spring travel if you compress the spring too much or it'll come unseated under full droop if you don't have enough (assuming no helper spring). Doesn't change the actual rate. If you just use the base height adjustment to lower it you'll hit the bumpstops all the time. You have to first set the bump with the base height perch then everything else with the spring perch if that makes sense
  7. If one wanted to add a roof vent to a non RA car do you know if there is anywhere to get them aside from a wreaker car? keen as on a vent having no AC but pain to locate.
  8. Autolign stock their stuff or can get it in usually
  9. Do any of these shops actually engage in any form of contract prior? If so what are the clauses etc? If you were getting a proper build of $20,000+ (Haven't done but I'd imagine more common than you would think) surely you don't just do that on good faith. I mean for a service or tune on the dyno fine but at what point does that stop?
  10. Tein are very very good for the money in my experience. Not only would I not bag on them I would actively consider looking at them if I were you. Look up MotoIQ's review of the New Tein Flex Z's before writing them off. Just my 2c... Don't get me wrong MCA look extremely good but its big $$$
  11. If you're wanting to go twin scroll I don't believe the G25 series has twin scroll options yet (check I could be wrong), but do look amazing aerodynamically from what I've read.
  12. I've only heard of my car in nz with the closed deck 2.2l stroked to 2.35l which is why I bought it, might be a couple more but never heard of them. I believe the reason you don't see them in nz is because we never got the closed deck 2.2l block either domestically or imported from Japan (aside from a couple of 22b's).
  13. If you have alloy control arms do not use heat as they deform/or fatigue quite easily, or at least that's what the mechanic who did mine told me.
  14. go for the s201 if you're blind go for the v5/6 RA/R V-Limited if you want the realistic classic that will appreciate, they'll hit big $$$ if its low k's go for the V2 STi in 555 blue with 18x8 revolution Group A knock offs if you're a colin enthusiast go for the gravel express if you go skiing go for v4 if you want the best driving experience for the $$$ as usually they're a bit cheaper due to the front bumper. Really something for everyone
  15. My old man has owned a MY00 WRX GF8 since new for 19 years, done 260,000's, only thing that's gone wrong with it is the radiator header tank split which is a pretty common issue. Been on trackdays, up ski roads and learnt to drive on by 15 year old me. Basically they're bulletproof if looked after.
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