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  1. I passed ur deets onto Cam he said he'd get onto it. Let me know if you still can't get in
  2. sweet
  3. have messaged Cam and asked him to reset. Wot ur email in case he needs it ahh sweet
  4. I'm DCVR on DOBC but will let shale know wots ur user name there @THUNDA
  5. I've run both............VF23 for earlier response and good thru the middle and top as well......mine was on full boost at 3500 TD05 for middle and top.........mines on full boost at 4200 (18g wheel) For my style of driving (daily and track).........TD05
  6. a bit of heat coming off the new turbo so decided to put the old chimney back on.........a bit of cut'n and trim'n and bobs ur uncle
  7. adjusted the swaybar, resealed the leaky tailite unit, vacuum inside and wash'n wax........ ;D
  8. If they agree to it we'll set up an agreed testing method and video the whole thing................it's 'money where your mouth is' stuff
  9. phone him now I just fin talking to him............049393636. He's been away for rally events.........he's also going away again 2moro I think and back again mid next week so if u wana get him today call now
  10. bit of interesting info.............I called Radar Direct in the Hutt. Asked them about Laser Star....they said they'd never heard of that product (prolly cause they aren't agents for them). They said they only sell the blinders which use the same laser jamming technology. I told them I was in a car club (didn't name club sub) who had a few members interested in the technology but were a bit skeptical of the so called 'independent reviews' on the internet. I asked if they would be interested in doing some joint testing so we can all have an answer to the question "do they really work?" A win win proposition really.......from our end our members get a definitive answer and can be confident they're spending their hard earned pinga on a product that does what it says it does....or not......and from Radar Directs end, well they get potential busines from our members, word of mouth marketing, and endorsement of their product.......all assuming of course that the technology works like its advertised. That's got to be win win right? Well anyway, after they gave me the 'we've sold hundreds of units to customers and never had any complaints' speech, I was told that the person I was speaking to didn't really have the authority to agree to the testing anyway lol.......and that I should phone back tomorrow when the boss was in the office.........which I'll do ;D