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  1. Would have been keen but the spec c has just had a PBMS downpipe installed and the first slot for a tune I could get is mid Feb (was booked for late Dec but no plan survives first contact with reality 🤦‍♂️)
  2. To get that look you'd need the aftermarket front guards as well, a lot of spend and work, if you can find the kit
  3. Tactrix are known to work, there is tons of info in their forums and they offer great support for genuine kit it seems. Not sure why anyone goes cheap on this, the small amount of money saved vs the cluster of a bad flash...
  4. Might be secondary air pump, a hiss or a whir? 🤣
  5. When you replace a part, and *hit still doesn't work properly Lower arm rest tray in the GRB, broke the catch trying to get it to stay closed, ordered another catch, fitted it, still doesn't stay closed 😬
  6. Yes the CVT only is a bit underwhelming/disappointing Give it a few years till the CVT's give up and the price craters, throw in a 6 speed Does ANZM only have the same cool factor as JDM? Time will tell
  7. A mate had one of these, traded it in 7 or 8 years ago for $10K against a new Hilux... DOH
  8. It's worth what someone will pay for it If the seller is lucky someone with fat capital gains on their real estate who always wanted a GC coupe in the day might shell out some big bucks, well played if that happens As far as the market tanking, I'm not convinced. *hitters are *hitters and wont be worth scrap value but even when EV's rule the roads (and probably because EV's will rule the roads) there will be a market for the cool retro/rare high performance ICE cars, even if its only to go to ICE track day once a month (that's the only place we'll be allowed to drive them 🤣)
  9. I've decided the nasty plastic trim on the wheel arches are great, will be easy to unclip/unbolt and put on a decent looking/functional set of aftermarket fender flares Also looks exactly as it should in the traditional livery rendering Decent looking as a hatchback that will never exist alas Also as a hot wagon that will never exist (but we have the Levorg which is rumored to get the 2.4, shame there is no 6 speed manual)
  10. A guy I do some MTB with has one, he raced it at Port Rd but I didnt get out there alas, havent been for an outing in it yet either. Must sort that out and report back
  11. These are not the economic times to be sitting on lots of stock if you are a business owner... It's not like anything you get will be NZ made, just order something from Ali Express, might take 3 weeks to arrive but it will probably only cost $3
  12. *hit, I completely forgot this was on 🙃
  13. You can order a 'crate' 207 short block direct from Subaru? (or buy a spec c with a 207 from factory 🤣 )
  14. I'd had similar warnings from folk re going too short with the shift kit, synchro needs time to do its synchro thing, go too short and they wear out/dont shift well, hence sticking with OEM
  15. OEM bushes and a second hand STI short shift was always my go to in 5spd days
  16. Bilstein shocks can be rebuilt somewhere in Auckland (I forget where right now, I've only had one coffee). 'Std.' shocks https://youtu.be/Y47PDT4coNE replace with whatever suits your budget, second hand STi struts are a handy/budgetish upgrade for a std. WRX If you can lay hands on a spring compressor it's not rocket science, plenty of how to video's on Youtube, keep in mind you'll need a wheel alignment after any suspension replacements
  17. Things wear out, this is the way of friction How many Km on the car?
  18. Interesting, probably a possibility, the last opinion I had was from one of Ray Hartleys crew (before he retired, where do other Wellington Subaru's peeps go for mechanics?) thought was CAN bus issue of some sort New plugs and coils will be my next diagnostics
  19. spec c represent! Good to meet some of the crew yesterday, yeah better weather next time poor Iggy was freezing his paws off
  20. Yeah the weather forecast looks *rse, gotta play football in it afternoon 🤨
  21. I would have had to go to the hardware store to get 100 x 50 anyway, and the ramps are pretty vintage, like 245's are wider than the ramps vintage
  22. In a reversal of fortune Repco have low profile trolley jacks on sale for $59 at the moment, procurement completed. I have axel stands already, progress resumes
  23. Wont be able to head up the coast but keen to hit the riverbank a 3:00 and put some faces to names etc. As another non Facebook user, where exactly on the riverbank?
  24. 🤣 Just when you are at the point of nga I wont bother someone helpful pop's up with oh I have one of those...
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