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      ClubSUB 2018 Calendar is now avilable!   24/09/17

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      The 2018 ClubSUB Calendar, Powered by Possum Borne Motorsport is now available.

      12 Hand picked full colour photos, taken by menbers, submitted by members and chosen by members.
      All vehicles in the calendar are owned by members of the NZ Subaru Enthusiasts community.

      A massive thanks to the team at PBMS for coming on board for another year!

      This is a very sought after calendar and only available for a limited time.
      Also, if you are a subscribed member of ClubSUB, you will be in for a descent discount, so make sure you're logged in.

      Please note, as these are printed to order, shipping will be delayed. we will make 3 orders, October 30th, November 27th, and December 11th. If you dont order intime to make one of these shipping dates, we will get it out to you in the new year.


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  1. or you can set to auto turn on when you reply, its in the settings. i also have email notifications on, thats the main way i know when people reply to me.
  2. thats an interesting one, have you changed any notification settings?
  3. Something like this? :-P All admins and mods are chosen on 2 main criteria, how active they are, how level headed they are. its helpful if they're subscribed members as then they can see all the boards, and have shown a commitment to the club.
  4. If you're wondering why there's so much talk about a magical, mystical classifieds section within ClubSUB but you cant see it... there's likely a very simple reason. Do you have less than 10 posts as your current user on the ClubSUB forums? Yes? well there you go. In the interest of making the ClubSUB Classifieds safer and more trustworthy, we have implemented a minimum 10 post count to access any classified board. (if you answered no to the above question, head HERE and post your issues, one of the team will help you asap) So go introduce your self, become part of the community, make some friends and ask some questions, you'll be buying and selling in no time! Have fun!
  5. Jesus, cant win with you lot! Last year people moaned about the categories, so no categories this year. Also, this year I gave you 3 months to get your entries in.
  6. so much fail on photobuckets behalf.... sad times.
  7. Hi team, I got an email for the team at Armstrong Subaru in Lower Hutt today, seems they have a sexy new black 2018 WRX in the showroom, aswell as a brand new Levorg. They said feel free to come down and drool over it if you wish.
  8. wow.... a bit quiet around here eh echo! echo echo echo Im told the guys down on old hutt road, bottom of Ngaio gorge opposite spotlight are great.
  9. It is with great pleasure, I open the voting for the 2018 ClubSUB calendar, brought to you by Possum Bourne Motorsport. Please view the images HERE And Place your votes HERE Every club member gets 5 votes, the top 10 images will be included in the calendar, along with some surprises chosen by our friends at PBMS. Things are getting exciting. Voting closes on the 24th September
  10. So many amazing photos in this thread, but 90% of them are not valid to be used in the calendar, because the user who submitted them, hasnt emailed the full res version to clubsuborgnz@gmail.com Im going to give you till the weekend to email them through... but if there not in, they cant be voted for. come on people get those amazing photos in!!! IM talking to you @BeastGRB @Conducks @94 Leone @Invisible @McMatty @sobanoodle @imbeta @thewabbit1 @BUGEYESTI @1randomkiwi @McMasterJamie @A_J_T
  11. Dropped my BP off at Subaru today... big list... Engine oil Oil filter Sump plug washer Fuel additive Spark plugs Differential fluid (front & rear) Upper cylinder clean Cam belt replacement Water pump Coolant Oil pump o-ring Front wheel bearing replacement best part of 3k, but at least its all sorted.
  12. This thread was helpful in diagnosing my current issue... same sound, a wump, wump, wump from the front left hand side, the frequency for the sound increases with the speed of the wheel rotation. its hardly noticeable above 40kph. Sending the car in for its 100,000 km service this week hopefully, so maybe they can sort the bearing too.
  13. of course you would be... in the intrest of keeping the conversation flowing. I personally would like to re-do the bones of what we did this year and maybe add a cruise or autoX, Would need some help to organise it all though as last year i pretty much did it all single handed.
  14. Some awesome photos being submitted.
  15. Timing of the event will likely come down to when we are able to get in on a Playday. the cost of track hire and insurance is just too high for us to go it alone these days.