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Legacy 2007 Macintosh to have external source

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Hi All. I just joined the Subaru world. 


And I realized that there are no input of modern device..


I want to use AUX or Bluetooth to connect my mobile phone(s).



After googling I got those info for my audio system.


Nav : cn-hds915d ( Panasonic F class Strada )


Audio : Macintosh pf-2824i (not sure its from Japan or China)

Photo : Macintoshi


Currently AUX in Macintosh seems to be connected to Nav.(I just functionally checked it by pressing 'AUX' button on it not checking its wiring. Please correct it If I am wrong).

And I found out there are available AV IN in Nav's digital tuner. (It connects speaker (or amp ) via AV OUT, rear view camera, and Navi output)

According to a pdf manual similar model number, that AV IN seems to be used for video recording (black box?).


Photos : https://static.baza.farpost.ru/v/1522039014103_default


Given situation,

My best scenario (cheapest option) is


A) Using the available 'AV IN' by buying AV to 3.5 pi connector things.

1) Is that available ?

2) If yes, how it can be controlled in Nav screen? I cannot find a menu in Nav for controlling this.( or automatically showing if a device is being connected?)


If it turns out no luck, My next scenario would be buying some other 3rd parties 

B) https://drivingsound.co.nz/product/grom-bt3-bluetooth-for-03-07-subaru-kenwood-unit/ : 


-> Will it work for my Macintosh? It says compatible to Macintosh onward 2007, it requires one of 'CHR/AUX/SAT' button. Do I have to extra job if it has only AUX button?


C) Or buying new Navi system(screen + tuner + audio + rear camera) and connect it to Macintosh system.

As I have seen the current Nav's digital tuner, I guess that it is a kind of easy if I can reuse those AV cables to new navigation.

1) Is that easy as I think ( Is that safe for compatibility if all is AV-ish cables) ?



D) Or any other easy-method on it ?


Please give me your idea or your experience.


Thank you in advance.









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Hey, welcome to the club!


You could get an anycar unit.


Best to read about it for yourself to make sure it is compatible since I haven’t installed one of these myself. I believe this will allow you to connect your phone via Bluetooth to the factory macintosh radio. They plug into the back of the radio and allow for connection with aux or Bluetooth through the factory buttons on the radio.




I’m sure someone who owns one of these cars and has more knowledge than me will chime in.

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Thank you IZichard

 I have decided to have av cable + bluetooth receiver as I found out there are av input which is used for connecting navigator through amp.


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