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  1. If you don't ask... you don't get... eh.
  2. ok so if you type : kidney*: (without the *) you will get
  3. I'm sure that can be arranged
  4. There will be an announcement very soon
  5. interesting, on mobile, i cant see signatures at all... on pc i can, ive removed the dead image. General members are restricted to Signature images 300x100px Subscribed members have 800x150px
  6. I don't see an image in your signature at all @slystiguy There are subscribed member privileges when it comes to signatures. But I cant remember off the top of my head what these entail.
  7. Nice one... nah I don't drive the car daily. It was wifey. I was on a motorbike... yup... in that weather...
  8. Please ensure you are logged into the store. Otherwise the 12 month option won't be visible.
  9. or you can set to auto turn on when you reply, its in the settings. i also have email notifications on, thats the main way i know when people reply to me.
  10. thats an interesting one, have you changed any notification settings?
  11. Something like this? :-P All admins and mods are chosen on 2 main criteria, how active they are, how level headed they are. its helpful if they're subscribed members as then they can see all the boards, and have shown a commitment to the club.
  12. If you're wondering why there's so much talk about a magical, mystical classifieds section within ClubSUB but you cant see it... there's likely a very simple reason. Do you have less than 10 posts as your current user on the ClubSUB forums? Yes? well there you go. In the interest of making the ClubSUB Classifieds safer and more trustworthy, we have implemented a minimum 10 post count to access any classified board. (if you answered no to the above question, head HERE and post your issues, one of the team will help you asap) So go introduce your self, become part of the community, make some friends and ask some questions, you'll be buying and selling in no time! Have fun!
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