Need urgent help please - throttle loss/stall

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As some of you here know, I've had my cluster removed and sent away for repair. You may have also seen my thread about the satnav/aftermarket stereo mod. This involved tapping a relay into the satnav wiring. I tired installing the relay last weekend but it now appears I may have wired it incorrectly. 


I had not started the car since Monday and as I took the car out this afternoon a few hundred meters up the road it lost throttle and started puttering and it then stalled completely. It appeared when trying to crank it again that the battery had also been drained. I had my portable jumpstarter and was able to jump it but it still had no throttle, was chocking and stalled again almost immediately. The battery again didn't have enough charge to crank.


I'm unsure how a throttle loss can be linked to an electrical or battery problem.. I have a feeling the incorrect wiring of the relay or a wire short has caused the battery drain. I took the battery in to get charged tonight and the guy said it had been fully discharged, so a significant current draw. The annoying part is it is a brand new battery I just brought two weeks ago. I was having no problems with the new battery or the car starting until today after playing around with the relay on the weekend. 


My questions are - is it ok to drive the car without the cluster? Does the computer or anything else rely on it for proper functioning? Could this be the cause of today's problem? Or is the throttle loss possibly linked to the battery being *fully* discharged? Perhaps the ECM is confused, fuel lines not running or something? I thought I was on track to getting the car all fixed up so this is disappointing. Would appreciate any help very much. :)

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The battery probably isn't charging without the charge light being in the circuit.

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What's the charge light? Is that something to do with the cluster? Could or would this be related to the throttle hesitation and stalls? 


Edit: Sorry, yes charge light in the cluster. So that is required to complete the charging circuit? Aghh could someone not have told me after I removed the cluster? Nevermind. Geez I guess it's pointless doing anything with the car until I get the cluster back now. I've got two weeks to get work done needed for WOF. I better see how the cluster is going tomorrow. :S

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I'm guessing because the battery was fully discharged the ECM had no power and could not initialize the fuel system maybe? Will pop the charged battery back in tomorrow and hope for the best...  

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