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  1. A fair question, I was going to keep it a secret... but...
  2. all those who wish to recieve their calendar before xmas, the order is being made this friday!
  3. ok submissions are closed, and orders are open! http://bit.ly/CS2020Calendar GO!
  4. HI all! Just realised this hasn't been done, so we're going to do a lightning round of submissions and fly into production. Send your images to raydeo@xtra.co.nz NOW! Submissions close Dec 1st 2019 GO! Note: images need to be in landscape. Portrait images will be excluded from the get-go. images need to be full quality, Full size. images off Facebook suck. Size is A4 2480 pixels x 3508 pixels 300dpi
  5. Its only taken me the best part of 2 years..... but...
  6. Hey team, there is a car show in Shannon on the 16th Feb 2020 Anyone keen to convoy up?
  7. no, but those of us who want to keep our old Subarus going will need engines in the future.
  8. Time to start buying up EJ20 blocks for what will soon become a "retro" engine... then eventually a classic... 😋
  9. I got to the end of this thread and realised there were no answers... but its ok because the Vengaboys are still playing... it was worth it...
  10. dont know how to feel about that.
  11. good work to the tech team