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  1. I’ve worked on a 5 speed dog box from a turbo eg33 large turbo car. Case flexing still screwed 2 straight gears. gearbox now was blast plates!
  2. Look into blast plates. They attach to the side of the box to stop the case flexing. Normally the reason most 5 speed break. Even with good gear sets.
  3. I blow my first 5 speed with only around 200kw after 1 month next one blew in about 6 months. (Early ty752) Got a later ty754 and ran 280kw and lasted till today! However they are a time bomb.
  4. Yep, I have most of the bits now, I managed to find door cards, Rear cards, carpets and the center concole I will just need some seats and rear seats, but normal 4 door stuff should fit. Im thinking about replacing a a lot of the panels in carbon, As they need a tidy up and I like carbon!! Another thing on the project list! I didn't plan on buying it, but somehow my autobid bought it for well below what i thought it was worth! Very tidy car!
  5. I actually don’t have many! It’s locked away collecting dust! Generated from my Apple iPhone using tools.sportscard.trade
  6. Hi guys, I recently added a new car to my collection. A blue type R coupe. Apparently it has 300kw with a gtx3076r and a 6 speed. Hoping to find some more info on it! Generated from my Apple iPhone using tools.sportscard.trade
  7. Does anyone have any info on replacing elec windows in a GC8 to manual wind up?! Looking to put wind up windows in a GC8 without wiring for the current elec windows. Thanks
  8. As the subject. Looking for some OEM or good quality 114.3 bolt in hubs 28373VA000. Where is the best place to find these? Ideally in the south island? Thanks
  9. Thanks. Trying to get through legit so that I can head for a wof without issue. The cage is only a bolt in. And I will only keep the rear section. So possibly no authority card needed. Is everyone else running a front mount just got a friendly wof guy?
  10. Thanks for the replies. The cars ages is a bit confusing. Over seas it was know as a 1999 car. But the chassis number aligns with a manufacturing date of 1996. So I’m not sure how they will look at the frontal impact rules. I asked lvv. But they were not sure. It does seem like the authority card route may save some hassles. Even for the brake lines. Apparently I would have to go back to steel brake lines. (Replacing the braided nylon hoses). Going to be a fair amount of work!
  11. Hi Guys Looking for some advise on how people got there cars certed with front mounts? My GC8 has a large front mount which meant the stock bumper iron has been removed. I am about to go through compliance and certing the car but looking to try and make it as legal as possible first! Any tips would be great!
  12. Subarus running 240 slicks are beating Porsche cup cars with 290+ slicks..... Albeit the Subarus I'm referring too have much more power!
  13. I have a facelift 3.0 with Si drive. The Si drive only changes the Throttle maps and effects the gear changes in the auto boxes. There is a bit of fuel to be saved with the si drive and the "I" mode. I went for the tiptronic over the manual as I'm lazy. Its a sweet car, but not a sports car..
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