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    See a few names and/or cars I vaguely recognise on the Flat Nats FB list but figure we might as well have a bit of a list of who from here is gonna be turning up. Post up if you’ll be attending, and what vehicle you’ll be in if you want CS Attendees so far: @Inked - V7 WRX @IZichard - maybe @Timmah - maybe @Not_Sean - maybe @chulozumo - Gravex @pedro - maybe @Niran - GV STI @preim - maybe @gotasuby - vehicle unknown @Joker - whatever he digs up in the back yard @Loren - @McMasterJamie - BE Legacy @Andy_Mac - BP Legacy @lowandy - Legacy RS
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    Back on topic. I'm annoyed the power band is so high, yet so restricted. It's like the worst of both worlds I've ordered a 500x300x100 ITL intercooler and joiners to suit. Once that turns up I'll do another open loop boost test to check the pressure drop across the new core. I'm not expecting miraculous results from a core alone, and won't go back on the dyno unless there are significant changes to AFR/knock. I've got a seized bl/bp engine being picked up this week (I may have a full twin scroll conversion for sale if a friend doesn't want it), unsure what condition the heads are in but will pull apart and have a look. If they are ok they'll still need sti cams, porting and some aftermarket springs. In theory the avcs should be able to bring the power on earlier, plus remove any doubt around my existing cams and dial in. Slight problem with quad avcs is the required outputs will need the current idle control output, so I'd need a different icv or remove it all together (I'd need a phase 2 manifold anyway and I believe the v7-9 have a icv that would suit). When the current engine comes out, we'll check the dial in and measure the cams to see if we can find any more clues.
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    When i originally bought my efr this is what i was thinking of doing, it fits just and is pretty easy if you can tig weld but changed my mind because i think twisted will net better results with the intake path and the down pipe will flow better but this is pretty cool. I havent watched any other of the videos but there are a few showing you how to build a subaru short block and some other interesting stuff
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    we are going heading up from Wellington early Saturday morning #FlatNats18 DIRTY OL BC stand setup
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    Coming up, but co-sharing. Probably with @IZichard
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    Updated first post. Have any of you maybe people decided either way yet?
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    They don’t mention how it’s achieved other than that the pump speed increases. Think the best bet with this AEM setup is to add an open/closed solenoid as a backup in case of the check valve having issues. But other than that I don’t think i’d bother with flow valves at this time. Now we can get back on topic to your Non-meth related issues after this little sidetrack
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    Nothing too wild, waxed the fk out of it and new tyres fitted. Michelin Pilot Sport 4, if anyone cared.
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    any reason you don't have ethanol? It's like the answer to every problem haha
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    https://www.facebook.com/Hinstarr?ref=br_rs hin chilvers from chch. fb nick is hinstarr there, which coincides with the tm name of starry11 you provided, so high probability it's the one you're looking for. having said that, this acount is some female, guessing the mrs of the actual seller, Jamie Jay Gibson (https://www.facebook.com/jamie.jay.gibson) based on regular tags together and the commentary. could try mesaging there on either (or both) above accounts, seems to be active, careful fo being too aggressive as i suspect one of them is a kids or his mrs account (also you probably wouldn't progress far in negotiations that way). but first take snips of the people listed as his friends/family etc. in case he blocks you or makes it private and you can't see it later. may have some luck messaging them if get desparate and TM doesnt help with your dispute. may even get lucky and someone here is a mutual friend. jamies car / plate pictured below (or so it was in june 2017), may lead you further to finding mutuals that can help you find this guy and do right by the trade. on his fb acc also has some history of subies pictured along with plates, but i guess he dont own them anymore. his jan 30th 2018 profile pic suggests he currently has a gc8 with white wheels or something (i prob got the gen wrong) hope that somewhat helps you in your quest to find the dude that ripped ya off and ran.