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      Mega Meet 2018 OUR 21st!   09/04/18

      We're turning 21! And we're celebrating on the weekend of the 12th & 13th of May 2018   Come join us Saturday and Sunday events including a FREE Lunch @ the Tui Brewery, Mangatanoka, for Subscribed forum members   A cruise after to the Karting Venue in Palmerston North   Following that Sunday is a Playday on Track event @ Manfeild    Join us for any one or ALL of the events & help get together to celebrate NZ's Largest & oldest online Subaru Community! ~ Joker


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  1. OK team, numbers are starting to fatten out a bit. we are very close to hitting our threshold of "enough people to make the event happen" If you are planning on coming, but havnt signed up for lunch and/or karting, i suggest now is the time to do it. if you arent on the list, dont expect to just show up and have lunch, we need to know in advance, cut off is 7am 27th April. no exceptions. Attendance list any questions or dramas message me or post up here.
  2. Are you a car enthusiast or not? I'd love a 6 hour drive!!!
  3. some time later.... Yeah so Facebook Login is on lockdown till they release the next version of their app. Soz... not much we can do... I've turned it off for now.
  4. ive looked into it and i know why login with facebook isnt working... but i am yet to fix it... dont piss around with it Jared.
  5. more than we have. Is it really a "Mega" meet if theres less people there than any standard regional meet? I mean, seriously... were putting on a free lunch at Tui for all subscribed members... and we have 6 actual members confirmed...
  6. ok team, serious talk now. we are almost exactly a month out now... and we simply dont have the numbers. If you want to come but havnt committed... now is the time, or we run a real risk of cancelling. unless something has changed, standard 100% cotton overalls are fine. i have a few spare sets...
  7. Cool... you got the job.
  8. There was a track day once at ruapuna where we had a tow car session. I remember putting a VX Landcruiser up against a 4wd courier. Was a close race.... Not that we were racing of course.
  9. i can do that... unsure if ill be there on 2 wheels or 4 though at this stage...
  10. Apart from the person I just added... nope.
  11. Things are cracking on and this event is not far away, what we need is people who actually want to attend to sign up via the online store. Numbers arent looking flash at this point and many many people have voiced an intrest... c'mon people its our 21st birthday and the club has never put this much money into an events. its going to be awesome, but we need you to commit.
  12. 14th of what? March? That's a Wednesday.... not ideal for me. I'm at work.
  13. Keen. When are we talking?