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  1. Nah NZ13 landing this weekend. This was just in one of our weekly USA shipments
  2. Cheers for the support !
  3. It's not made in AU, it's made in China. I think they have their own factory from what I've been told. I've not used it personally though so can't really comment on quality etc
  4. RRP around $2373 but we also have some Invidia options in stock at the moment too -
  5. Sure we can get them brand new no problem.. second hand.. maybe yeah hard to find
  6. First small shipment has arrived, some accessories and shift knobs as well as intakes. Get in touch if you're interested in anything or you can simply order on our website - Each week in our USA orders we'll add more and more so we hold lots of stock!
  7. We can supply used bits from Japan which might find a spoiler or the lights on there if you're interested
  8. Saw a snap yesterday that showed one place over 3$ already
  9. Yeah that's right so there are some models which work here as mentioned above. JDM specific models though.. not so much.
  10. The people have asked, and we've delivered. After some back and forth with COBB we're now authorised dealers for New Zealand. We have been been getting requests for the last couple of years about COBB parts and since we've become much more involved in the Subaru scene this has only increased! We have the full range available to us including their game changing Accessport systems as well as the extensive knowledge from COBB Tuning to back it all up. We can also supply their "stage" upgrade kits as package deals. Please visit the COBB website - and have a look at what's on offer. We are constantly updating our website ( to include more items but if you don't see what you want on there just send a message over or email
  11. Woah you can get tyre insurance? Sweet
  12. If you have no luck locally we can look in Japan for you
  13. You specifically after coilovers or lowering springs be ok too ?
  14. If you have no luck with them let me know, we can look into Japanese options for you, or AVO as well.
  15. If you're interested in aftermarket bits send me a PM, can do Whilteline, Ultra Racing etc and others