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  1. Woah you can get tyre insurance? Sweet
  2. If you have no luck locally we can look in Japan for you
  3. You specifically after coilovers or lowering springs be ok too ?
  4. If you have no luck with them let me know, we can look into Japanese options for you, or AVO as well.
  5. If you're interested in aftermarket bits send me a PM, can do Whilteline, Ultra Racing etc and others
  6. Yeah Adjustable top hats for Subaru usually for camber
  7. Yep we are NZ dealer for both Grimmspeed and Process West! Send me a message and we can work out what you need with you
  8. Sounds like all the Hondas I've had.. if it aint leaking that means you need to put more oil in
  9. As mentioned above yeah work out what your goals are for the car then you can build the system around that. We can supply the parts you need like injectors, pumps, rails etc so once you work out what you need send a message or email sales@mlracing.co.nz
  10. parts

    Saw this was ages ago but do you still need the exhaust? We can do Tomei and can do some universal type flares too
  11. Yeah we can, send me a PM with more detail or email sales@mlracing.co.nz
  12. HMm yeah might as well upgrade it to speed bleeders. As mentioned above there are a few brands that do them now, happy to look into availabilities for you if you like.
  13. That's why couriers exist haha
  14. While most people are planning time off we're going to be here all throughout the holiday period for you. Need something but other shops are closed? No problem, send us a message or an email and we can work it out for you! We're taking only the stat days off and the rest will be business as usual! Thank you to all our customers and supporters for making this year another fantastic one. Merry Christmas (or whatever your celebration of choice is!), be safe and remember we're still here for your holiday season parts!