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  1. The new store module is now live.
  2. theres more where that came from... strong possibility of a working online store, with paypal integration and ability to take credit card payments... even stronger possibility of tapatalk integration.... anything else? oh yeah subscription renewals are due end of April, we may have a full automated system to sort these out once and for all... sound exciting?
  3. can someone please link to an example where the youtube videos have asian writing on them?
  4. I've never understood why people hide numberplates on forums like this as they're publicly visable anyway... Bit no need to state location of you have a pic.
  5. All great ideas. However they cost developers time. We have our developer on the case in the next few weeks working on the commerce module so I'll get him to have a look at some of these things too.
  6. Hey mate. Im getting some key tags made for the mega meet to giveaway. One side with my company details and other clubsubs 20th anniversary details. Can you please email me some details as to what you guys will prefer on the clubsub side of the key tag? subirexautomotive@gmail.com

    Also do you guys have a preferred key tag designers/makers? I normally get my ones done by orange dog.  

  7. Hey Ray


    Hope things are going well with you


    was looking at getting x2 more ClubSub stickers. How do i go about buying some and getting it sent to me?




    1. RAYDEO


      chuck $12.50 in the club account and fire me a pm with your address.


  8. There's CS cars everywhere. Just not many with stickers on them these days.
  9. Ha! Yup that's me...
  10. We have had a ClubSUB Drive Tribe thingo since it started... https://drivetribe.com/t/bVYERNuWTAanSAmAYfa_tQ/N7eBMy9CQuaOsegYiju5TA
  11. cool man, fill out the form in the first post and ill get it off to you. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScx6huNNmQK7aZz7MVhPbSvKisIoN42qh4rkBxQ0rmjyWnZgA/viewform
  12. Ok team I have 5 calendars sitting on my workbench that need to go to a good home. $15 each + postage. who wants them?
  13. the details of the deal are something I'm not willing to share publicly, but I will say the team at PBMS have stepped up and offered some substantial financial assistance to the club, which is very much appreciated, and we look forward to working with the PBMS team heading into the future.
  14. Interesting, I'm using chrome currently (latest verson) and it's fine for me.
  15. Who's your isp? I dont have any any reports of issues of this nature, nor have I experienced issues like this my self on any platform.