BP5 turbo blown

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Uhhh, need help.

Almost got turbo off when i found another bolt on uppipe that is impossible to get, cannot get spanner coz the stud from stud about 10mm away blocks it and i can only get a small ratchet in there but cannot loosen it coz i cant get enough leverage. There is  that stupid bracket above it which i also cannot remove. Any ideas? U can see bolt here under wastegate.



I also had a whole bunch of coolant leak out the return, I had nothing to plug it do I just had to let it drain, I hope it doesn't make a mess on the car lol.

yuuuup turbo is pretty dead lol. I poked finger in exhaust housing and I could push and pull shaft back and forward about 10mm and wiggle it. Ima have to make a video once its out lol.

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