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  1. This is cool. That camera and software is this?
  2. Strange...
  3. hmmm this is strange i can a see a number of uncomplete sale, but all the info is loaded. how were you trying to pay? is it an email address issue when it comes to logging into paypal?
  4. Built in filters in my camera. You don't like? I thought it looked pretty good.
  5. this and 1 more and im done.
  6. Heres a fun little video from the roof of STI4ME looking front and back at the same time.
  7. Hi guys and girls, if its not too much trouble do you think you could all go to the below link and fill out our short feedback form? this will help us improve and prepare for the big one, ClubSUB's 21st next year. https://docs.google.com/a/mediaworks.co.nz/forms/d/170-2KfI8JeJ2jXEjf0SiXNU0NCZK-KO1kaW1AiCYPlE/edit
  8. it was defo fun to watch.
  9. Hotlaps with @calebwrx
  10. Hotlaps with @Fastfour
  11. funny in what way? this car looks like a bucket load of fun.
  12. A video from Gary at Playday
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