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Any pics from the meet in Petone on the 14/4

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Just wanting to know if anyone got any pics from the meet that went down in Petone a few days ago,



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like the ones in over on this link :P 


and welcome to the forums!

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    • By Joker
      So my little bro hooked me up with a bunch of sticky mounts for my car so there's 3 on there now & a few more to stick on
      My OFFER is to you guys if you want Chase car footage either on track / during the weekend or stuff come find my & pick a spot!
      Be considerate
      Don't pull off someone else's camera
      Dont hog!
      thats it
      I'll be on Track as much as possible!! Not fanging it so I wont be able to keep up for much of it but there will be some cool shots!
      Outside / inside & rear views & I'm not scared to stick more on!
      Also HINT use that #tag! it might take you places!
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      FB Link to the event : www.facebook.com/events/284113552314619
      See you there! 
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      CS FB details : https://www.facebook.com/events/197752760804022/
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