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  1. As much as you like.
  2. Here we go again! Its time to get your submissions together for the 2018 ClubSUB Calendar. Remember anything you submit, you need to be able to supply a High Quality version, were talking full resolution... IE Not uploaded to Facebook and then saved to your phone. You must also own the rights to the image, or have written permission to use the image from the owner. Alterations to the image will be made at admin's discretion, so if you wont want your number place visible, remove it before you submit the image. Any images submitted may also be used by ClubSUB Admin on social media. You can upload your images to this thread if you like, but you MUST email a full resolution version to clubsuborgnz@gmail.com Entries close 1st September 2017. Categories will be chosen once submissions close. ANNND GO!
  3. Someone said ...
  4. yeeehah IM catching up with @kamineko to do some brake pads on Saturday, so may not make the OSCC event. But ill def be there on Sunday, who else is coming?
  5. I used to love the OSCC events. Might have to come out for a look. Yup Sunday.2pm supercheap carpark
  6. OK happy to make it sunday.
  7. what have i missed?
  8. Updated thread Title & Sunday the 18th is the day ~ Joker
  9. Only if it happened today.
  10. Ya'll have had your say. ClubSUB does not condone illegal activities on our streets. Can I draw all members attention to the "Report post" button at the top of each post. Please dont hesitate to smash that should you come across any antisocial behavior on our site by any member. Also, can I remind ya'll that if your car has a ClubSUB sticker on it, and its impounded or involved in any illegal activities, that reflects badly on us ALL. Your car is also VERY traceable with a bloody great big CS banner on the window. Until now ClubSUB has had a very good relationship with NZ Police, and we want to keep it that way. We regularly have members of the force read our threads, and have and will continue to provide any information requested to the NZ authorities should the need arise. Shall we bring this thread back to the topic of "What have you done to your car today?"
  11. there's 3 banners and a couple of stickers sitting here as well and about 5 membership packs I need to put together. I've been pretty busy lately with real life stuff, but will get them in the post tomorrow at the latest. the human in the chain is the biggest downfall in the system currently, if theres anyone who wants to help out sing out.
  12. PMs have been sent to those experiencing subscription issues.
  13. I'll look into this asap