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  1. I just bought a vf22 thats in pretty good condition. The factory intercooler needs the top fin in every location ripped off or straightend . Chuck me a message with your email and we can talk more . Im in chch
  2. The whole point is they are sealed and baloon in and out like bellows .... You need to think less
  3. Progress is slow. Starting own business Have nearly 20 classic dirt bikes i maintain and race Vq30det jetboat thats fun aswell I have a spare v7 ic someone can have cheap its a bit rough but usable The vf23 can be for sale if someone is hanging out for one . The stock v3 sti intercooler can find a new home if someone wants it I now have a 6s ecu . A ej20k powerfc with controller and a linkg4 plug in . I dont need 3 ecus obviously Still after a whole exhaust. Mine still has a stock down pipe and god knows what else back to a big fart can . Got a red silicon gpi intake hose that someone can have. I want a black one Whos got anything to say about the sub 1000 dollar turbos on trade me ? As far as results and it lasted a a year or it lasted 4 months Or would you rather a high flowed old td05 . Or which version of a tdo5 is the best all rounder on a stock motor. Will get injectors and retune etc Cheers all
  4. Well theres a few other threads on the internet matching them as v2 sti ra. With the tophat shim under lifters . Are these cams better / worse than anything else ? And can they go in v3 heads ?
  5. R3IN 34 MM X 42 MM R3EX 34mm x 42mm And a L set that is the same The lines ground around the label are 1 2 and 3 . 4 is missing . 5 is present . From the front . If 4 was present theyd all be evenly spaced
  6. Was there ever a knock off of the syms headers? They look like these https://images.app.goo.gl/VSB7QCqGvnZjPHDV7 Distinguishing features being slip joints with tie bars . The big pipe loop on the left hand closest side of the photo and the twin up pipes that merge right before turbo . Last owner w**ked on about them but didnt mentiom syms . Last owner also w**ked on about his ranger with a throttle controller being almost as fast as the wrx , among lots of other s*** that fell out when he opened his mouth so didnt pay too much attention
  7. https://linksharing.samsungcloud.com/wHTl09eYErOA Not sure if that works . Lazy mans copy from fb Car has 6s ecu like it should Ecu had stored code for afm and 02 sensor . Where is the done thing place to get a new 02 sensor from ? Even if it needs the plug swapped . Ugly af blue leds for dash dials . Fml Can anyone comment on how to tell between a vf 22 and 23 if the printing is gone off the comp housing ? Without removing it from the car . Probably not Shifter has the usual 8 miles of left to right slop but actually feels nice in and out of every gear . Ugly gay razo pedal covers that don't fit my shoes between them . Day off tomorrow so ill go see what the wof man thinks of it Anyone got a upgraded dump pipe they want to sell . This one appears stock
  8. If we pay money can i get rid of the adds on the forum ? Can anyone state at what hp/ boost a vf 22 runs out of inlet or exhaust flow ? Itll do 300 hp and almost 20 psi wont it Not a fan of back pressure Vf22 on a v3 and tdo5 on a legacy rs is my idea of appropriate turbo sizing Will buy a lightening flywheel and metallic clutch if someone has a brand name one lying around thats still got some life
  9. Just bought a v3 sti . Yea the white one that was on fb in chch Had a v3 ra a few years ago . Was 197kw on 11 psi . Electric windows and central locking seem handy now im over 30 ha ha This thing runs ok . Vf 22 . Only on 10 psi so must have retard controller plumbing or its in linp mode . Will figure it out eventually. Desperately needs a new 02 sensor Will panel and paint it at some point and generally just make it as good as it can be . Ive still got an adjustment afm and a wide band so ill turn this thing up till it runs out of injectors . Like to think id build a forged 2.2 but yea have 0 of those bits lying around . Thought i had acess to some v6 heads but apparently not . If someone has some shim under bucket heads they want to sell id be interested Where are you all hosting photos that you share on here these days ?
  10. You cant hear turbo bearings . Good or worn out . Have u eliminate anything that could be a result of pf the engine having been out and back it . Turbo inlet or outlet noises . Heat shield not put back it . Air box lid not clipped in properly ?
  11. Isnt a trd hilux 5k more than a normal one and just has stickers and some trim bs ?
  12. Any subaru key or nissan key works in any subaru of that vintage with about 3 seconds of wiggling . When I was moving house I ended up with no keys at wrong house and needing to drive the wrx . Brothers van key opened wrx started it . And I got the key out with it running so he could dtive the van . Car only had 90km on it so its not like it was completely flogged out . When I was selling the wrx a potential buyer came to visit in a nice version 5 . As a demo I tried my luck on their car with the 3 subaru keys I carry . Within about 15 seconds I had it unlocked and started . At the very least unplug a bunch of **** in the engine bay . But leave it on the plug so its not noticeable . Failing that put a chain through a wheel . It annoys me less than an alarm .
  13. And that it causes more problems than it solves when people install it to close and it cooks the belt and tensioner bearing Yea early stuff doesnt have it . Think it only appeard about 98
  14. Any decent wheel will be made for the number of studs and there wont be enough meat anywhere else in between to make an entirely new set of holes. And no u cant slot the holes Rotas n such will have a mile of blank space for new holes as theyre a generic casting
  15. Talk properly or go back to facebook mechanic threads
  16. Isnt this related to crappy oil and cam timing solenoids being blocked and cam not moving and thus ecu tells I its getting an abnormal signal from thay sensor ?
  17. Do you have anything to back up that advice or are you waffling ? Kinugawa = kamak = ****ing huge oem supplier . Its not some dsr crap
  18. Go and re read the whole thread before you get sworn at
  19. Whatever in the fk this is or supposed to be . http://www.trademe.co.nz/1107832761
  20. Thats exactly how I fix everything . Few points tho Gloves are for fggts Drip trays are for fggts Clutch alignment tools are for fggts . First clutch I ever did was a 300zx . After that everthing was simple. S15 is a royal shunt . Because of the dual mass setup the fattest part of the bell housing is about 100mm long .
  21. What turbo is it ? Have u actually got a wide band o2 ? Have u done the fuel filter ? Is the fpr hooked up properly ? Are you running e85 / e anything
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