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DIY Facelift BL/BP AUX install

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This is for all facelift BL/BP legacy and outbacks with a Kenwood stereo (2006-2009)

Here is a small guide to install an AUX

If you have this stereo: with an AUX button which seems to do nothing


Then you will most likely have no AUX socket in your centre console


You will need to purchase these cables: (does not have to be from these suppliers)

http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/List...1&id=936941441 (adapter for back of stereo)


http://www.ebay.com/itm/3-5mm-1-8-St...-/361291038063 (plugs in to the adapter on the back of the stereo)


http://www.ebay.com/itm/1pc-Car-Dash...gAAOSwrklVCR7T (goes in centre console bin and connects to rest of cabling)





Once you have collected all the pieces you will need to pull the stereo out - it is rather simple, follow this thread for good pics on how to remove: Note: I didn't need remove the whole centre console


Once you have the stereo removed - you need to run the wires from the stereo to the centre box - I unfortunately can't find a pic of where the adapter plugs in on the back of the stereo - but there is only one socket it will fit into anyway

When the wires have been run - you will then need to drill a hole the correct size for the AUX port

Here is the AUX port installed in my centre box


And working AUX on my stereo


Mine works mint and has good sound!

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I have something very similar, dont have the cable right the way through to the cubby though. Works fantastically

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here's how to DIY the connector to the back of the headunit...


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Will have one of these connectors for sale in the next week or two

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