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Any pics from the meet in Petone on the 14/4

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    • By Joker
      SO I'm rather well known for "just making stuff happen" around here well ClubSUB have sponsored an Entry to Sunday's Superlap Event for this car     That's about as official as it gets for a 'ClubSUB display' : the first one in about 10 years & my First entry to a 4&R event   come say hi if you're there, first one to SAY CLUBSUB to me gets a tee-shirt from @mlracing.co.nz our Club Supporters!   Or go and fill out the Indemnity form (link above) if you want to come for a ride (not at track speeds I reckon it'll be the Chrome Expression sessions)   otherwise yeah   It's not meant to be a serious car, not aiming for any awards or speed records & I am taking the Piss out of Boyracers, us and you, and I'm just there to HAVE FUN which I think people start to forget how to do around here sometimes   <3 Joker   also LOL Facebook is down : where will the internet mechanics and popup Subaru Groups go for "What oil do I use in my Subaru?"   www.ClubSUB.org.nz would be a good resource to keep alive don't you think? I'm just doing what I can to support it and keep it alive & active   http://www.4androtary.co.nz/jamboree/jamboree-event-info    
    • By ClubSUB.org.nz
      Joker's going & we know a bunch of others are too!
      With Support from ClubSUB Supporters @mlracing.co.nz we also have a few Give-aways!
    • By Joker
      So my little bro hooked me up with a bunch of sticky mounts for my car so there's 3 on there now & a few more to stick on
      My OFFER is to you guys if you want Chase car footage either on track / during the weekend or stuff come find my & pick a spot!
      Be considerate
      Don't pull off someone else's camera
      Dont hog!
      thats it
      I'll be on Track as much as possible!! Not fanging it so I wont be able to keep up for much of it but there will be some cool shots!
      Outside / inside & rear views & I'm not scared to stick more on!
      Also HINT use that #tag! it might take you places!
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