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  1. of course you would be... in the intrest of keeping the conversation flowing. I personally would like to re-do the bones of what we did this year and maybe add a cruise or autoX, Would need some help to organise it all though as last year i pretty much did it all single handed.
  2. Some awesome photos being submitted.
  3. Timing of the event will likely come down to when we are able to get in on a Playday. the cost of track hire and insurance is just too high for us to go it alone these days.
  4. I think this is likely to be an event on its own, from memory they held their birthday event late 2016, so they would likely have a Dyno day later this year... Dont know how mobile their Dyno is? if at all. Successful CS events in the past have centered around Taupo, and Manawatu. The Megameet @Joker organised based at Camp Rangi Woods was Brilliant. and the 2 Taupo MMs i have been involved with have been met with positive feedback.
  5. Yup, thats right, ClubSUB is coming of age... 21 years of Subaru related chinwags, modifications, big end bearings, bent rods, events in dimly lit carparks, all night car fixing missions, Pizza nights, talking S*** and general banter. We turn 21 in April 2018, and we want to hear from you, the members, where, when and how you would like to celebrate? Do we hold an event and trackday in Taupo/Hampton Downs/Ruapuna/Teretonga? Do we hold many smaller events? How do you want to celebrate?
  6. Nice work! When things like this break why not upgrade a little eh!
  7. Nice one! I was thinking about you this morning actually. Wondering how you got on. Great to hear she's all go again.
  8. Can I have a screen shot of the address your trying to use please? Maybe pm it to me
  9. As much as you like.
  10. Here we go again! Its time to get your submissions together for the 2018 ClubSUB Calendar. Remember anything you submit, you need to be able to supply a High Quality version, were talking full resolution... IE Not uploaded to Facebook and then saved to your phone. You must also own the rights to the image, or have written permission to use the image from the owner. Alterations to the image will be made at admin's discretion, so if you wont want your number place visible, remove it before you submit the image. Any images submitted may also be used by ClubSUB Admin on social media. You can upload your images to this thread if you like, but you MUST email a full resolution version to clubsuborgnz@gmail.com Entries close 1st September 2017. Categories will be chosen once submissions close. ANNND GO!
  11. Someone said ...
  12. yeeehah IM catching up with @kamineko to do some brake pads on Saturday, so may not make the OSCC event. But ill def be there on Sunday, who else is coming?
  13. I used to love the OSCC events. Might have to come out for a look. Yup Sunday.2pm supercheap carpark
  14. OK happy to make it sunday.